College of Business
Undergraduate Business Program


MentorsFrom the first day on campus, students begin working with a personal career mentor from our Executive-in-Residence program.  These executives formerly worked at such companies as Cummins, General Motors and IBM and have significant professional business experience.   Career mentors help students discover career paths and interests-and how to their goals. 

It's rewarding to watch the students grow in their understanding and application of business principles to real business issues. By the end of the semester, students have a real grasp of the interrelatedness of each component of a functioning business.  Having firsthand knowledge of what it takes to put together and run a real business as a sophomore provides an incredibly strong foundation on which to build the rest of one's business education. There is just no substitute for contextual learning. 
Mark Foglesong
RBE Mentor

Mark has 28 years experience with Eli Lilly and Company and has held positions in discovery research, drug development, manufacturing process development, technical management, manufacturing strategic planning, supply chain management, and manufacturing management.  As General Manager of Lilly's European, Middle East and South African manufacturing operations, he lived in London and has vast international experience.

There is nothing more satisfying than working with these bright, eager, young students.  It's rewarding to help them discover who they are, where their interests lie, and to encourage them to follow their dreams.  I encourage my students to make a career out of something they enjoy, to find a career that excites and challenges them--not just a job.
Ed Friel
Career Mentor
Former Vice President-Marketing, Cummins Mid-States Power

I felt like I was mentored my entire time at Butler.  The faculty paid attention to each student and some of the people that inspired, encouraged and helped me the most were faculty that I never even had in class.  They weren't just interested in helping with problems, but were also very eager to encourage and offer personal contacts to leaders and business people within the Greater Indianapolis community. Because of that, I felt connected to the Indianapolis business community long before I graduated.
Laura Slusser Yurs, 1998
President, Earth Images, Inc.

As an alumna, I feel a strong connection to Butler University. My co-workers often comment on how passionate Butler alumni seem to be towards their alma mater--more so than other universities.  Butler challenged me academically, allowed me to develop relationships that I know I will last a lifetime, and provided me with so many invaluable professional and leadership experiences.  I have the opportunity to continue my interactions with faculty on a regular basis through professional involvement.  My company engaged with the Butler Business Accelerator on a consulting project and provided case studies for business classes. 
Ginger Lippert, 2004
Vice-President of Sales, Time Factory Publishing

The part of my Butler experience that impacted me the most was the multitude of lifelong relationships I formed.  In addition to creating lasting bonds with peers through my classes and extracurricular activities, I developed strong relationships with my advisors, mentors, and professors.  During my career at Butler, I was able to turn to them for guidance and draw on their experiences in the business world.  Even though I have graduated, I keep in touch with many of my Butler contacts and have leaned on them for further assistance and invaluable career advice.
Mallory Love, Class of 2008
Contract Compliance Specialist, Roche Diagnostics