College of Business
Undergraduate Business Program

International Programs Overview 

International ProgramsWe prepare students for success in today's global economy.  Students have the opportunity to major in international management and a variety of internationally-based courses are available and required.  In addition, our faculty bring a global perspective to the courses they teach. 

Living and studying abroad is one of the best ways to enhance your education and develop a global mindset.  Approximately one-third of business students study abroad and a wide-variety of options are available.  The College of Business has business exchange relationships with universities in France, Chile (Check out one student's experience in Chile at PUCV this semester!), China, Hong Kong, Germany, Canada, New Zealand and the Netherlands.  

When combined with Butler's general study abroad options in Africa, the Americas and the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific Region, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, the UK and Ireland, our students have over 100 programs from which to choose.

In addition to study abroad programs, the College of Business also permits students to complete an internship abroad and/or participate in short-term classes, such as Leadership London, for academic credit. 

International Internships

Some students combine a study abroad experience with their internship requirement.  Students have participated in internships in Taiwan, Germany, Chile and Ireland.

I really wanted to do an internship in conjunction with my study abroad.  I worked for the Indiana Economic Development Corporation in Taiwan, alongside the company director. Together, we were responsible for attracting Taiwanese investment in Indiana.
Matt Malcolm, Class of 2010
Major: International Management, Political Science
Minor: Mandarin Chinese

During my internship with Merck in China, I had the opportunity to work in an international business environment while exploring the nuances and quirky aspects of Chinese culture.  I had a very rewarding experience working for a multinational company overseas, and recommend that business students take initiative to work and study abroad. 
Erik Johnson, Class of 2009

Leadership London

Leadership London is a three-week course offered in July that teaches leadership in a non-traditional way.  London's resources, institutions and history are used as the backdrop for exploring the cultural, international, historical and ethical issues relevant to leadership. Every afternoon, students visit a site in London related to that morning's class discussion.  For example, after discussing the leadership qualities of Queen Elizabeth, students visit the Tower of London.