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How to get your keys to our flats in London

  1. Go to 19 Bedford Place. For most of you, this means taking a taxi from Victoria Station, which is where you arrive after taking the Gatwick Express into London. Pay your cab driver and get your stuff out of the cab. Your flat is just a few doors down. Take turns getting your keys while others watch your luggage.
  2. Tell the people at the desk that you're with the College of Business Administration at Butler University and that you're picking up your room keys for 13-17 Bedford Place. You'll probably have to show them some ID and there may be a deposit (I don't know this for sure, but there might be, so be sure to grab some British pounds at the ATM when you're at the airport - you'd want to do this anyway.)
  3. After getting your key, walk down the block to your flat.


  • Our first required activity is Sunday, 1 p.m., for the tour of London. This means that we will meet as a group at 1 p.m. on the front steps of our flats. MANDATORY! Be there or be square.
  • On Saturday and Sunday, when you first get into London, I suggest buying a, one-day, Zone-1 tube pass for Saturday. Then on Monday, buy a one-week, Zone 1 tube pass (remember, this is why we talked about bringing a picture with you). This won't cost you any more money over the course of the trip, and when you come back into London late on Sunday (tired, hauling all of your stuff) from your weekend trips, your tube pass will still be good until midnight Sunday, and you won't have to wait in line to buy a tube pass to get home.
  • You will not need sheets or towels. Sheets and towels will be changed weekly (not daily).
  • In your flats, you'll find phones in your room. However, you'll need a phone card to use them. Buy one at the grocery store or a local news agent. Buy an "international" phone card for 10 or 15 pounds for your calls to the U.S. and in the UK (it works for both).
  • Wireless Internet access is available in our flats for 3 pounds per week. Otherwise, computers and Internet access are available 24 hours a day at the classroom center at Great Russell Street.

Contact Information in London

To be posted.

To-do List for Leadership London Students

  • Do you have an up-to-date passport?
    • If not, see Getting a Passport [note link]

  • Have you completed, signed, and returned the "Code of Conduct" forms, front and back, to Dr. Williams?
    • If not, copies are available from Holcomb Building, Rm. 128.

  • Have you purchased your airline ticket?
    • If not, do so within the next two weeks. Prices will only rise between now and June.

  • Have you purchased an International Student ID Card, which provides discounts, additional medical coverage, and the cost of travel if a medical emergency requires that you must unexpectedly go home? For additional information on the benefits of this card, see the International Student Travel Confederation.
  • Have you checked your health insurance plan to see what kind of coverage you have outside the U.S.?
    • If not, do so. Talk to your parents, and read "What Kind of Health Insurance Coverage Do I Need" in the "Pre-Departure Handbook" for the London Centre.