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Studying Business Overseas

How much does it cost?

Except for the cost of international airfare, it should be no more expensive to spend a semester at one of Butler's foreign exchange partners than to spend the same semester here at Butler. Again, because these are reciprocal exchanges, you can use 100 percent of your Butler institutional financial aid (i.e., scholarships) to support your time abroad.

When you study abroad for a semester through one of Butler's reciprocal exchange programs, you will pay your regular tuition (and mandatory) fees to Butler just as though you were studying on campus. Financial arrangements for housing can vary from program to program, but in most cases, you will pay housing fees directly to the host university. (For the Lingnan University exchange, you will pay Butler for a double room in ResCo and will receive similar housing at Lingnan at no additional charge.)

Other expenses include a passport (approximately $100), student visa and/or residence permit, mandatory health insurance (in some countries), meals, books, international travel and other personal and incidental expenses. Your own preferences and choices regarding entertainment, food, personal travel, etc. will have a substantial impact on how much it costs to participate in a Butler CBA exchange program.