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MIS isn't just for business students.

Most majors would benefit from MIS courses and experience. The following are a few examples.

  • Arts Administration. Technology can be used in the business of supporting the arts, making a performance a reality: in marketing, ticket sales and fundraising.
  • Communication Studies. Technology can be developed and used to enhance critical communication skills including writing, speaking, presenting and publishing. Technology can be leveraged to improve decision making and problem solving.
  • Education. Technology helps improve learning, both in and out of the classroom. Teachers must understand the new technologies being used by students.
  • Pharmacy. Technology plays a critical role in running a pharmacy, both in retail and clinical settings. Technology can be leveraged to improve decision making and provide critical information faster to pharmacists.
  • Sciences. Technology is critical for storing, manipulating and presenting the vast amount of data required to work effectively in the sciences.

For non-business majors, an MIS minor can be easily added. In most cases, the courses can be used as electives within your curriculum.  Download the curriculum. For more information, contact Priscilla Arling.

During my internship at Dow AgroSciences, I used what I learned in my Information Technology course. I created databases that provide data analysis outputs that are simple for a variety of people throughout the company to understand-from scientists to business professionals. The data I worked with had many components, so simplifying it to something everyone could understand was essential. I spent the majority of my time manipulating the data in Excel, so having an arsenal of formulas and shortcuts that I learned in my IT course was beneficial.  

Ashton Chaffee '12
Chemistry Major, Business Minor