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MIS Majors & Minors

The College of Business offers three ways to add MIS to your degree: an MIS major, MIS as a double major and an MIS minor. 

Adding an MIS minor is easy for anyone already majoring in business. The required courses can be used to fulfill the requirements for liberal arts and college of business electives. Most business majors can add an MIS minor without taking any extra classes above the already required set. Business students can add MIS as a double major by taking only one extra course beyond the MIS minor requirements. (See your advisor for details.) Download the curriculum.

For non-business majors, an MIS minor can also be easily added. In most cases, the courses can be used as electives within your curriculum.  Download the curriculum.  For more information, contact Priscilla Arling.

How a business major might use an MIS major or minor:

  • The MIS program at Butler focuses on preparing students to be liaisons between the organization's information technology department and other functions within a business such as accounting, marketing and finance. Information systems are more important strategically than ever before.  Skilled professionals who understand information systems are in high demand.
  • In a marketing department, MIS graduates may be involved in the development of e-commerce sites or manage a customer relationship database. MIS knowledge also helps marketing professionals define target demographics and develop branding specifically tailored to their customers' characteristics. In addition these majors may research new technologies that help achieve the marketing department's goals.
  • In an accounting department, graduates may work as an auditor of accounting systems or integrate automated shop floor production processes with cost accounting applications. Spreadsheets and databases are used by almost every accounting department for everyday tasks. In-depth knowledge of those technologies can fast-track an employee to higher-level jobs.
  • In a finance department, MIS graduates may use their knowledge and technology to develop new financial analysis methods, algorithms and presentations. As with accounting, spreadsheets and databases are used by almost all finance departments and in-depth knowledge of those tools can set a new college graduate apart from the competition. 

The MIS minor has allowed me to gain an additional set of skills to use within the work environment.  During my first internship, I used the concepts I learned in my MIS courses to understand the company's systems and processes.  The MIS courses allow students to gain a broad set of skills that are beneficial to any business major. 

Lindsay Schaar '12
Accounting major, MIS minor