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The MIS Curriculum

You will learn about topics such as systems analysis and design, database and web design, networks and communication systems, e-commerce and internet technology, and data analysis. In the Butler College of Business, students learn by doing. It's what we call real life, real business

The following are examples of real projects that students have completed in their classes.

Database Design

In this class, teams have designed and built successful databases for real organizations. One team built an Oracle database for the Information Technology department at Butler University. The database tracks hardware and software installed on faculty computers.

Systems Analysis and Design

Students worked with the Butler Business Accelerator to determine how to improve tracking of staff time and projects. The students determined the information needs of the business and created a preliminary design for an improved time tracking system.

Students worked with staff members from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) on a case study that the company uses to train managers on systems risk assessment and management. The students helped PwC identify key problems in the case and presented their findings to company executives. 

 Web Design and Consulting

Students worked with Royal Food Products to determine the content for its website and design the layout of the site. Student teams competed to present the winning project plan and design, which was later implemented by the company.

Curriculum Sheets

MIS Major

MIS Minor (for business students)

MIS Minor (for non-business students)

Double Majors

Double majors are available within the College of Business.

The MIS minor has given me distinction.  In my first internship, I impressed managers with my understanding of databases and my ability to perform maintenance on the department's database system.  During my second internship, I was given the opportunity to participate in a unique project because of my Excel skills and ability to think critically about IT systems. 

                                        Stephen Feider '11
                                        Accounting major, MIS minor

MIS combines business knowledge with technology.  Being able to build the technology, such as websites and databases, can get you noticed in the business world.

Joshua Phelps '13
Double major: MIS and Marketing