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Management Information Systems (MIS)


Management Information SystemsManagement Information Systems (MIS) is the study of how technology can be used to solve business problems and create new business opportunities.  

What's the difference between Computer Science and Management Information Systems?

Both computer science and MIS professionals are interested in technology. Computer science focuses on the internal workings of technology and on improving technology itself - making it faster, smarter and easier to use. MIS focuses on how people, business processes and technology interact to meet an organization's goals. In MIS, the attention is more on how companies use the technology to meet their needs.  

Computer science answers the question: How can we make technology work better? 

MIS answers the question:   How can we help people work smarter using technology?

Why study MIS?

Look at any list of careers, particularly lists of where jobs will be in the future. It would be difficult to find a job that does not use technology in some way. Organizations need people who understand both the business and technology, as well as people who can help make the most of existing and future technology.

You'll enjoy MIS if you:

  • Enjoy learning how to use technology to get things done and reach new goals.
  • Want to work with people.
  • Like solving problems that haven't been solved before.
  • Would like to work in a field that is continually changing and introducing new ideas and products.
  • Want to change the way that work gets done in today's organizations, making it faster, smarter and more fun.

I chose MIS over Computer Science because I have always been more interested in the application of technology as opposed to its development. I want to work with people rather than sit behind a computer screen all day.

Josh Allanson '12
Management Information Systems Major