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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a separate application required for the Board Fellows Program? ~ Show Answer

Acceptance into the Butler MBA program does not mean automatic acceptance into the Board Fellows Program. You will find the application on the MBA Board Fellows Program Web site. Submit your completed application via email to mba@butler.edu or print it and mail it to:

Director of Graduate Programs
College of Business
Butler University
4600 Sunset Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46208-3485

When can I apply to the Board Fellows program? Are there any prerequisites? ~ Show Answer

MBA 510 and MBA 515 are prerequisites to participating in the Board Fellows program. Applications are due by mid-November of each year. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance by the beginning of December, with enough time to formally commit to the program before classes begin in January.

Do I get to choose which nonprofit I work with? ~ Show Answer

The applications contain several questions that will help to match the accepted applicants with the nonprofit organizations. The applicant will have the opportunity to share both interest in and previous experience with nonprofit organizations in the community.

Can I find my own nonprofit to bring to the program? ~ Show Answer

There is always interest in establishing relationships with nonprofits that are not currently in the program. However, just as the students go through a rigorous screening process, the organizations are scrutinized for the appropriateness of the fit between the organization's needs and the program's purpose. Organizations that might be interested in participating should be referred to the MBA Board Fellows program website for information and details concerning the application process.

Do Board Fellows Program participants get academic credit for their service? ~ Show Answer

Yes, Board Fellows will begin in January of each year. Participants will enroll in MBA 594, Non-profit Board Management, for two credit hours in the spring semester. During this semester, students will work with a team of instructors to develop a foundation of knowledge for working with nonprofit boards. Students will also meet with their organizations and begin participation as a board member in an observation/nonvoting capacity.

At the conclusion of the spring semester, students will be ready to devote time and energy to their organizations, including attending meetings, working on committees, helping with events, etc.

Do Board Fellow participants get paid a stipend for their work? ~ Show Answer

No, Board Fellow participants will not be paid for their work with the nonprofit organizations, similar to the practice of other organization board members. This course is considered a learning initiative and serves to establish both a new level of leadership for the student but also a social commitment to the community by Butler University. The participants are serving as volunteers to the organizations and are receiving valuable learning and experience in the process.

How many students will be assigned to each nonprofit organization? ~ Show Answer

Each participating nonprofit organization will be assigned only one Board Fellow participant.

How much time does a Board Fellow Program participant put in? ~ Show Answer

Students are expected to devote the same amount of time that they would normally devote to a 2-credit course.

Can Butler alumni participate in the Board Fellows Program? ~ Show Answer

At this time, alumni cannot participate in the Board Fellows Program. Ideally, this program will expand to include several partnering organizations and both current students as well as alumni in the future.