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Thomas E. Dolan

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American Institute of Biological Sciences - Mycological Society of America

T. E. Dolan, & M. S. Fuller. Mitosis in Monoblepharella sp. 1981.

T. E. Dolan, S. Folke and R. W. Dolan. Pythium species dynamics in a small central Indiana pond. 1991.

American & Canadian Phytopathological Society

T. E. Dolan & M. D. Coffey. Biocontrol of Phytophthora cinnamomi on Persea indica and Persea americana by prior inoculation with P. parasitica. 1984.

T. E. Dolan & M. D. Coffey. Assessing resistance of four avocado rootstocks to Phytophthora cinnamomi using a laboratory screening technique. 1984.

T. E. Dolan & M. D. Coffey, 1985. In vivo and in vitro assessment of Phytophthora palmivora strains resistant to phosphorous acid. 1985.

Association of Southeastern Biologists

T. E. Dolan. The mitotic apparatus in Monoblepharella sp. 1980.

Invited Symposium Participant - The IVth European Congress of Evolutionary Biology. Montpellier, France.

T. E. Dolan, R. W. Dolan, S. Folke. "Population structure of Pythium and Saprolegnia species in a small pond". 1993.

Invited Seminars

"Biological Control Strategies for Phytophthora cinnamomi Root Rot of Avocado." Annual Meeting of the California Agriculture Research Advisory Board. 1985.

"Mitosis as a indicator of phylogeny in the lower fungi." Department of Plant Pathology, University of California, Riverside. 1985.

"Induced Resistance as a Practical Means of Controlling Plant Disease." Biology and Plant Pathology Department Bloomsburg University. 1987.

"Induction of Plant Disease Resistance: Can you 'immunize' a plant?" Department of Biology, Wabash College. 1987.

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T. E. Dolan & M. S. Fuller, 1985. The ultrastructure of nuclear division in Monoblepharella sp. Mycologia 77: 791-809.

J. A. Lucas, T. E. Dolan, & M. D. Coffey, 1985. Induced resistance to Peronospora hyoscyami is lost in regenerants from protected tobacco explants. Phytopathology 75: 1222-1225.

T. E. Dolan, Y. Cohen, & M. D. Coffey, 1986. Protecting Persea species from Phytophthora parasitica from citrus. Phytopathology 76: 194-198.

T. E. Dolan & M. D. Coffey, 1986. Assessing resistance of four avocado rootstocks to Phytophthora cinnamomi using a laboratory screening technique. Plant Disease 70: 115-118.

T. E. Dolan & M. D. Coffey, 1988. Correlative in vitro and in vivo behavior of mutant strains of Phytophthora palmivora expressing different resistances to phosphorus acid and fosetyl-Na. Phytopathology 78: 974-978.

Kover, P., T.E. Dolan, and K. Clay.1997. Potential vs. actual contribution of vertical transmission to pathogen fitness. Proceedings of the Royal Society, London B. 264: 903-909.

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Awards and Grants

University of California Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (1983 -1985)

"Field Testing Induced Resistance in Avocado Against Root Rot Caused by Phytophthora cinnamomi." California Avocado Research Advisory Board. $32,780.

"Genetic Variation in Pythium Populations Isolated From a Pond." Indiana Academy of Sciences Research Grant. 1990-1991. $500.

"Population Structure & Reproductive Mechanism in the Plant Parasitic Fungus Atkinsonella hypoxylon". National Science Foundation Research Opportunity Award. 1993-1994. $14,774.

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Public Service

Mushroom Identification Expert, Indiana Poison Center, Methodist Hospital; 1990-1999

Leader of "mushroom walks" for Indianapolis Department of Parks & Recreation

Consultant for Indianapolis Water Company

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Editorial Service

Ad hoc Reviewer

American Journal of Botany
Canadian Journal of Botany
National Science Foundation (Systematics)
Wm. C. Brown Publisher
McGraw-Hill Inc
Senior Reviewer - The Nature of Life by Postlethwait & Hopson, McGraw-Hill

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