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September 2013:

  • Nikki Green presented a poster on her collaborative work with lab alum, Hitesh Dube, investigating the use of ester-masked fluorophores as imaging tools in C. elegans (a collaborative project with Dr. Jeremy Johnson in the Butler University Chemistry Department) at the 2013 American Chemical Society national meeting in Indianapolis.
  • Thanks to Morgan Harrison and Kristen Rush who had fun volunteering their time to show off mutant C. elegans and other cool microorganisms to kids at the 2013 Celebrate Science Indiana event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sunday, September 9th!

August 2013:

  • Congratulations and good luck to 2013 lab alum, Amy Wasilk, who began work towards her Ph.D. in the Purdue University Interdisciplinary Program in the Life Sciences (PULSe)!
  • Congratulations and good luck to 2013 lab alum, Rachael Essig, who began medical school at West Virginia University!

  • Welcome to our newest lab members: JoAnne Babula (biology, class of 2014), Camila Avello (STS, class of 2015), Shataakshi Dube (biology, class of 2015), Amber Kline (biology, class of 2016), Allyson Munneke (biology, class of 2015)!

May 2013:

  • Welcome to Kristen Rush who has re-joined the lab in her new position as Research Assistant!

  • Congratulations to our four graduating seniors, all of whom also successfully completed honors theses:                  Hitesh Dube, Rachael Essig, Kristen Rush, and Amy Wasilk!!  Best wishes and thanks for all of your hard work!

  • Congratulations to Kristen Rush on her Excellence in Biology Award! and her outstanding performance on the Biology Honors Exam!

April 2013:

  • Congratulations to Rachael Essig and Hitesh Dube on their selection as Butler Top 100 Students!
  • Congratulations to Julie Kolnik on her selection as a 2013-2014 Fairbanks Fellow (USRP award)!

March 2013:

  • Hitesh Dube and Kristen Rush presented posters at the 2013 Indiana Academy of Sciences Meeting in Indianapolis.



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