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Dr. David L. Daniell



Annual Midwest Conference of Parasitologists

1963. Helminth parasites of the Yellow-headed Blackbird (Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus). Presented as demonstration.
1977. Migration and Development of Gigantobilharzia huronensis in the definitive host.

American Society of Parasitologists

1964. Life cycle of Plagiorchis noblei Park, 1936 (Trematoda; Plagiorchiidae). Presented as poster.
1977. Histopathology of experimental Gigantobilharzia huronensis infections in avian hosts. Presented with M.J. Ulmer.
1998. Low cercarial production by Schistosomatium douthitti sporocysts in Lymnaea stagnalis. Presented with J. Costerison, A. Elek, and C. Kras.

American Society of Zoologists

1969. Penetration of avian skin by cercariae of Gigantobilharzia huronensis (Trematoda; Schistosomatidae). Presented with M.J. Ulmer.

American Microscopical Society

1988. Migration of Dendritobilharzia pulverulenta schistosomules through the skin and walls of the mouth cavity and esophagus.

Indiana Academy of Sciences

1986. Histopathology of experimental Dendritobilharzia pulverulenta infections in avian hosts.
1987. A morphological and behavioral description of Cercaria Sanguinicola sp. Presented with S.P. Wiley.
1988. Pseudosuccinea columella, a natural host of Schistosomatium douthitti in Indiana.
1990. The prevalence of Schistosomatium douthitti in Northern Indiana.
1991. Susceptibility of various snails to Schistosomatium douthitti infections.
1993. Survival and development of the avian schistosome, Gigantobilharzia huronensis, in a mammalian host. Presented with M.S. Dehlawi.
1995. Analysis of schistosome infection in waterfowl of Indiana.  Presented with F. LoRusso.

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Laman, T.G., D.L. Daniell, and H.D. Blankespoor. 1984. The role of Gyraulus parvus as an intermediate host for avian schistosomes. Proceedings of the Helminthology Society of Washington., 51:267-269.

Daniell, D.L. 1984. Occurrence of swimmer's itch in Northeast Indiana. Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science 94:629-632.

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