College of Liberal Arts & Sciences


Dr. Travis J. Ryan ~ Department Chair and Professor
Office: Gallahue 285 Expertise: Animal Ecology and Conservation Biology
(317) 940-9977
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Sean Berthrong ~ Assistant Professor
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McKenzie Beverage ~ Sustainability Coordinator, Center for Urban Ecology
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Dr. Rebecca Dolan ~ Director, Friesner Herbarium
Office: Gallahue 61 Expertise: Plant ecology
(317) 940-9413
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Dr. Thomas E. Dolan ~ Professor
Office: Gallahue 63 Expertise: Mycology
(317) 940-9576
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Dr. Shelley Etnier ~ Associate Professor
Office: Gallahue 253 Expertise: Biomechanics of Animals and Plants
(317) 940-9748
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Dr. Erin E. Gerecke ~ Lecturer
Office: Gallahue 259 Expertise: Genetics and Molecular Biology
(317) 940-9459
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Dr. Nat Hauck ~ Assistant Professor
Office: Gallahue 251
(317) 940-8301
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Dr. Jennifer Kowalski ~ Assistant Professor
Office: Gallahue 271
(317) 940-8879
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Dr. Kowalski's Research

Lindsay Lewellyn ~ Assistant Professor Biology
Office GH 263
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Marva Meadows ~ Lecturer
Office: Gallahue 285 Expertise: Plant ecology
(317) 940-9320
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Tracey Mills ~ Teaching Lab Coordinator

Lori Moore ~ Departmental Secretary
Office: Gallahue 287
(317) 940-9411

Marcia Moore ~ Friesner Herbarium Assistant
Office: Gallahue 72
(317) 940-8302
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Dr. Charissa Dresden Osborne ~ Adjunct
Office: Gallahue 258 Expertise: Zoology
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Dr. Carmen M. Salsbury ~ Professor
Expertise: Behavioral Ecology of Mammals Office: Gallahue 255 View Dr. Salsbury's Research:
(317) 940-9879
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Expertise: Behavioral Ecology of Mammals
Office: Gallahue 255

Dr. Salsbury's Research

Dr. Katherine M. Schmid ~ Associate Professor
Office: Gallahue 45 Expertise: Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology
(317) 940-9956
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James Shellhaas ~ Professor
Office: Gallahue 43 Expertise: Pathogenic bacteria and immune mechanisms Dr. Shellhaas' Web Page:
(317) 940-9587
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Dr. Andrew Stoehr ~ Assistant Professor
Office: Gallahue 261
(317) 940-6644
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Mike Trombley ~ Instructor
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Dr. Philip Villani ~ Associate Professor
Office: Gallahue 59 Expertise: Plant Development
(317) 940-8334
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Emeriti Faculty

Dr. James W. Berry - Professor Emeritus, 1996
Phone:(317) 259-9488 (Summer) or (352) 372-0333 (Winter)
Email: or
Dr. Berry now divides his time between Indianapolis, Indiana and Gainesville, Florida. He has "retired" from his position as Editor of the Journal of Arachnology and the Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science. He was recently honored by the Indiana Academy of Science with its 2012 Special Services award.

Dr. David L. Daniell - Professor Emeritus, 2001
Phone:(317) 940-9348
Web Page
Dr. Daniell retired in 2001, in part to have more time to travel. He and wife Shirley worked in an Alaska cruise before he was called back to teach to cover an emergency need in BI100. Dr. Daniell can still be reached in Gallahue 260.

Dr. Michael S. Maloney - Professor Emeritus
(317) 940-9412

Dr. Richard W. Miller - Professor Emeritus, 2008
In retirement, Dr. Miller is continuing his interest in Indiana natural history. That includes working with various organizations to preserve and promote natural areas in Indiana. He also plans some of the usual retirement activities, including travel, photography, and spending time with grandchildren.

Dr. John F. Pelton - Professor Emeritus, 1985
Dr. Pelton passed away February 14, 2009. He had been active in naturalistically landscaping and maintaining trails on their 65 acres of meadow, savannah, and forest land in southern Indiana. He and his wife lived in Franklin, Indiana.

Dr. Stephen A. Perrill - Professor Emeritus, 2008
Phone: 317-255-1959
Dr. Perrill plans to spend more time with his grandchildren, traveling more with his wife Lynn, and continuing to play lots of tennis and a little more golf.

Dr. Philip A. St. John - Professor Emeritus, 1989
Dr. St. John moved to Plano, Texas to be near his daughter.  Mrs. St. John passed away about a year ago.

Dr. Willard F. Yates - Professor Emeritus, 1989
Dr. Yates and his wife Mary Ruth, recently moved to a farm in southern Indiana that has been in her family for years.