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Butler Greenhouse

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The Butler University Greenhouse is located behind and attached to Gallahue Hall. It includes over 200 species in a wide array from tropical to desert plants. The tropical plants include orchids such as Cattleyas and Cymbidiums, primitive species such as cycads and Psilotum and flowering trees such as banana, loquat, Hibiscus and Magnolia. The desert room includes numerous species of cacti. For example, there are several large Century plants and an Opuntia cactus that originally grew on the LBJ ranch in Texas. The greenhouse collection also includes of course quite a few popular houseplants such as Peperomia, Diffenbachia, spider plants, Jade plants and the ever popular Philodendron. There are also several species of Bromeliads ("airplants") and ferns.

Many of the plants are used for study and research in the botany and biology Greenhouselaboratories. Some of the plants are the subjects for research by the botanists of the Butler University Biology Dept.

The greenhouse is maintained by Dr. Philip Villani and Collin Bowman. The temperature, under automatic control, is maintained at 74 degrees during the daytime and 60 degrees at night. The lights are on during the day but go off automatically during the early evening hours. The plants need to rest at night too!

Tours of the greenhouse may be arranged by contacting either Dr. Villani by phone at (317) 940ferns-8334 or e-mail at, or Collin Bowman by e-mail at

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