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Facilities and Resources

The Department of Biological Sciences is housed in Gallahue Hall.
Special indoor locations include:

desert room

GH 35 - The Butler Greenhouse

The Butler University Greenhouse is located behind and attached to Gallahue Hall. It includes over 200 species in a wide array from tropical to desert plants. Many of the plants are used for study and research in the botany and biology laboratories.

For further information, contact Dr. Philip Villani (317) 940-8334, or e-mail, or contact Collin Bowman by e-mail at






 Growth Chamber Outside

 GH 36 - Growth Chamber Facilities





Growth Chamber

GH 37 - Biology Learning Resource Center

Includes computer facilities and tutoring opportunities.
For information, contact Dr. Charissa Dresden Osborne, ((317) 940-9600,




GH 52 - Electron microscope facility

For further information, contact Bob Walson, Adjunct Professor, Chemistry ((317) 940-9303,


Becky Dolan

GH 70 - Biology Friesner Herbarium

For information, contact Rebecca Dolan ((317) 940-9413, or see the Herbarium Web Page

The Friesner Herbarium is a systematic collection of nearly 100,000 dried, pressed, and preserved plant specimens.


The Herbarium is the third largest in the state. The specimens comprise a reference library on historical distribution, habitats, and timing of flowering and fruit production. The collection's voucher specimens serve to verify plant identification. The Friesner Herbarium contains plants from around the world but the collection emphasizes plants of the Ohio River Valley region. Students, faculty, and staff from Butler's Department of Biological Sciences frequently use the Herbarium as a reference. In addition, the Herbarium holdings are available to enrich teaching and laboratory exercises for students in Biology courses. Within the Herbarium's web site is also information on the Butler Tree Walk, Tree Identification, Spring Wildflowers, Butler Prairie and many links to other Indiana botany and science sites.

Computer Lab Classroom

GH 170 - Computer Classroom and Lab







Butler University, although less than five miles from downtown Indianapolis, includes diverse habitats as well as its landscaped central campus. From the back of Gallahue Hall, a stairway and bridge take you directly to the towpath of the Indianapolis Water Company Canal.

  • Take the towpath to the left and look to the right for access to the White River trail.
  • Cross the towpath and go straight ahead to find the Butler Prairie. The Butler University Prairie was established in 1987 by the Holcomb Research Institute. Located between the Indianapolis Water Company Canal and the White River, the prairie serves as an outdoor laboratory for Butler ecology courses, as a public educational resource, and as a natural area for birds and wildlife. A flier describing the prairie,including flowering dates of its species, is available. Flowering dates and pictures are also available on the Prairie web site. For more information or to arrange a tour, contact Dr. Rebecca Dolan, director of the Friesner Herbarium, at (317) 940-9413 or
  • Or, follow the towpath to the right towards a bridge leading to the Holcomb Gardens. From the Gardens, several paths lead uphill into the Butler Woods, an area rich in spring wildflowers.

  PrairieVA blue Bells close