College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Scholarships and Awards

Kathryn Bromley Pre-Medical Scholarship
The Kathryn Bromley Pre-Medical Scholarship is presented to a junior student planning to attend medical school and maintaining a grade point average of 3.5 or higher.

Robert H. Egbert Pre-Medical Scholarship
The Robert H. Egbert Pre-Medical Scholarships, given in memory of Robert H. Egbert, husband of a Butler alumna, are presented annually to students planning a career in medicine who have completed three semesters' work with a grade point average of 3.00 or above.

Walter L. Portteus Scholarship
The Walter Leroy Portteus Scholarship recognizes outstanding students enrolled in a pre-medical curriculum.

John Potzger Scholarship
The John Potzger Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding student in botany or environmental science.

Elise Turner Scholarship
The Elise Turner Scholarships are given in memory of Elise Turner, class of 1952, to outstanding students entering the Biological Sciences major at Butler University.

Weiss Scholarship
This award was established by a bequest from the estates of William G. Weiss, class of 1932, and Lucille J. Weiss, class of 1941. It is awarded to an outstanding student in zoology.

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