Jordan College of the Arts
Arts Administration Program

Curriculum Description

The undergraduate program at Butler focuses on a combination of skills and education in a specific arts discipline (dance, music or theatre) and a strong concentration of study in business, public relations and advertising. The program also includes instruction in the specifics of arts management, including fund-raising, audience development, organizational structure, community engagement and personnel management. A required component of the program is a six-credit internship in an established arts organization.

Degrees Available:

  • B.S. Dance Arts Administration
  • B.S. Arts Administration Music
  • B.S. Arts Administration Theatre
  • B.S. Arts Administration General

Classroom Experience: 128 credit hour program

Core Curriculum: 27 hours
University required Core Curriculum

Courses in the Arts: 30 hours
Arts courses according to your intended concentration (dance, music, theatre and general)

Courses in Business/Journalism: 29 hours

  • Accounting
  • Microeconomics
  • Information Management (Computer Skills)
  • Journalism & Strategic Communications
  • 6 hours in business electives: Law, Organizational Behavior, Marketing, Business Ethics, etc.

Courses in Arts Administration: 21 hours

  • Survey of Arts Administration
  • Arts Administration Seminars
  • Special Topics in Arts Administration
  • Internship in Arts Administration
  • Arts Administration Independent Study

21 hours in General Electives