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Taylor Me

Taylor Not Me

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Hometown: Marengo, IN

Childhood ambition: Children's book illustrator

Dream job? Fashion photographer for Vogue

About Art + Design: throughout my life, I've debated what career to choose (graphic design, photographer, illustrator, fashion designer).  In the Art + Design program at Butler, I am able to incorporate all of my artistic and design abilities.  Basically, the "plus" means I never have to put limitations on my ideas.

Favorite spot on campus: Hinkle Fieldhouse.  The history, the design, and the atmosphere really appeals to me.

Favorite portfolio piece (so far):  Last fall, I went to the 99.7 DJX Birthday Bash, a concert put together by a Louisville radio station.  While the band, We the Kings, was performing, I managed to get a picture that seemed almost, for lack of a better word, destined for me to take.  As Travis Clark, the lead vocalist, raised his hands in the air to make the band's signature "W," I noticed that he had "love" written on one of his palms.  Fortunately I was able to capture this moment.

The weirdest thing that ever happened to me: I wouldn't exactly call myself a bad driver, but I have been in one car accident, which happens to be one of the weirdest things that has ever happened to me.  Somehow, by backing up at 2 mph, I managed to get the front bumper of my vehicle caught on an elevated sidewalk, which caused my entire front bumper to fall off.  Of course, I freaked out, and someone called the police from their house.  When they arrived to the scene, my emotions made them think that it was a multiple car accident.  In the end, the bumper was easily replaced, and the situation ended up being one of those stories I can now laugh about.

Favorite internship experience (so far): Jasper Innovative Solutions, where I helped compile their online product catalog.  I photographed their inventory.  While I was there, my bosses would introduce me to any co-workers who came in from the company's other locations, and those people would always tell me how much they appreciate that I was working on the catalog.  Being told how much they appreciated my work really made the position worth the effort.

Favorite vegetable: I've always been a fan of broccoli but typically only if it has cheese or ranch dip added to it.