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Hometown:  Peru, Indiana 

Dream job:  comic artist at Marvel Studios. 
Most memorable art experience: During my junior year, Prof. Leah Gauthier asked the 3D design class to construct a soft sculpture with one dimension at least 3 feet in length, so I constructed a life-size doll of an anime character, which proceeded to haunt my living room for the next 3 weeks-it always looked like there was an intruder lurking! 
Favorite Portfolio Piece: My current favorite is a piece I created for a Sequential Illustration class, and is the second page to a short graphic representation of the song "Hot Air Balloon" by Owl City.  Drawn on heavy manga paper, I used markers to illustrate a young boy and girl dressed up as prince and princess, taken loosely from the lines "we wrote a prelude/to our own fairy tale." 
Tools: My M.O. is the marker and my hobby is costume sewing and stitchery, and if you ask me to create something, I can probably think of some media in which to accomplish it.  I pretty much am in love with creating with any material.  But if you asked what art supplies I couldn't live without, that would be my trusty Mega Lead pencil and white plastic hunk eraser.  I carry them with me everywhere I go, like Linus and his security blanket. 
Favorite Vegetable:Aesthetically speaking, it's a nice, plump beefsteak tomato, but to eat, it's definitely fresh, locally grown corn-on-the-cob.