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Hometown: Seymour, Indiana

Childhood ambition: I wanted to be Indiana Jones duh ?!

Dream job: Work for R&D at Wizards of the Coast :D

Major: Philosophy

How the Art + Design minor (or specific courses that you've taken) complements my career ambitions: Art+Design has helped me on my path of my dream as I put to the test the skills I have honed in front of my peers and teachers for their enjoyment and critique.

It pushes me to do better in my work and at life in general, as I love to tie my artistic flavors into my personal philosophy and studies at school. I can portray any emotions or problems I feel in my work.  I hope that one day I may have a career that utilizes art and thoughtful skills together.

My most memorable art experience was when I found my clique in art starring at pictures of Arthur Rackam's childhood stories and fell in love...

Favorite portfolio piece (so far): A still life I made for my mother, I really wanted to make her something and she had been begging me forever to make her something special. I used watercolors and ink as my medium. I thought of something that was meaningful to her that she could always appreciate-the heirloom vases that were her moms that sit on the mantle of our home.

Tools: A good environment to relax and be myself in, I need peace and like to be alone, I do love some good tunes preferably Zeppelin, Mayer, Jack, Coldplay, maybe some crazy Electronica every now and then and of course inspiration.

Favorite vegetable: the king of all vegetables which is of course the potato... French fries, steak fries, tots, mashed potatoes, waffle fries, baked potato, hash browns...nom nom nom ...c'mon