Jordan College of the Arts
Art Program




Me Not me


Hometown: Franklin, IN

Childhood ambition: Be interesting

Favorite spot on campus: Makeup room and costume shop of the theatre department. I have had the ability to have freedom to create and experiment there and there are plenty of materials and inspiring things.

Most memorable art experience: creating a successful shelter in the 3D design class. I did not think I was going to be able to pull off a shelter at all, let alone one I would want to observe. I was very happy with coming up with a shelter I wanted to show off to everyone. It was sheets of plastic duct taped together and inflated with air, sort of like those bounce domes at birthday parties, to create a dome. It was the size of a shed.  I'd say it was inventive and successful.

Tools: I like to have the people around me inspire me. I like to ask advice to make the things I do better. I like to say my best tool is the people I am around or my own mind. I sit and think about things I could make almost every day. There are never the same things, one day I want to sew a dress, the next I just want to play around on the computer. I really want to make myself sit down and draw and write a whole comic, because I love comics.

Favorite vegetable: I guess tomatoes because I love almost all tomato products.