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Amber Mills ('14)

A native of small town Indiana, Amber is a self-motivated graphic artist. Working primarily digitally, she combines photography and graphic design to create high-contrast, eye popping works to please any audience. She aspires to be a graphic designer.

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Ashleigh Schneckenberger ('14)Schneckenberger

Born in Erie, Pennsylvania, raised in Columbus, Indiana, She now resides in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Schneckenberger will graduate from Butler University with Bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Art + Design, and a minor in Spanish. Schneckenberger is currently researching individual's perception of death and portraying their answers in drawing and paintings.  M​ost answers have revolved on the belief of reincarnation, this led to images of animals, people and other living things.

As a sophomore at Butler, Schneckenberger was awarded as one of the Indiana Journey Youth Fellow for Indiana.  Every year this organization chooses 25 students interested in the field of youth work to enhance and liven their specific interests in the field.  Schneckenberger worked as a student intern at Studio Outside the Box in Indianapolis, Indiana.  At the studio, Schneckenberger was responsible for leading art classes as well as working one one one with individuals to create art.  After graduation, Schneckenberger hopes to attend graduate school in anticipation of a career in art therapy.

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SitoriusTaylor Sitorius ('15)

Originally from Janesville, Wisconsin, Taylor Sitorius resides in Indianapolis, Indiana. A student at Butler University, she will graduate in May 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Art + Design. Taylor is a member of the graphic design team for Public Relations Board of Student Government and has interned at Studio Outside of Box, a therapeutic art center for developmentally disabled adults. While there she assisted in curating the centers annual A Cause for Elegance exhibition. She also assisted inSitorius2 curating the Indianapolis Scholastic Arts Awards at Clowes Memorial Hall. 

From painting, to sculpture, to graphic design, Taylor is interesting in many varieties of visual art. She uses these media to develop a better understanding of  herself, how the world impacts her, and how she impacts the world.

Her work was juried into the Arts Fest exhibition at Butler University's Schrott Center in April 2013. Currently she serves as a Marketing Design Intern for the Health and Recreation Complex at Butler University and is looking forward to future opportunities.

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GarrettBritt Garrett ('16)

This photograph was taken from an editorial about natural vs. "man made" beauty. I find it very odd how people of today's society are so bent on becoming something so far from who or what they really are to come across as beautiful. To me, the real beauty comes in accepting who we are without influence from peers, media or anything other than what is true.

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 Brooke Dominguez ('16)Dominguez

Born in Omaha Nebraska, and raised in Kentucky, Brooke Lauren Dominguez currently lives in Indianapolis where she is a student at Butler University pursuing a Bachelor's degree in both Art + Design and Digital Media Production.  Growing up, art has always been an important part of her life in many ways.

During her first semester in college she was featured in the Art Now exhibit. She works in a wide variety of media and on both large and small formats. Aside from Art Now she often completes freelance assignments, designing logos and editing audio and video. She often works with mixed media and likes to explore concepts that demonstrate society's influence on human behaviors.  In her most recent body of work she explored using candy as her medium.  Over the next three years she plans to grow to her fullest potential within her profession.

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DykeAlyssa Dyke ('16)

Born in Fort Riley, Kansas and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana,  Alyssa Dyke is currently majoring in both Art + Design and Biology at Butler University.  Having  experienced many media in her high school art classes, and now her college studio classes, Alyssa has worked with many materials, from ceramics to sustainable materials, however, acrylic paint, watercolor, graphite, and chalk pastel are most often used in her works. 

The exploration of the female experience encompasses many themes of Alyssa's work; ​their faces and bodies appear regularly.  These appearances are often given very vibrant scenes, creating narrative story lines without the need for text or written word.

In context with exploration, the universe, space in particular, provides a fair amount of inspiration for Alyssa's work as well.  Space is constantly changing, much like people, which leads audiences to expect new, developing work from Alyssa as new discoveries are made throughout the world, and within people themselves.

Alyssa has had work in both juried and non-juried exhibitions all centrally located in Indianapolis, including Tiny at Gallery 924,Nottingham Forest at the Harrison Center of the Arts, Revolution at the Schrott Center of the Arts, and Art Now on Butler University's campus.

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Joel Fuller ('16)Fuller

My name is Joel Fuller, I'm from Birmingham, Alabama. I'm a sophomore with an Art + Design Major and a Digital Media Production Minor. I'm studying Art + Design to pursue my dreams of becoming a comic book artist. When I first arrived at Butler I wasn't too sure how I would use my degree when I finish college, but with the help of the great professors they helped me find my passion. The program is designed to help artist like myself to find their artistic talents. I can't even put into words how much the professors want to see us succeed in the world, which is why I'm grateful to be a part of this wonderful program here at Butler.

Here is the URL for my blog. If you like Comic Books then you'll like this website.



LightnerJordan Lightner ('17)

I am from nearby Pittsboro, IN and have always been involved in creative projects both in and outside of schooling. It seemed natural for me to formally continue my education in this innovative Art + Design program. I am excited to get hands on experience that will help me achieve my goal of being a producer or creative director in a yet to be decided field.

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