Jordan College of the Arts
Art Program

ART322, Color: Painting + Color Theory:  An exploration of art and design practices relating to painting and an introduction to color theory. The class will expose the student to a broad range of ideas and approaches relating to color, painting and the visual arts including mixed media approaches.

Content/Skill Development:

  • Students gain an understanding of color theory and the interaction of color in both traditional and digital settings.
  • Students learn surface manipulation techniques, textural and glazing approaches and are exposed to both representation and non-representation working methods. Students increase their knowledge of compositional strategies and how images can be used to create a narrative.
  • The class explores a multi-stage production process, from sketch to finished work and introduces iterative thinking. 

Topics covered include:

  • Instruction on creating painting surfaces, including preparing stretchers and canvases.
  • Discussion of mixed media and digital approaches to painting.
  • Creation of multi panel works
  • Discussion of intentionality in art includes projects that include aspects of improvisation and automatism.   

Media/Technology skills:

  • Pantone Matching System
  • Digital color palettes from the Adobe Creative Suite

Key Student Learning Objectives

By the end of this course students will:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the basic principles of art + design, including visual vocabulary, and technical sensibility towards composition and materials.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of connectivity of a variety of art + design methods, materials, techniques and technologies.

Gallery of Student Work created in Art322