Jordan College of the Arts
Art Program

Tips on Putting Together your Art + Design Portfolio

Here's some suggestions for putting together your portfolio URL:


  • Do your best to convey your passion for art and/or design (ideally both).
  • Curate the 10+ works carefully. Think about how the works connect and the narrative they suggest about you as an artist/designer.
  • Feature current or recent works over older ones.
  • Highlight any personally-generated work done outside of school assignments.
  • In terms of sequencing the typical rule is: Start with a bang, end with a bang. Start with a strong work; end with your strongest work. You could also choose to sequence the work in chronological order.
  • Be sure to double check that all images/videos are correctly viewable from a computer other than the one you originally put the portfolio together on. Check for Mac/PC compatibility.
  • Title the digital files with a sequential number and your name (eg. Smith_01.jpg). and include a similarly numbered Word file inventory sheet with date, title, medium and other relevant information about each work.
  • When submitting a URL, be sure that the works are easily locatable. Tell us clearly what we should be looking at, and make it easy for us to find.
  • Finally, treat this as an opportunity to look over and think about all the work you've made. As an artist, you'll be updating, changing and thinking over your portfolio for a lifetime. The sooner you start, the better!