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Art Program


Kristin HessKristin Hess ('10), Visual Communications Manager for Indiana Humanities

Kristin Hess studied art and graduated as one of the top 10 female students in her class. While at Butler, she taught middle school children through the Butler Community Arts School. Kristin continues to live in Indianapolis and now manages programs and visual communications for Indiana Humanities, one of the state's great institutions. Her first book, "Food for Thought: An Indiana Harvest" was published in 2012.

"The Butler Art + Design program allowed me to pair my varied interests and passions with strategic, creative implementation. From one-on-one professor attention to the self-led thesis to encouragement to combine academic majors and fields, I learned how to think like a designer and take ownership of the power of design to strengthen and enhance the world around me."


Lauren Binning ('10), Senior Art Director, Harrison and Star

The Butler Art + Design program has helped me get to where I am today because it provided an outlet where I could study and develop my traditional art skills in order to apply those skills to multi-media digital design projects. I was also encouraged to be an independent thinker and take initiative to pursue my creative ideas. I now work in advertising, where I am often tasked to develop campaigns and branding elements that need to work in a variety of outlets. My education provided a foundation of skills to be able to successfully work in the advertising industry.

Maria Porter

Maria Porter ('11), Graphic Service Admin at Taft Stettinius & Hollister

Maria Porter earned her B.A. in Art + Design, cum laude with high honors in 2011. During her undergraduate study she was a member of the graphic design and new media teams for the Public Relations Board of Student Government and served as photographer and photo editor for The Butler Collegian. During her time as photo editor of the Collegian, she received an Indiana Collegiate Press Association first place award in Best Photo for her photo taken during the final game of the 2011 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. She worked as graphic designer and photographer for several of the College of Business' Real Business Experience events. Currently, Maria is a Graphic Service Administrator with Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP in Indianapolis.

Maria says: My experience at Butler taught me a lot of things necessary for a successful career such as time management, industry-specific skills, and creative thinking. But I've found that the most valuable part of my Butler experience is the well-rounded, liberal arts education that exposed me to many different types of classes and people. The opportunity to work with professors, students and staff from varying backgrounds, work styles and points of view has prepared me for success in my career, where I work with a wide range of people every day.

Daniel McCullough

Daniel McCullough ('12), Freelance Videographer, Butler University

What you don't expect while taking the art classes at Butler, is how it will change the way you see the world around you.  Be it the computers we type on, the clothes we wear, or even the food we eat, everything around us was crafted to look and function a specific way for a specific reason.  This is why it becomes so vital to take care and pride in your work; you never know when it might go viral.


Laura Kramer

Laura Kramer ('12), Graphic Production Artist at Ansira, St. Louis.

Butler's Art+Design program has allowed me to see things around me differently. My definition of "art" encompasses more than I ever imagined.  This definition expanded through my Art+Design classes, professors, internships and real-world experiences that the program provided me. I am able to see art through an educated and open mind, and learn to appreciate art for what it is, regardless of its aesthetics. I now can apply my skills to my career, and am able to better critique my own work.



abbyAbby Hart ('13), Studio Assistant, Professional Musician and Freelance Artist

Working for Mab Graves really opened my eyes to what it means to own and market an art business. She works nearly every second she is not sleeping and has incredible passion. I'm selling my paintings and continue to tour with my band-I've seen most of the U.S. and especially enjoy New Orleans, California, New York, Ohio and Florida. My Art + Design and Theatre experience at Butler helped develop both my presence on stage (being on stage performing is the best rush!) and our marketing, which is DIY style (we design all of our merchandise, and hand make all of our CDs).  



  Paint on Hands
"paint on hands" by alumna Maria Porter