Alumni & Parent Programs

Get Involved - Programs for Leadership & Service Education (P.u.L.S.E.)

Mission Statement

In alignment with the educational mission of Butler University and the Division of Student Affairs, the Office for Programs for Leadership and Service Education (PuLSE), in partnership with students, strives to create an environment that encourages educational and social growth with a dedication to continuous processing and application of experiences. By intentionally engaging students in interactive and diverse opportunities, the Office seeks to develop an ongoing commitment to leadership, service, and learning.

Learning Outcomes

We help students to...

  1. Connect to leadership, service, and other involvement opportunities on campus and within the community.
  2. Process through leadership, service, and other involvement experiences in order to gain a better understanding of self.
  3. Apply leadership and interpersonal skills developed through involvement to practical situations.
  4. Bridge leadership, service, and involvement opportunities to relevant classroom work and theory.
  5. Navigate systems of the University and community pertaining to leadership, service, and involvement experiences.
  6. Increase awareness of diversity in terms of ideas, culture, and needs through leadership, service, and involvement experience.

Ways for Alumni to Get Involved

  • Serve as a judge for various events (Spring Sports Spectacular, Homecoming, etc.)
  • Alumni who have any businesses (restaurants, factories, or the like) where we could either take a class, eat at their restaurant, visit for a tour, etc that they would be offering to let us do for Out and About
  • Alumni who are entertainers who are looking for a gig (singers, comedians, etc)
  • Teach a skill (cooking, crafts, sewing) as a program on campus either late night or just in the evening
  • Conduct a dinner to discuss leadership with students
  • Speak at a leadership session/retreat
  • Site visits to discuss leadership theory/philosophy, their personal path, an experiential exploration of a business, etc.

Interested in any of these opportunities? Contact the P.u.L.S.E. office at (317) 940-9262 or You can also visit the P.u.L.S.E. website at