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Department of Biological Sciences

Internship opportunities for Biology Majors ~ View Volunteer Information

Many majors seek internship experiences to further their education and in preparation for their chosen career. We are asking for your help to identify companies, professional individuals, and/or laboratories willing to utilize one or more Butler students as interns. Contact: Dr. Shelley Etnier, (317) 940-9748,

Participation in departmental seminar series ~ View Volunteer Information

Each year the Department of Biological Sciences sponsors a seminar series for the Butler community that features individuals working with the science arena. We are asking for your help to identify volunteers who would be willing to give a presentation. Contact: Dr. Rebecca Dolan, (317) 940-9413,

Participation in activities sponsored by the Center for Urban Ecology at Butler (CUEB) ~ View Volunteer Information

The CUEB is dedicated to creating "citizen scientists" by engaging Butler and community members in the process of scientific discovery and educational outreach as it pertains to the urban ecosystem. The CUEB sponsors many events in which individuals can become involved such as a White River clean-up program and a program to monitor the migratory patterns of monarch butterflies. The CUEB also works with partners within the greater Indianapolis community to learn about the urban ecosystem and address current ecological issues. We are asking for your participation in CUEB sponsored events and your help to identify potential community partners with whom meaningful work can be done to better our understanding of the urban ecosystem. Contact: Academic Program Coordinator for the CUEB, Marjorie Hennessy, (317) 940-6505,

Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering

First Monday Lunches ~ View Volunteer Information

Come eat pizza with our students and share your stories about life in the "real world". If you work for a company looking for interns, all the better. Can't make a first Monday? We can be flexible.

Guest Lecture ~ View Volunteer Information

Come visit a class and share your expertise on a relevant topic.

Shadow/Tours ~ View Volunteer Information

If you work locally, invite students to shadow you, or host a small group for a tour of where you work.

Mentoring ~ View Volunteer Information

If you want to help a student by sharing your wisdom, we can pair you up as an alumni mentor. If you have other ideas, we're all ears, so to speak. Contact for all the above: Dr. Jon Sorenson, (317) 940-9765,

Department of English

Tutoring ~ View Volunteer Information

From time to time, the Writers' Studio identifies students, both developmental and English as a Second Language (ESL) writers, who would benefit from additional tutoring in academic writing beyond the scope of the Peer Tutoring Program. Please contact the director, Susan Sutherlin, during Butler's spring or fall term for more information.

Contact: Susan Sutherlin, (317) 940-9802,

Writers' Series ~ View Volunteer Information

The opportunity to escort visiting writers, or writers-in-residence, go for a meal, etc.

Contact: Shannon Rezek (317) 940- 9861,

Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science

Mentoring, Guest Speakers and Internship Opportunities ~ View Volunteer Information

For information on Mentoring Actuarial Science or Math Majors, being a guest speaker or providing internship opportunities.

Contact Teri Amberger, (317) 940-9861,

Department of Modern Languages, Literature and Cultures

Tutoring ~ View Volunteer Information

Tutor language students in Chinese, French, German, Italian or Spanish. For all volunteer opportunities

contact: Dr. Terri Carney, (317) 940-8438,


Department of Psychology

Guest speaker ~ View Volunteer Information

Alums may give lectures or presentations in psychology courses relevant to the alum's area of expertise.

Contact: Carol Montgomery (317) 940-9266,

Alumni panelist ~ View Volunteer Information

Alums may participate in a panel discussion in the Careers in Psychology course.

Contact: Carol Montgomery, (317) 940-926,

Department of Sociology

Mentors for SSA/Alpha Kappa Delta and Sociology Majors ~ View Volunteer Information

Volunteer as a mentor to work with the Student Sociology Association, Alpha Kappa Delta, small student groups, or an individual student. Time required to mentor would be based on levels of interest and your availability. Mentoring may be as simple as communication via email if logistics don't allow for campus visits.

Contact: Dr. Katherine B. Novak, (317) 940-6176,

Speaker Participation ~ View Volunteer Information

Share your experiences and expertise with current majors. Volunteer to participate in a career or graduate school panel or to be a guest speaker at an event or in class.

Contact: Dr. Katherine B. Novak, (317) 940-6176,

Internship Opportunities ~ View Volunteer Information

Every student majoring in the sociology department completes an internship prior to graduation. We are asking for your help in identifying criminal justice, social work, human services and other sociology-related organizations that would be willing to utilize one or more Sociology Department students as interns.

Contact: Dr. Kenneth Colburn, 317) 940-9767,

Recruiting Letters to Prospective Undergraduate Students ~ View Volunteer Information

Sociology undergraduate student prospects need to be courted so that they feel wanted here at Butler University. We are asking for you to author a recruiting form letter that includes your input on why Butler University is a great place to major in Sociology and highlights the features of our Sociology Program that make it unique.

Contact: Dr. Katherine B. Novak, (317) 940-6176,