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Join the COE Listserv or connect to the COE Facebook page ~ View Volunteer Information

The most up to date opportunities in the College of Education are sent out via the COE Listserve. To join, simply email and put COE in the subject. Be sure to request to be added to the listserve in your message. You can also get direct access to the latest happenings in the college by connecting to the COE Facebook page. Just "like" The Butler University College of Education.

Serve as a Cooperating Teacher ~ View Volunteer Information

Local COE alumni in the Indianapolis area who have been teaching for at least 3 years are invited to be considered for a student teacher placement. Students in the early/middle childhood program complete 2 full semester placements (16 weeks each) and students in the middle/secondary and physical education programs complete two eight-week placements during the course of one semester. Placements are made in consultation with building principals and district administrators. Placements that offer opportunities for candidates to practice student-centered pedagogy in a diverse setting are given highest consideration. For more information, contact Sue Stahl at (317) 940-9331 or

Mentor a Freshman ~ View Volunteer Information

Students coming into the college are required to complete a full day shadow study of a teacher as part of their Introduction to the Profession of Teaching course. This "day in the shadow" helps students see teaching from the teacher's prospective. This can also develop into a longer term mentoring relationship if the student decides to continue in teacher education. For more information, contact Angela Lupton at (317) 940-9963 or

Teach a Workshop ~ View Volunteer Information

Alumni are encouraged to share their gifts and talents by teaching workshops in the College of Education. Teachers, counselors and administrators seeking professional development utilize the workshop format on weekends during the school year and weekdays during the summer. A wide variety of educational related topics are sought annually. For more information about submitting a proposal, contact Cindy Smith at (317) 940-8464 or

Honor an Educator ~ View Volunteer Information

One of the most overlooked yet important things that can be done in education is to share good news about the profession. Each year the college seeks to honor educators through the Distinguished Alumni Program. Alumni are encouraged to think about their colleagues who are COE graduates (at the undergraduate or graduate level). Nominations can be made by going to, then click on the Alumni pull down menu.

Maintain Professional Memberships ~ View Volunteer Information

Professional organizations are central to many educators on-going development, but those organizations that you joined initially as a student in the COE are especially helpful to maintain. Organizations such as Kappa Delta Pi and Chi Sigma Iota rely on alumni members to maintain their membership to keep chapter service and scholarship activities going. Part of your annual dues to these organizations goes back to the original local chapter. Contact your professional organization's website to renew your membership.

Speak to a Cadet Teaching Class in Your Area ~ View Volunteer Information

As we look to recruit new outstanding teachers into the profession, one of the most natural places to start is with those high school students who have already self selected to explore the profession through their enrollment in a cadet teaching course. Offering to be a guest speaker at such a class can help students see teacher education as a viable path into higher education. Plus, it is a great way to share the benefits of Butler! For more information contact Angela Lupton at (317) 940-9963 or

Interview Scholars in Education ~ View Volunteer Information

Highly qualified applicants in the College of Education are invited to interview for departmental scholarships through the Scholars in Education forum. This event is held on a Saturday in early February and includes teams of interviewers (alumni, faculty, current scholars, etc.) who help make recommendations to the committee. Alumni who are interested in participating on these interview teams should contact Angela Lupton at (317) 940-9963 or

Let us Know of an Idea YOU might have for participating or reconnecting with Butler ~ View Volunteer Information

We all know what dynamic educators Butler COE graduates are. Let us know what you are doing or an idea you might have for supporting or staying connected to the college. Arthur Hochman at (317) 940-9814 or

Internship Supervision ~ View Volunteer Information

Students in the Physical Education and Health Education program with a concentration in Exercise Science complete their program with an Advanced Internship. Students have varying interests related to physical activity, physical fitness, strength conditioning and resistance training, coaching, physical therapy, health & wellness, and sport. Alumni who are affiliated with professional agencies and organizations in a related field who would like to mentor and supervise an intern can contact Marilyn Strawbridge at (317) 940-8431 or

PEM Club ~ View Volunteer Information

The Physical Education Majors (PEM) Club is a student-centered organization geared toward service, pre-professional development, and social engagement. Alumni who are professionals in a related field (teaching, coaching, physical fitness, health & wellness, physical therapy, etc.) are invited to share your expertise as a guest speaker at a PEM Club meeting, provide inservice training or workshops in the field or on campus. Students are also looking for service-oriented projects and volunteer opportunities. Contact Sara Myers at (317) 940-9893,, or Mia Claxton, PEM Club President at