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Alumni Clubs are groups of alumni, supporters and friends linked by a common experience such as colleges, departments, student organizations or special interest. Alumni Clubs, in cooperation with the Alumni Association and the Office of Alumni and Parent Programs, further the purposes of the Association and promote the University through communications, community relations, student engagement, fellowship and networking.

Current clubs include:

Requirements to start a Club
Alumni Clubs are established when any six (6) members of the Association seek to form this special interest group. There are no minimum number of members required or specific geographic perimeters. The Office of Alumni and Parent Programs will assist with the creation of a club; however, the successful formation of a club is dependent largely upon the enthusiasm and dedication of the alumni who assume responsibility for their role. The 6 organizing members may seek to form a club by submitting to the Alumni Board a petition that:

(a) states the proposed name of the Club, the special interest group proposed to be served, and the purposes for which the Club is to be formed;

(b) states the names of at least six (6) initial organizers who have committed to a two-year term; and

(c) provides that the members of the proposed Club agree to abide by the Alumni Association Guidelines and Requirements and the policies of the Office of Alumni and Parent Programs.

If the Board approves the petition, the Alumni Club may begin to function as an official body of the Association for an initial two-year trial period. The Alumni Club must submit to the Office of Alumni and Parent Programs it is initial operating plan including annual goals, communication calendar and strategies and programming.

Download the brochure explaining Chapters, Clubs and Regional Representatives.

For more information or if you have additional questions about chapters, clubs or regional representatives, please contact the Alumni Office at 800-368-6852, ext. 9946.

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