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Patricia Parrish Marmion '53

Katharine Merrill Graydon Alumni Service Award, 1998

Pat Marmion '53, by her own admission, was literally born in a "Butler family." She is today one of the University's strongest supporters and most loyal volunteers. Her Butler story, told eloquently in her own words, follows...

"I was fortunate to have been raised in Irvington by a family of 'Butler-ites.' My maternal grandparents were Irvington 'pioneers' and so it followed that my mother and her sister and brother would attend Butler, along with assorted cousins and many of their friends. My father also attended Butler and all by my mother attended both the old Irvington campus and the present Fairview site. All were Kappas and Phi Delts, so in those days my grandparent's Irvington home was known as the "Phi Delt-Kappa Annex." I grew up around so many Butler family and friends that I firmly believed I would follow their footsteps... I, and many of my classmates proceeded on to Butler, graduating in 1953 with a degree in radio and television."

Since her graduation, she has filled many roles. She has been wife, mother, professional with Indiana Bell, and educator, patient advocate and counselor for a local surgeon. She also has lent her talents to the Indianapolis community in a number of volunteer capacities, including the Pan Am Games, Ballet Internationale (formally Indianapolis Ballet Theatre) and OASIS (a not-for-profit educational and enrichment organization for adults 55 and over). In addition to these many commitments, her relationship with Butler has continued to grow and be an integral part of Pat's life. She has served the University through the years in countless leadership roles. Since 1994, she has served as the chair of the Ovid Butler Society Executive Committee, working tirelessly to organize OBS events and contact fellow alumni and friends regarding the importance of the organization to the life of Butler. She also has been instrumental in the establishment of several new initiatives, among which are the "Mortar Award," presented annually to an OBS member demonstrating outstanding service, and the OBS Associate Program that strives to involve young alumni. Butler University is blessed to count among its alumni an innovative woman who continues to lead and to inspire. With her vision and steadfast commitment, Pat Marmion truly embodies the spirit of the Katharine Merrill Graydon Alumni Service Award.

Updated 1998