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Dr. Janos Horvath

Butler Service Medal, 2003

HorvathHeadDr. Janos Horvath is a Butler University professor emeritus in economics. He began teaching at Butler in 1968.

Dr. Horvath received his Ph.D. from Columbia University. His expertise and leadership have been shared across the globe. He was an adjunct senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and a visiting professor at the University of the Philippines, Columbia University and the University of Chicago. He was a candidate for congress (10 th congressional district) in 1990 and 1992 and served as an economic advisor to Senator Richard Lugar as well as a consultant to U.S. Senate and House committees. Dr. Horvath also served as the president for the Indiana Council on World Affairs and as delegate to the NATO conference in 1999.

During World War II, as part of the resistance to the Nazis, Dr. Horvath helped to organize an underground printing press and provided forged documents to Jews to help them escape. He was captured by the Nazi Gestapo, tortured and sentenced to death but escaped when the war ended.

Currently he serves as a member of Hungary's parliament.

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