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Judge Allen Sharp M.A. '86

Robert Todd Duncan Alumni Achievement Award, 2004

Judge Allen Sharp received an undergraduate degree from George Washington University and a law degree from Indiana University. He has presided in civil and criminal jury trials in seven different locations in four different U.S. districts as well as sat by designation on three U.S. Appeals Courts. He began graduate work at Butler in 1970 when he was serving as a judge on the Indiana Court of Appeals in Indianapolis. He had completed about half of his course work by 1973 when he became a federal judge and moved to northern Indiana. In 1984, Judge Sharp began night classes once again to complete his master's degree in history, with particular interest in modern European history, Russian history and the Holocaust. He serves as an adjunct professor of history for Butler's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. He is a recipient of the illustrious Sagamore of the Wabash (1999) and has authored many professional law journal articles. Judge Sharp has two daughters, Crystal Catholyn Sharp Bauer and Scarlet Frances Thomas.

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