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Only 45 percent of Butler students are from Indiana. The student body is made up of students from 45 states and 52 foreign countries.

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Last week, there was an event on the National Mall honoring all of our veterans that died of suicide ... Read more

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Our location serves our students well as they approach their careers. The Internship and Career Services (ICS) office on campus works with students as early as their first week on campus. They can help students locate valuable resources and connections on and off-campus to assist them in their search for local internships (one of the advantages of being in Indianapolis) or internships beyond Indiana and, eventually, their post-graduate pursuits.

How does the first door into your life get opened? For many Butler students, it opened the day they arrived on campus and became a part of the university network. The common experience provided by the Butler experience, from the classroom to Hinkle Fieldhouse to C-Club creates a similar common bond between current students and an instant connection with our alumni.

We also provide career development services on campus, which students can begin accessing as early as their first year on campus. Significant components of those services revolve around alumni, who provide networking resources or internships, feedback, and even host current students during off-campus dinners, called Dinners with 10, to help polish their networking skills. A Career Services Advisory Board, coordinated through ICS, consists of employers and alumni in various industries that provide input to ensure that our programs remain current and relevant. Career-related services are also available for a lifetime after students graduate to ensure they always have access to resources and guidance no matter what stage of life they are in.