A Day in the Life: Stevan

Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Dyer, IN
Majors: Pharmacy
As a Pharmacy major, Stevan is serious about his studies, but he also believes in a good balance, especially when it comes to being involved on campus. When he is not in class or studying, he spends much of his time planning SGA late night programs, serving the Butler University Student Foundation, playing intramural sports, or holding leadership positions in his fraternity. Stevan is definitely a multi-tasker, and he has thrived at Butler by getting plugged into different student organizations.

My Typical Day

Get dressed
Eat breakfast
Work at Admission Office
Check e-mail
Eat lunch after houseboy duties are complete
Walk to class
Catching up with classmates before Physiology class
Chat with friends in Starbucks
Drop off community service log in Diversity Center
Fraternity alumni meeting
Play Fifa with roommate
Dinner off campus
Program Board meeting for Student Government
Intramural Basketball championship game