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My name is Steph, and I am a senior Marketing major with a Communication Studies minor. Since this is my last year at Butler, my main goal is to enjoy every moment that I have left, while doing as much as humanly possible. I am a marketing analyst at the Butler Business Accelerator, a Speakers Lab tutor, and a Butler blogger (obviously). I also am an Alpha Phi, the President of the Butler University Student Foundation, a member of Alpha Kappa Psi (a professional business fraternity), and a member of the Butler American Marketing Association. In the small amount of free time that I do have, I love crafting, watching large amounts of television, and enjoying my favorite comfort foods, like sweet tea.

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Dear Freshman Year Steph,

During Welcome Week each year, the freshmen each write a letter to themselves that they get during Senior Week.  Most people forget about this, but I remembered, since I’ve been an Orientation Guide for the last two years.  I got it at our Champagne Toast the other day, and I realized that I was a pro at writing letters to myself back in the day.  I wrote one to myself both junior and senior year in high school, at the beginning of my freshman year, and after I joined Alpha Phi, and they have all been really great letters in different ways.  I had a lot of concerns in my letter to myself from Welcome Week, which is totally understandable for that point in time for a student.  So…I thought I would share a bit about what I was scared of, and how it turned out.  (Freshman Steph will be in bold….just to clarify.)

From the Welcome Week Convocation I learned that I need to get more sleep already… I’m so glad that I was this honest with myself so early, but the sad thing is that I never really took that to heart.  I slept very little over the last four years, and the only thing that it did for me is provided me with a coffee addiction.

My concerns are that I won’t make new friends that will last forever, and that I will fail. Again, I was really straightforward during that week I guess.  In the end, I did make friends that I think will last forever.  Of course, it took some to find them, and it wasn’t always easy.  But, during my college years I found some absolutely amazing people who I love, and I’m positive that Twitter and Facebook will allow us to all stay together even after we leave each other.  As far as the failing thing goes, I didn’t.  I don’t know exactly how to define what “failing” would have been for me….but I guess that since I am graduating tomorrow, and since I truly embraced my years at Butler….I didn’t fail.  Success!

Right now it’s so awkward and I feel so little… Feeling awkward and little is the essence of Welcome Week.  It’s awesome time, but it really kind of sucks as a freshman.  It isn’t until later years when it’s really amazing and just the best week that ever existed. Embrace college…and it’ll be fine.

I am so afraid that this will turn out to not be the right place for me… Well, it was the right place!  I couldn’t imagine spending my college years anywhere else, which is why it is hard to be ready to leave right now.  Butler helped me grow into the person that I am now, and I’m so grateful.

We graduate today….which still feels completely unreal.  Class of 2012….you’re great and it’s been an amazing four years.

The Butler Class of 2012

Senior Year Update: Part I

Today was the last day of classes for the Fall of 2011, aka my next to last semester as a college student.  Thinking about this, and the finality of the whole situation, I decided to reminisce a bit…and look ahead to next semester.

First off…things I loved this semester….

Senior Wine Tasting

Each year, the senior class hosts a wine tasting for all seniors.  Not everyone can go, but it’s still an awesome event where you get together with some really awesome people, and learn about wine.  I really like wine, but I knew nothing about it before the night, so I really appreciated having the change to learn something while having fun with my friends.  I had always heard that the senior wine tasting is one of the best nights during your time at Butler, and I totally agreed.  We felt classy, smart, and very important the entire time, and it was a great way to take a break from an outrageously busy week.

Our table at the wine tasting....

Welcome Week

As always, I loved being an Orientation Guide during Welcome Week.  Not only did I get to come back to Butler early, but I also was able to spend almost an entire week with some of my favorite people on campus.  The entire week is spent showing your Butler spirit and trying to get other people to have fun….so naturally….you have fun doing it!  I love Welcome Week so much that I wish that every week were Welcome Week…..

The Alpha Phi Orientation Guides...

Alpha Phi Semi-Formal…and everything else

Everything that we have done this year, from formal to Homecoming, has been somehow more special than every other time.  First off, our entire pledge class is together for the first time in a long time (people have been studying abroad), so it is great just to have us all together again.  And secondly, we know that this is the last time we will be really just hanging out all together, so we are just loving every minute and loving each other!

Some seniors before Alpha Phi semi-formal...



Food, Fun, and Agriculture…what more could you ask for?

There has been so much going on lately at school that there are several things that I forgot to blog about completely.  So, I’m now going to backtrack a bit and revisit something I did during my first week on campus….visit the Indiana State Fair.

Growing up, I went to the State Fair at least once a year…and for 9 years I showed cattle there…so I would stay at the fair for 3 to 4 days usually.  So it is kind of like a home away from home for me….and I love taking my city friends there to teach them about agriculture every year during Welcome Week.  This year I went with Meghan, Abby, and Bre, 3 of my sorority sisters, and we of course had a blast eating as much food as possible and visiting all the barns, exhibits, and shows.

Mmmm….ice cream from the Dairy Barn…

Between the 4 of us…we definitely ate plenty.  We had garbage burgers, donut burgers (the bun was 2 donuts….delicious!), grilled cheese, Dippin Dots, ice cream (they were supposed to be milkshakes….but they were more like ice cream), corn on the cob, and I might be missing something else….although I think that is all.  It was a very tasty night…to say the least.

Their farm set is epic…

One of the best things to do at the fair is simply walk around the buildings to explore everything that they have to offer.  One of my favorite buildings is the Pioneer Our Land Pavilion, where they have this epic farm set every year.  They have a very impressive set up, because they have real foliage and everything….which makes our farm set look like it was set up by amateurs….and partially broken from our years of playing with it as small children.

By the end of the night (which only lasted about 3-4 hours) we were completely exhausted.  The Indiana State Fair is huge….and we only walked around about 1/3-1/2 of it.  It was a great time though, especially since the weather was basically perfect.  Speaking of the weather….I think I’m ready for summer to come back….please, summer, I miss you!

What a beautiful night at the fair…

The Challenge of Moving In

I find it rather humorous that my process moving into my sorority house this year was an extreme challenge…since I even wrote a blog about moving to college.  Basically, I’m not that credible.  Sure, I’ve done it quite a few times (or 4) but it is such a difficult process that I still struggle every time.

This year, my struggle was in the fact that I packed up all of my stuff in Fort Wayne, then moved that to Butler.  I took some things home, and left some here, depending on what it was and if it was truly necessary in my much smaller shared space at Butler.  Then I went home for a few days, looked around my room, and realized that there were quite a few things that I hadn’t taken to Fort Wayne that I needed for the school year.  For instance, I found a printer, bulletin boards, all of my old class files (I keep everything from every class I’ve taken…just in case), and old books (among other things).  Let’s just say that my tiny car was rather jam-packed on the way up here, when I thought at one point that I would only really have laundry in my car.  False.

My car...legitimately packed.

Once I got to school, I started the process of unpacking.  The problem here was that I had things to do basically all day every day preparing for Welcome Week, so actually, I didn’t finish unpacking and getting settled (even putting my clothes in the dresser) until the Tuesday of Welcome Week – exactly one week after I moved in.

Since then, I’ve been spending every free moment trying to get settled…and it is rather rough.  I’ve also been spending that small amount of free time that I have crafting things for our room, getting everything started for my extra curricular activities, and studying. (But really…who even has time to study anymore?)

Can’t every week be Welcome Week??

Last week was Welcome Week…and let’s just say…I’m still getting caught up because I was so busy having fun.  It was an AMAZING week full of meeting new people, helping our new students get settled in here at Butler, and doing every single activity possible.  Since this is my senior year, I believe that will be the theme of my year:  Doing everything….even if there is definitely not time.  In fact, I didn’t really unpack until I had already been here for 7 days…yes…I lived out of piles and boxes for a full week…just because I was that busy.  Here are several of the activities that I was super busy with:

The Quest-

I love The Quest…and there are really no words to describe it.  Let’s just say it involves lots of dancing…competition…fun music…and being crazy?  Is that good enough?

The teams...coming up with some awesome plans...

Academic Day-

This is the longest day of Orientation, because we meet with our groups to discuss the Welcome Week book, college expectations, and what to expect as a student in the COB.  In addition to this, there is a convocation in the morning, and some pretty intense activities later that night (Playfair anyone??).  So, its a big day, to say the least.  Before we parted ways with our group….we were sure to take a photo….

My awesome orientation group...

They were amazing…and so much fun.  I’m just sure that all 25 of them are going to be champions of college.  Look at them….they will be taking names on tests and papers before you know it.

Late Night Party at Target-

Yep.  You read that right…we had a party…at Target…for only the new students.  It was their second day on campus, so they could buy things that they needed for their rooms if they wanted (I needed laundry detergent…so it was rather convenient), or they could just hang out, meet new people, and enjoy having Target all to themselves.  We even had music (so there was dancing…naturally), food, games, and prizes.  Talk about a great trip to Target…am I right???

Some SOGs at Target...we might have been more excited than the new's fine.

I loved every minute of Welcome Week…and I’m rather sad that I will never again experience anything like it.  So…I’ll share more about the week soon….because I just love it that much.  :)

So you’ve moved in…now what?

Once you arrive on campus and you move everything in, there is a point in time where you just aren’t sure what to do.  Either you haven’t unpacked much yet, and you aren’t sure how/what to unpack, or you don’t know where to go or what to do around campus, no matter what, it is an awkward and difficult time for knowing how to handle your first few days at Butler.  So, here are a few handy dandy tips for getting used to campus and getting settled in.

  • Bond with your roommate. Even though you have probably already spoken to your roommate, use your time of getting settled in as a time to really break the ice, and work together for the first time to find solutions that work for both of you.  For instance, you can brainstorm together about how to best set up your room, depending on your preferences, habits, and anything else important to you!
  • Get out of your room. Getting to know your roommate is important, but even more important is making the most of your experience.  So, get out of your room, and participate!  Go meet some new people at Starbucks, go to the Mall to hangout, or find something else to do.  I am definitely a homebody, but I love being social, so I have to sometimes remind myself that the best way to be social is just to be out and about on campus.
  • Go to every possible Welcome Week event. There are so many, and they are going to be so much fun.  So do EVERY one (but be sure to not drive yourself crazy…of course).
  • Explore Indy. This city is pretty great, so go check it out!  I did a series of blogs on what to do out and about in Indy….so give it a shot!  See what this place is all about, and what kind of awesome shopping, museums, and attractions there are all over the city.
  • Explore Holcomb Gardens. The gardens are one of the hidden gems of Butler University, so go check them out.  I didn’t really know that they existed until a few weeks into my Freshman year, so go down there right away, and marvel at the beauty and at the awesomeness, that is right here on campus.

Mostly, just make sure that you keep in mind that this week is for you, the new students.  The SOGs are all here to help with your transitions, so use us as resources as much as possible.  We just want you to have a safe and healthy transition, and mostly, to LOVE Butler University!

My #1 Tip for New College Students

During SOG training yesterday, we had a discussion about things that we each thought were important to pass along to new students when they first arrive on campus.  There was one thought that came up in our group that I thought was so important and pivotal that I wanted to share it even before all of the new students arrive on campus.  Do you want to know what it is??  Well, you should.  Here it is:

Be Socially Tolerant.

This is such an important aspect of going to college, because as I’m sure you are aware, college is completely different from high school.  Of course it is different because you are moving away from home, taking harder classes, and potentially leaving friends, but all at once you are entering an entirely new social realm.  For instance, in high school people tend to be catty, and they might stereotype people or exclude others because of their “type”, but in college, it is a completely different world.  Now, I’m not saying that things are absolutely perfect in college, and that it is completely free of any high school drama, but it’s kind of as if people here are held to a higher standard of maturity.  At college, people seem to understand that they will not be just like other people, and they appreciate those differences.

So, if you are one of Butler’s incoming freshmen this fall (or a freshman at any other school), take advantage of this unique opportunity you have.  Let others surprise you, because you never know who could end up being a great friend, or even someone that you could learn amazing things from.  When I met my best friend Meghan freshman year, I never thought that we would be inseparable 2 years later, simply because we are such different people.  (i.e. I’m basically a carnivore, and she is an earth-loving vegetarian, among other things.)  Be tolerant, and embrace your differences!

Meghan and I...even though we dress alike, we are still very different!

Are you ready … for Welcome Week 2011??!!

I am currently at Butler, going through training with all of the other SOGs (Student Orientation Guides) for Welcome Week 2011.  If you are an incoming student, and you are planning on moving in on Saturday morning, all I can say is, GET EXCITED.  We are planning, preparing, and making sure that everything is taken care of for your arrival and first few days at Butler.  Today, we even had the opportunity to meet and speak with Butler’s new President, President Danko.  He was so nice and open with us, and meeting him just got me so excited for my final year at Butler, and mostly the future of this amazing University.

All of the SOGs with President Danko...

This year a few things have been switched up, so I am really excited to see how everything works out.  Just to give you an idea of what to get excited about….here are some of the things that I am looking forward to the most:

  • Every single event – Each night there is a late night event, and there are several things throughout the days, and I legit want to go to everything.  So, take my advice, and make the most of your welcome week by going to as much as you can!  This is your only Welcome Week experience…so live it up.
  • Meeting my group – Last year I had a fabulous group of exploratory students (Butler’s version of a program for undecided students), but this year I am working with the College of Business, and I couldn’t be more excited!  I really love my major and my classes, so I can’t wait to share all of my excitement with the new students.
  • Discussing the Welcome Week book and hearing from the author, Novella Carpenter – After we had our own SOG discussions today, I got even more excited about the book discussion, which isn’t always my favorite part of Welcome Week.  So, now I’m officially looking forward to it, and to seeing where the discussion leads my group….we shall see… :)

Basically, this year’s Welcome Week is going to be epic.  The group of SOGs is absolutely fabulous, and we can’t wait for all of the new students to get here, so we can share some Butler love and excitement!