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My name is Steph, and I am a senior Marketing major with a Communication Studies minor. Since this is my last year at Butler, my main goal is to enjoy every moment that I have left, while doing as much as humanly possible. I am a marketing analyst at the Butler Business Accelerator, a Speakers Lab tutor, and a Butler blogger (obviously). I also am an Alpha Phi, the President of the Butler University Student Foundation, a member of Alpha Kappa Psi (a professional business fraternity), and a member of the Butler American Marketing Association. In the small amount of free time that I do have, I love crafting, watching large amounts of television, and enjoying my favorite comfort foods, like sweet tea.

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It’s official – I’m done!

Today was the last day of finals, for my last semester in college…a day that I never thought would actually be here.  Granted, I did finish my finals on Friday night, but since then I have been hanging around campus working on other things and still being rather productive.  This is what my final finals week looked like:

  • Monday – I finished classes, went to work, and gathered my thoughts and got my life back together after Meghan’s wedding.  It took awhile to figure out what the rest of my week would need to look like to get everything done.
  • Tuesday – It was our reading day, and I spent it studying for my only test final (in International Marketing) the next day.
  • Wednesday – I studied all morning, took my last test (EVER), and then went to work at my internship.  That night, I worked my tail off on my Personal Marketing Portfolio for my Marketing Management & Strategy class.
  • Thursday – I worked more on my Portfolio, taught myself how to use Illustrator (with the help of my friend Michael) for the design part of my Portfolio, and went to an IndyHub event for the BBA.  Working on my Portfolio was pretty intense…I even used two computers simultaneously, one for writing the content, the other for designing the layout.  Impressive, huh?

    When one computer just doesn't cut it....

  • Friday – I worked at the BBA, and wrote my final paper (EVER).  Of course, I couldn’t decide what to write it on, and I actually started over from scratch after I had written almost half.  It’s a wonder that I got it done on time – but I did….which is all that matters.

Now that finals are over, all that I have left to do is work at the BBA and graduate.  It’s a beautiful thing.  Not having class commitments, or any school commitments – absolutely amazing.  It might be nice if I wasn’t working too, but I really don’t know if I could handle that, or if I would know what to do with myself.  Most likely, I would go stir crazy a day into it.  So, I’m finishing out my college career the way I have spent every other year, by staying busy….and trying to enjoy every minute.  I have a few blogs left before I sign off for good – so be sure to check back to see what I have to say before I officially leave campus.

Senior Year Wedding Bells…

Last Sunday, my friend Meghan got married.  It was an absolutely beautiful day, and it was both the beginning and end of so many things.

It was part of the end of us all being together – all the time. I’ve been best friends with Meghan, Lauren, and Liz for the last 3 years… and even when we don’t live together… we are either next door or just down the street.  But now, Meghan lives in Michigan, and soon Lauren will live in Bloomington, and Liz will live in New York.  So this was the first step toward that…and I’m not quite sure if I’m ready to let them all go yet.  Just because I love them so much.

It was the beginning of Meghan and Sean’s life together. They’ve been together forever, and they’re perfect for each other.  It was just so sweet to be able to share their special day with them…because they’ve been together ever since I have been friends with Meghan.  They’re great, and I love them both.

It was the beginning of the time when all of our friends will start getting married.  While we were waiting to walk down the aisle, I looked out into the crowd and saw so many of our friends and people that we know.  This is when I realized that I’m not young anymore…and instead of going to weddings for family and people that we don’t really know, now we will be going to weddings for our friends.  It’s just a strange and sort of surreal feeling….but it’s kind of exciting at the same time.

Being a bridesmaid in a wedding the weekend before finals is the perfect way to procrastinate studying…or doing anything productive at all….while having an absolutely great time.  When we got back to campus after the wedding it was like we had been in entirely different world for a week… which we had.  We got to hang out with great people, be dressed up, and celebrate an awesome day with an amazing couple!  Here are a few more photos…

Finals… Let’s do this.

All semester, I have felt outrageously confident and relaxed.  I have post-grad plans, I have a relatively simple semester, and I’ve really enjoyed myself for the last few months.  Then this week came.  This is the week before finals…aka my last last week of classes ever…which is traditionally the worst week of the year and this semester is not any different.  I’m prepping for finals…kind of.  I’m working and finishing all of my on-campus jobs.  I’m finishing projects for classes.  I’m writing papers.  And this weekend, my best friend Meghan is getting married.  You know….no big deal.  I was feeling like I could really make all of this happen and live to see graduation, but then I made my to-do list for the next two weeks, and it looks like sleeping will not be high on my priority list for awhile.

  • Figure out family plans for graduation
  • Write paper for my marketing capstone
  • Finish presentation for international marketing
  • Finish marketing capstone project
  • Create design for marketing capstone project
  • Write paper for my leadership class
  • Study for my international marketing final
  • Finish things for Meghan’s wedding

I already pulled my first all-nighter of the end of the semester last night, and I think I can do it again, maybe a couple of times.  I only napped twice today, and I only had one cup of coffee, so I’m pretty much primed and ready to tackle and conquer finals.  Together with my John Mayer, 90s Pop, and Jason Mraz stations on Pandora, the Starbucks gift card my mom gave me last weekend, and the Alpha Phi study room, I will survive the next two weeks.  Better yet, I will beast the next two weeks.  I have a big presentation, a big project, a big paper, and a big test….so my finals are kind of perfect in terms of capping off my college career in a very well-rounded way.  So, last finals week ever…..LET’S GO!

My study station - complete with coffee in a bowl since we were out of cups.


2011 Year in Review: Wedding Edition

One of the biggest events to happen in 2011 for my family happened back in July, when my older sister, Natalie, got married.  (You can read the blogs about the wedding here and here.)  It’s been awhile since the wedding, but since Natalie and John (her husband) are in town visiting for Christmas, we are ordering photos and going through them all together for the first time.  Our cousins Adrienne and Dan were the photographers, and they did such a great job that I thought I would share some of my favorites with all of you.  Here we go…

My family…

The wedding party during the ceremony… (notice the aisle runner – my sister and I crafted that the week before the wedding, and you can read all about that… here)

Natalie and John, walking back down the aisle after they got hitched….

The wedding party…

The cake and the reception venue… (they had a morning wedding and a brunch reception, so the skylight was a beautiful touch)

My sister, brother-in-law, and I…

The beautiful bride and all of the bridesmaids…

The wedding party…

At the time…planking was HUGE.  So…we planked.

Thanks for doing such a great job on the photos, Adrienne and Dan!  If you like what you see…check out the Rowe Portrait Studios website!

Crafting: Gifts Edition

This month, or rather, last week, three of my favorite people had birthdays.  Since I love to craft so much, I decided to make them gifts instead of buying them things.  So, I went out to my favorite crafting blogs and sites, like Pinterest, Ucreate crafts, and Dollar Store Crafts, and took all kinds of ideas to create their gifts.  I love doing this because it ends up meaning so much more, and it gives you the chance to really personalize things.  Here is what I came up with…

Since my sister just got married, I wanted to do something special wedding related for her.  So, I took her “symbol” from the invitations, sketched it onto a canvas, went over that with hot glue, and painted it.  Here are the different stages….in photos:

Just the hot glue and the canvas…
After a few coats of spray paint…
The finished product…

It ended up looking really great, but more hot glue-ish than I wanted…so I added in a little bit of taupe paint to jazz it up a bit, and to draw attention away from the hot glue.

I also wanted to make some fun little bracelets from fabric scraps…so here is what I came up with.

Just the fabric…

I found a tutorial to make bracelets out of rosettes, but I liked the idea of using “yo-yo’s“, so that is what I made….

The yo-yos….

Then I hot glued the yo-yo’s to some felt, and stitched on a little chain and lobster clasp to attach them together.  In the end…this is what I had (in 3 different colors, for me, my sister, and my roommate):

The finished bracelet…

I liked the yo-yo’s so much that I also hot glued them onto some bobby pins, to make fun little hair things.  I thought they ended up rather cute…

And attached to bobby pins…

I also made another gift for someone (my best friend from home, Alison), but that craft has been featured on my blog before, and I won’t be able to give it to her for a few weeks.  So, I’m saving it, just in case she reads this blog.

Back in Indy and it feels so good…

After spending the summer in Fort Wayne for my internship at Vera Bradley, I am outrageously excited to be back in Indy.  I really enjoyed Fort Wayne, but there were several reasons why it just made for a busy/rough summer:

  1. I live 4+ hrs away from the Fort…and taking off for home after work got over at 5, then driving for those 4 hours got really old, really fast.
  2. My Butler friends all lived in Indy this summer…together.
  3. All my friends from home were at home.
  4. My sister got married….

Since I love my friends (both from Butler and home), I love my family, and I wanted to help my sister with the wedding plans, I was basically all over the place throughout the summer.  I made one trip to Butler, about 3-4 trips home, and I would stop in Indy for dinner sometimes when I was heading home.  This was fun…but exhausting.  It was like I was splitting all of my time between my 3 homes, which I never want to do…ever again.

At least I got to drive a lot this summer...which I usually enjoy. Especially when the view looks like this...

Now that I am officially back in Indy and at Butler, I am loving that I can make it home in about 2.5 hours, and I don’t have to drive… at all… to visit my friends.  It’s a beautiful thing.  I also have planned to make the most of this year by trying all kinds of new food places and going to different events around Indy, so check back to see what I’m up to, and where I’ve been lately!


My Sister’s Big, Not-so-fat, Southern Indiana Wedding: Part II

On the morning of the wedding, we had to get up outrageously early.  Natalie and John wanted a morning wedding, so the ceremony was at 10 a.m….so we started hair at 6 a.m. (it was a very hectic morning).  Eventually, we all made it to the church and everything was ready to go…and they got married.  It was beautiful and somehow I didn’t cry the entire time.  The Best Man (John’s brother, Paul, who is my age) took it as his personal goal to make sure that his sister, Ellen (one of the other bridesmaids), and I would hold it together during the ceremony, so he made faces at us the entire time, which definitely did the trick.   We almost made it through the morning without a hitch, but we almost lost their marriage license before the ceremony (mad props to my father for finding it), and I almost wiped out walking down the aisle (once again, Paul saved the day).

The Church - Neu Chapel

The entire wedding Party…lookin fabulous.

After the wedding ended, we took some photos and went to the reception, where we had a delicious brunch.  At least I think it was delicious…because I was too nervous/hot/excited to eat very much at all.    They cut the cake, Paul and I gave our speeches, and then it was time to just relax and hang out.  Since it was early afternoon, they didn’t have loud music and a hardcore dance party, but there was a photo booth, and all of the coolest people that we know were there, so it was a pretty great time.

Our cousins, Dan and Adrienne, were the photographers, and their photo booth was a definite hit…

The Best Man (Paul), Groom (John), Bride (Natalie), and Maid-of-Honor (Me)
So distinguished…

By the time it was all over…I wanted for it to start all over again!  The first time could have totally been just a practice run…and we could do everything so much more efficiently the second time….and I could have gotten more photos too.  Now I feel like an experienced wedding coordinator…even though I didn’t do everything.  I still feel like an expert at planning weddings and making them happen…so it’s a good thing that two of my best friends are engaged now (congrats Liz & Jordan and Meghan & Sean!!!)…they can obviously use my skills…or lack of.  :)


My Sister’s Big, Not-so-fat, Southern Indiana Wedding: Part I

Last Saturday was the big day that I have been waiting for for so long… my sister’s wedding!  It made for a rather busy and tiring weekend, but all in all, it was completely worth it, since they are obviously in love and they legit got hitched.  I drove home from Fort Wayne on Thursday night, and from the moment I walked in the door until I left on Sunday, we were busy with wedding-ness.  First, we had to finish crafting some of the decorations (let’s be serious….I was in heaven) and get everything packed up, because the wedding was in Evansville, aka – not my hometown.

One of our last minute crafts...

The day before the wedding we drove to the Ville, dropped off all of the flowers (try keeping fresh flowers alive in 100 degree heat….its a serious job!) and decorations at the hotel, and showed the coordinator how we wanted the things to be set up.  Then, my Mom, Natalie, and I all set off for our last afternoon as the 3 Flint women.  We had a fabulous lunch, and then took my Mom for her first pedicure… and she was in heaven.  (Tip for the future: pampering people gets them in a good mood… and makes them more cooperative in stressful situations.  That isn’t directed towards my Mom or Natalie….it actually was true for all 3 of us.)

The flowers….orchids, orchids, and more orchids

Later that night, we got together for the dress rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner, and had a great time.  To me, it all felt completely unreal that my sister would be getting married the next day.  I felt like we were just getting together with family friends like usual.  Maybe I was just trying to deny what was actually happening, maybe I just didn’t realize how soon she would be walking down the aisle, maybe the time change threw me off… no one will ever know.

Natalie’s bouquet…all ready to go…and sitting in the hotel room’s ice bucket.



Pre-Wedding Necessities…

Since my sister is getting married, I have been doing several things that I’ve never done before. These things range from getting a bridesmaids dress, painting an aisle runner, and going to a bachelorette party. One of my favorite things that I have done is getting a manicure…for the first time. I’ve always been the kind of person who does everything myself, including my nails. I even found a way to do my own French tips, so that I could save myself the trip to the nail salon every time I had a dance, a pageant, or any other special occasion. But for Natalie’s wedding (and because I had a gift certificate to the spa) I got my first manicure. To make it even more special, I didn’t get just any old manicure, I got a shellac manicure.

Shellac is extra special (and extra expensive) because it is a fancy polish that lasts for about 5x longer than normal polish. It does not involve acrylic nails, so the polish is on your natural nail, which is the part I like. It took over an hour to get it done, because there were about 5 layers of polish to put on, and my nails went under a UV lamp in between each layer. In the end, though, it ends up being beautiful and fabulous…. And it looks a little bit like this:


My nails feel so fancy...

You can’t really tell that it is different than a normal manicure, but I guess we will just have to see how long it lasts….I’ll keep you updated! Now I’m off to go get a pedicure….my first in about 10 years and only my second ever….this is the life! I wish my sister got married every week…kind of…

Update:  Even though I loved the look of the shellac, it did not get along with my nails, and lasted less than one week before it started chipping.  So, the salon was nice enough to re-do my shellac for free, but that time it actually lasted even less time.  That’s just my experience, even though my sister had it done and hers lasted longer than expected.  Maybe my nails just don’t like the shellac??

Crafting: Wedding Edition

If you have read my blog for very long at all … you probably know that I LOVE to craft.  So, when my sister got engaged and began to plan for her wedding, naturally, including crafting was a very important part of deciding how everything would look.  Not only does this give Natalie and I something to work on and bond with before the wedding, but it also made everything MUCH cheaper, and it has given us a sense of ownership over certain aspects of the wedding.

Basically, everything that we could do ourselves, we are doing.  Of course we bought the supplies and the basics, but everything else is going to be completely our own.  Here is the list of everything we are creating:

  • The bouquets and boutonnieres
  • The centerpieces
  • The aisle runner’s decoration
  • The decorations for the pews along the aisle
  • The card holder for the reception
  • The bouquets for the altar in the church
  • There may be more … but this is all I can think of at the moment.

Now I haven’t helped with everything, due to my full time job and the four hour drive between my sister and I.  But this weekend, we tackled my favorite part yet … the aisle runner.

When Natalie started planning the wedding, she decided that she wanted a navy aisle runner, and if it could happen, she wanted an emblem or logo on it.  There are companies that do this, but it adds a couple hundred dollars to the overall price, and we figured that we could avoid this by simply doing it ourselves.  we are creative…and we trusted ourselves…so we went with it.  Here is how we tackled this project:

  1. She decided where she wanted the emblem placed (15 feet from the front of the church).
  2. We borrowed a projector from our church, and hooked up her computer to it.
  3. We rigged up a wire to hang the runner from on our screened in porch (with my Dad’s help), and taped the aisle runner to the wall, to make it as straight and even as possible.
  4. We made sure the projector was set straight, and traced the design onto the aisle runner with Sharpies.
  5. We (very carefully) painted the emblem onto the runner, with white acrylic paint.

Somehow, the stars were aligned, and we didn’t ruin it…and it turned out beautifully.  Check it out …

Our creation…