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My name is Steph, and I am a senior Marketing major with a Communication Studies minor. Since this is my last year at Butler, my main goal is to enjoy every moment that I have left, while doing as much as humanly possible. I am a marketing analyst at the Butler Business Accelerator, a Speakers Lab tutor, and a Butler blogger (obviously). I also am an Alpha Phi, the President of the Butler University Student Foundation, a member of Alpha Kappa Psi (a professional business fraternity), and a member of the Butler American Marketing Association. In the small amount of free time that I do have, I love crafting, watching large amounts of television, and enjoying my favorite comfort foods, like sweet tea.

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My Final Farewell

After four years of blogging, this is my last blog.  I’ve loved being able to write on behalf of Butler students, and I couldn’t have imagined a better way to leave my mark on the University.  First off, I have a few groups to thank…

  • The Office of Admission – Thank you for trusting us to write about our Butler experiences completely on our own.  It was empowering, and I am so glad that I had the chance to be a part of the Admissions process in some way.
  • The College of Business – Thanks for giving me a great academic experience at Butler, and for giving me all the tools I need to go out into the real world.
  • The Butler Community – Thank you for just being all around wonderful.  I loved blogging for the past few years mostly because I had such great things to say about my Butler experience – which is all because of the community of people who make Butler what it is.

Next, I thought I would touch back on a few of my favorite things from my blogging past.

  • My freshman dorm room.  I made this video when I lived in Schwitzer, and I’ve always loved meeting people who watched it before they came to Butler.  Usually, it takes people a few months to realize that it was me….even one of my roommates from this year watched it before she came to Butler, and didn’t make the connection for awhile!
  • Greek Life/Recruitment posts.  I loved being Greek at Butler…and one of the only things that I liked more than being Greek was blogging about being Greek.  So…I wrote an awful lot of posts about Greek Life and Recruitment…naturally.
  • Blogging about whatever was happening in my life.  From being a 500 Festival Princess, to working at Vera Bradley, my room’s ant infestation, and going on Spring Break, I’ve had a lot going on over the last few years, and my blog was the perfect place to showcase a little bit of everything.

Finally, a big thanks to everyone who actually reads this.  I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about my college experience, because I sure have loved writing all about it.  Keep reading the Butler blogs – because they show a side of student life that people don’t always see, and be sure to visit Butler if you ever get the chance.  Right now campus is absolutely perfect – so just make it happen!  It’s been a great four years, Butler… thanks for being the best home away from home that I could have asked for!

The winter that never really was…

Every year since I came to Butler, each winter has been rather similar.  We might get a little bit of snow before Christmas (usually the week before finals, or during finals), but the most snow and winter-y weather always comes after we return from Winter Break.  Each year it snows during Recruitment…so much that I am usually glad that I don’t have to go anywhere for the entire week, because then I don’t need to dig out my car.  Then after Recruitment we get at least one more big snow, whether it is a Snowpocalypse level snowstorm or a snowstorm that gives us about a foot of snow – that keeps me from carrying on my life like normal for a day or two.  And of course…in between the bigger amounts of snow we always have light dustings, or mini-snowstorms.

This year, however, has been completely different…and I don’t like it.  We haven’t had any large amounts of snow, I’ve only had to use my ice scraper twice, and I’ve never pulled out my de-icer.  I am extremely disappointed in this winter…and because of that, I am declaring that the winter isn’t officially over yet.  So, Mother Nature…this is your time to step it up and give Indiana what we love – crazy weather patterns.  I would prefer for us not to have a snow storm before/during Spring Break…because I couldn’t live with myself if I missed it.  I looked at my schedule, and decided that I could fit a snowstorm in on March 20, beginning at 8 p.m.  I also might be able to squeeze it in on March 6, at the same time.  I love the element of surprise though, so be sure, Mother Nature, to not listen too well.  Just try to keep these dates and my schedule in the back of your mind – because I would really appreciate it.  Thanks, Mother Nature!

Campus – after a light dusting of snow earlier this semester


THIS is college.

I’ve been meaning to devote a post or two to my room’s set up/decor for awhile…but I thought that before I showed my room in its prime I should show it in the normal state.  It really hasn’t been clean since Recruitment, but for that week and a half it was really, REALLY clean. Of course, it wasn’t naturally clean…simply because we have so much stuff and not enough room for all of it.  To deal with this situation, we created a secret hiding space for all of our stuff…where we would hide everything that didn’t have a home during each day of Recruitment so no one saw it.  This included some food, my roommate Katie’s clothes, some shoes, and other random things that were just laying around…and the place where we would hide it all was our bath tub.  Think about it, if you put things in the bath tub then you can close the curtain, and just like magic…everything is hidden.

Our bath tub...the catch-all.

I know…it’s kind of gross.  But it was clean – and every day we would just empty it before we needed to use the shower….and then fill it again after.

If we could have our room look nice, clean, and orderly all day every day…I would be all for it.  But let’s be serious… we are in college and we are not neat people…at all.  So we just do what we can to make sure that we aren’t living in filth, and put most of our stuff in piles.  This way, it is at least a comfortable space…right?

So…that is our room in its normal state.  Check back next week for our room in its prime…where you can actually notice our style and all of the awesome decorative things we made.  I promise – it is a REALLY awesome room…and I’m only slightly biased.

The Joys of Sorority Life…

During Formal Recruitment, we all get to talk about our favorite things about our respective chapters over and over and over again.  Then it ends, and we go back to real life…classes, work, and everything that exists outside of the house.  The best part of the week is that you have the perfect chance to appreciate your sisters and everything that they do for you…and you bond like you’ve never bonded before.  This year I had an absolutely great time getting to know some of our sophomores better, just hanging out with my roommates, and being with the girls 24/7.  Since I have had a great couple of weeks in sorority life…I thought I would share some of my favorite things about being in a sorority with you…

  • Someone is always around to order food with you late at night, or to go with you to get something that can’t be delivered.  There is nothing better than HotBox breadsticks while you’re studying, going to get McDonald’s when you really don’t need to, or going to BRICS two days in a row.  And I am now officially craving each one of these….
  • Watching YouTube videos all night long, and then quoting them until you fall asleep.  My room’s favorite video is Boys Will Be Girls, but others like Sassy Gay Friend and Jessica’s Daily Affirmation are always a close second…
  • Even though we all meet and get to know our new members, sometimes you don’t get to know a certain side of a person’s personality until you get the chance to really open up with them.  I love getting to see how multi-faceted and amazing my sorority sisters are…and becoming so much closer with them in the process.
  • Just like my own sister and I, we might not always get along…but we always respect one another.  We are all so different and so unique in our own way…but somehow the differences bring us closer together, and make us appreciate ourselves and each other more every day.  :)

Of course, there are more things that I love about Alpha Phi and my sorority sisters, but I might just have to save those things for another blog.  :)

Our Senior Class...

Bid Day… aka Greek Christmas

Each year, we finish off Recruitment week with the most glorious day for Greek students….Bid Day.  After days of being stressed out, emotional, and only leaving our house for Steak n Shake or ice cream, everyone gathers on Rowdy Row (Hampton Drive) to welcome home our new pledge classes.  Not only is it great to see actual sunlight and to feel the fresh air, but we love to get to see all of our friends in other houses, since we haven’t seen them since before Christmas Break.  In fact…we love Bid Day so much that we all love to call it “Greek Christmas”, since it is almost as fun as actual Christmas Day.  Of course, most of Bid Day is spent taking pictures of everyone and everything….so here are some of my favorites from the day….

My roommates and I…don’t be alarmed by Katie’s Spirit Hood…

Not only do we get to meet our new pledge classes for the first time on Bid Day, but it is also the day when we get to welcome back the girls who served as Recruitment Counselors.  I was one last year, and this year we couldn’t wait to see Liz, one of our very best friends!

Lauren, Meghan, and I…waiting on Liz…
All the Alpha Phi ladies, ready with their signs for our new members.

Once we have hugged every new member two, three or four times, we head back to our house for photos around our rock.  It’s a tradition, and these photos always are some of my favorites.

The Epsilon Beta chapter of Alpha Phi’s beautiful new members…
My 3 best friends, Meghan, Liz, Lauren, and I….reunited at last!

Since I am a senior, this was my final year to get to go experience Rowdy Row, which was really pretty sad.  Don’t worry though, we took every nostalgic photo possible….including a remake of one from freshman year, with some of my best friends from freshman year.  Check it out…

As freshmen…. (I know…I was blonde)
And seniors!


Oh, how time flies…

I’ve been MIA from blogging for a little while…mostly because I completely lost track of time.  Almost two weeks ago I came back to Butler for Recruitment, and ever since then I have been running around like a crazy person.  I moved back into Alpha Phi, we rearranged our room and got settled, then we decided to rearrange our room…again.  At one point during all of this chaos….our sleeper side looked a little bit like this…

Before we knew it, it was time for Formal Recruitment…which meant that our room had to look like people could actually enter it without injuring themselves or getting lost.  Luckily, we found our floor, desks, and dressers, and actually made the room look cute.  Even though Recruitment week seems like a time when you might have free time since we aren’t in school, this year it was exactly the opposite for me.  Somehow, I never got to enjoy that free time though…because I was always busy either cleaning our room (for some reason it kept getting dirty), helping set up for the next day, or I was too exhausted to function.

Fortunately, now that Recruitment is complete and school has started…things are starting to calm down.  I officially have time to just sit and play on my computer, and more importantly…I have a place to sit in my room while I do it.  Check back soon for more about Recruitment 2K12, and for a photo tour of our new and improved room!

My Return to the Busy Life…

The last two weeks of my life have been fabulous.  I slept till at least 9 almost every day (usually until 10 or 11…sometimes 12), watched TV for the majority of the day, napped during the day, and feasted on Christmas candy for hours upon hours.  But now, I am preparing to go back to Butler for Greek Recruitment…so my life is slightly different.  Before I go back I have a rather long list of things I wanted to do that looks a bit like this:

  • Craft Christmas gifts for my friends
  • Bake things that I never got around to before Christmas
  • Fix a few of my favorite clothing items
  • Run errands
  • Visit with friends at home
  • Wash clothes
  • Clean my car

I officially have only a day and a half left until I will leave to go back to school, so it looks like in order for me to get all of this done, my calm, relaxing break is over.  Even though it does feel great to be productive again, I already miss being lazy.  Through being lazy over break, I have discovered new TV shows to watch (Private Chefs of Beverly Hills), and rediscovered some of my old favorites that I’ve been neglecting (The Late Show with David Letterman).

My Mom and I before we went to a showing of the Late Show...

Falling back in love with watching TV is something that I always do over break, but I think that it will be harder than usual to go back to my TV-less life at Butler.  I can watch TV at school, but we don’t have a TV with cable in our room, so it is not nearly as convenient, and I just don’t have time at school.  At least I’ve had at least 2 weeks of pure laziness…and I’m as rested as possible for my return to the But.

2011 Year in Review: January – July

Since tomorrow is the last day of 2011, and since it was a pretty big year in my life, I thought I would close out 2011 with a Year in Review.  I’ll be breaking the series down into January-June, my sister’s wedding, and July-December…so here we go!


During Recruitment 2011 (and throughout the entire Fall semester beforehand), I put away my sorority letters to be a recruitment counselor for freshmen girls.  This meant that I didn’t have any contact with my house during the week, and that I spent every day making sure that the ladies in my group knew what was going on, and helping them figure out what was the right decision for them.  Even though it was a tough week, it was so worth it to see a different side of recruitment, and most of all – to be reunited with my sorority sisters on Bid Day.  Last January Alpha Phi welcomed 41 beautiful ladies into our sisterhood as well…so it was an absolutely awesome week!


In late January/early February of last year, Snowpocalypse hit Indiana.  We had about a foot of ice/snow, and didn’t have classes for two days…so it was heaven for all of us.  We lounged around our house, watched movies, did absolutely no homework, and loved every minute of it.  Of course, it was a truly scary world outside of the house…people were in serious wrecks and it was hazardous to even walk around campus (it would have been easier to ice skate), but we put all of those worries aside and just enjoyed ourselves.  Those two snow days were most definitely two of my favorite days of school…ever!

March Madness/Final Four/National Championship

Even though Butler didn’t end up winning the National Championship, they still had an absolutely AMAZING run.  I love that I will always be able to say that my school went to the Final Four two years in a row, especially while I was here.  And you know…if it happened again…I wouldn’t be mad.  :)  Go Dawgs!

500 Festival Princess Program

From February-May, I was fortunate enough to represent the 500 Festival as a Princess.  I had the opportunity to attend all of the 500 Festival events, do community service in the Indianapolis area and in my hometown, and to go to the Indianapolis 500 (all while wearing a beautiful tiara).  It was basically an unreal experience that I will never forget…and throughout the process I pretty much fell in love with IndyCar.  Check out all of my blogs about my time as a Princess…there are just too many good things to say!

Also…the deadline to apply for the program is rapidly approaching (January 6)…so if you are a girl attending college in Indiana and you are originally from Indiana…apply today!

Check back tomorrow for 2011 Year in Review: Wedding Edition!

It’s finally here…Bid Day! So proud to be an AΦ!

After a long semester of never wearing my letters or saying what house I am in….I FINALLY CAN!  I am an Alpha Phi!  :)  Bid Day is the day where everyone gets their bid cards (get it….Bid Day??!)….and best of all….the recruitment counselors get to reveal what house they are in!  :)  So we started off the day bright and early at 2 p.m….when the recruitment counselors met with their groups and gave them all their bid cards.  I had an amazing group that stuck with recruitment through the thick and thin, and they all accepted bids!  Where other groups had girls drop out every once in awhile….we all made it through…and I am so proud of them!

My beautiful recruitment group....such fabulous ladies!

After they got their bid cards, we all gathered in the Reilly Room where the Recruitment Counselors had a skit put together to reveal our letters in a fun and special way.  We all put together this song and dance…where the recruitment counselors all got to do a special cheer that their chapter does, while they showed off their letters for the first time in months….it was beautiful!   I love the reveal because the girls who went through recruitment all get to see who their new sisters are for the first time…even though we all knew each other rather well already.  Then it was finally time for us all to run out and meet all of our sisters on Rowdy Row, which is the stretch of Hampton Drive that goes in front of Schwitzer Hall.  BUPD blocks it all off so we can run and see all of our friends that are in different houses  without getting run over, and it is basically mass chaos with cameras.  We all run around in the snow, hug the people we haven’t seen in a week, or since before Christmas, and congratulate everyone on the new pledge classes.  Basically…its the BEST DAY EVER.

My beautiful roommates and I...3 of us were recruitment we missed Lauren so much all week long.

Alpha Phi's beautiful new pledge class!

Recruitment week was long, tiring, and very emotional (especially since I couldn’t spend it with all of my sorority sisters), but I am so glad that I spent my week as a recruitment counselor.  It was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had….and now I have a new found appreciation for Butler’s Greek system as a whole.  I have always loved being a part of Greek life here, but since I saw recruitment from another side, I realize how fortunate I am to be a part of this amazing group of people, and I see how amazing each house is in a whole new way.

Day 4 of Recruitment…Pref Night!

So the final day of actual recruitment is Preference Night, when the girls go to their final 2 houses of the week.  These parties are longer than every other night, and the mood of the night is much more serious and quiet, rather than the loud and exciting moods of the other days of recruitment.  During Preference Night each house has some sort of special ceremony for the girls, they get a special dessert, and they have a much longer time to get to talk one-on-one.  After the girls finished their parties for the night, they each went to a room in Jordan Hall, where they waited until they could meet with a Panhel Exec member to rank their houses for the final time and sign their bid cards.  While they waited, some girls met with their recruitment counselors to talk about their own situation, because not everyone was positive about what they should do.  At times like that, pro and con lists definitely come in handy, which is why I made quite a few that night.

Since Pref Night is much more formal than the other days, this also means that the girls get to dress up more.  While on the other days we see lots of cute casual dresses, skirts and tops, or dress pants and sweaters, on Pref Night most girls wear cocktail dresses and fancy heels.  That is why I love it so much….I love to dress up…and what is better than dressing up and then going to a house where you get a tasty dessert??!!

The girls lined up and waiting to go to their second event of the night and final event of the week!

All of the Recruitment Counselors from my chapter posing together....we don't just dress up for nothing...the theme for the night was Disney Princesses...hence the dress and tiara.

Only one more day left…..and then you can find out what chapter I am in:)