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My name is Steph, and I am a senior Marketing major with a Communication Studies minor. Since this is my last year at Butler, my main goal is to enjoy every moment that I have left, while doing as much as humanly possible. I am a marketing analyst at the Butler Business Accelerator, a Speakers Lab tutor, and a Butler blogger (obviously). I also am an Alpha Phi, the President of the Butler University Student Foundation, a member of Alpha Kappa Psi (a professional business fraternity), and a member of the Butler American Marketing Association. In the small amount of free time that I do have, I love crafting, watching large amounts of television, and enjoying my favorite comfort foods, like sweet tea.

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College – It’s been real.

The other day…I moved out of Alpha Phi for the final time.  It was bittersweet, because I made so many memories there, but I know that it is time for me to move on now.  As I packed up, I kept thinking about how much I have loved my college experience, and how fortunate I have been to have an outrageously positive college experience.  Since I am all about Instagram these days (stephmflint if you would like to follow me), I just kept taking pictures of everything around me…all day long.  They’re things I’m going to miss about Alpha Phi and my college life….or things that I have loved during my time here.

My collection of Starbucks cups. I am a Starbucks queen, basically.  I hung out there almost every day during my final semester here, and I became a pro at getting great beverages at low prices.  One of my tricks – save your plastic cups.  They give refills on tea and coffee for 55 cents, which really comes in handy during weeks when you need Starbucks basically every day.  I had an impressive collection of cups this semester – every variation of tea that I love…so my options were endless!  (Just don’t forget to wash the cups out – ants seem to love to feast on leftover tea.  Gross, I know.)

My view. Each year during room picks, everyone cares about every aspect of each room.  The side of the house that it’s on, what the bathroom looks like, if it is a hot or cold room, the list goes on and on.  The one thing that isn’t mentioned, however, is the view that comes with the room.  When I lived on the 3rd floor, I couldn’t see out my windows.  Last year, I lived on the back side of the house all year, so I saw our backyard.  This year, I hit the jackpot as far as views from a room go.  I saw the street, the gorgeous tree in front of our house, and our front yard.  Not only did it come in handy on rainy days to see if I needed rainboots or an umbrella, but it was also just hands down beautiful.

My room. So much happened here.  So many late nights just hanging out, so much messiness, so much Nickleback and Prince, and just so much fun.  I took this picture as we were moving out and taking down everything…and it just felt wrong.  It felt like we had never been there at all.  But while I was being all nostalgic and sad, I realized….what filth we had been living in.  The general consensus is that if we had been raising children in that room, social services would have taken them away from us.  But, somehow we lived there for 10 months, and survived.  After this experience, I really think that my body can handle anything at all.  So bring it on, world, I survived Room 11.

Being a Phi. I’ve talked a lot about Alpha Phi this semester, and how much I’ve loved it.  But really.  It’s been unreal…and amazing.  I’m so glad that I will still live in Indy post-grad, and that I will be able to run into my girls at Target, or that I can have them over to my new place for dinner.  I love my pledge class, but I’ve spent four years with them, and we’re all kind of ready to move on to our next stage in life.  But for the younger girls, I am going to miss them just as much…and I’m going to be kind of jealous that they get to keep experiencing Butler.  I took this photo right before I left….because it was one of my favorite things at Alpha Phi.  During Polish Week before Recruitment, we all got together and made a ton of crafts to dress up the stairwells at Phi.  It was great sisterhood event, and I just love how it let us leave our mark on this house that we made our home.

Things I will miss about college…

I know that I have been very nostalgic lately with my blogs about how I changed from Freshman year to Senior year, Alpha Phi’s Initiation, and just about being in a sorority in general…but I am going to just continue this little train of memories.  So, I present to you…the less conventional things that I will miss about college.

Studying on Sunday afternoons

I don’t do this every Sunday, but sometimes after church, one of my sorority sisters (Bre) and I will head to the McAllister’s by our church…and spend almost the entire afternoon there.  We study, have lunch, catch up on life, and most importantly….we drink as much tea as humanly possible.  My favorite part though is just going and people watching…which usually means that not much studying actually takes place.  


I know that I will still be able to craft once I graduate…but I love crafting in college.  I craft for Alpha Phi, for friends, for my room…basically for everything.  I love it…especially since I get to make fun things like this….


A few weeks ago, I found this creepy clown doll in our shower.  It was placed there by a few of my sorority sisters, and this is not the first occurrence of something of this nature in my house.  Yes, it’s creepy…but I do love it.

Going to games in Hinkle as a student

I haven’t been to a ton of games at Hinkle in the past few years, but my freshman year I went to every single game since I was on the Dance Team.  There’s just something special about watching games there, and even though I can still come after I graduate, I’ll still miss going as a legit student.

My parents and I on Alpha Phi’s Dad’s Day

Thoughts from a Senior….

This is it.  My last semester at Butler.  Even though I’ve been a senior for awhile now…it feels strangely more official now that I’ve really had my last first day of school…ever.  Most of my classes are only senior classes…so each professor is taking this last semester to teach us everything that we might need to know before we venture out into the real world.  I appreciate it, but it just makes our future/the real world that much more real and imminent.

The one not-so-fun thing about being a senior is being asked over and over again… “So are you ready to leave?  Are you sad?  What are you doing after you graduate?”  Fortunately, I have a job for after graduation, so that is a really positive thing to mention, but it is kind of difficult to concisely explain what my post-grad job is.  As for the other questions, I understand why people ask them…all the time…but on this end…it gets old.  So for the record….

Am I ready to leave Butler???  Nope.  I like college a lot.  And Butler has been the perfect place to spend my college years.

Am I sad???  Yes.  Think about it…living in a house with 75 of your closest friends, putting off all real financial responsibility, going to class in your pajamas, living within walking distance of a Starbucks where you will always see at least one person you know, never having to cook for yourself, having social events to attend pretty much whenever you would like….college has been great.  So I am sad.

All ready for formal…one of the many things that I won’t have in my post-college life…

Throughout the semester I’ll share some more of my thoughts as a senior, because I figure that I only get to be a senior once…so I should make the most of it…right?

I am Thankful for … College.

Last week I made a trip with a few of my sorority sisters to DePauw University, a small private school in Greencastle, a town west of Indianapolis.  We went there to hear Bill Clinton speak as a part of the Ubben Lecture Series (more on that in another post), but we learned a lot more about ourselves than we thought that we would during our 3 or 4 hours on campus.  DePauw is a lot like Butler in that it is a small private university, so we kind of felt like we were still at Butler while we were there.  We got lunch from their student union, we visited a few friends in their Greek houses, and we walked around campus.  While we did all of these different things, we never felt out of place or really lost, and it kind of felt familiar in a way.  What we did start to realize, however, is how different we would be even if we went to DePauw…just because no two people have the exact same college experience…anywhere.

Now don’t think that I am putting DePauw down in any way, because it is a beautiful and amazing school.  In fact, I think that if I would have visited it, or included it in my college search process at all…I might not have ended up at Butler…because it is that cool.  It is closer to my home, in a cute small town, and the campus is absolutely beautiful.  But looking back, I know that if I would have ended up going to DePauw, my life would look completely different than it does now, and there are so many things that I would not have had the chance to do.  It would be alright, because other opportunities would have come my way, but it just makes me so thankful that I ended up at Butler, and that my 3.5 years there have been filled to the brim with awesome things and fabulous people.

My Alpha Phi pledge class...40 of my absolute favorite ladies in the world...

So, if you are a senior (or junior, sophomore, or freshman) in high school, and you are looking at colleges, my advice is to not worry about everything I have just talked about yet…because if you do you could just overwhelm yourself.  There is no way for you to know what your college experience will be like and what you will have the opportunity to do simply by visiting a school or reading their brochure.  What you can do, however, is go to college next year (or in a few years), just enjoy college for all that it is, and to let your experience unfold before you.  You’ll thank me when it’s over and you can look back and see how cool your 4 years have been, and how thankful you are that you had the opportunity to experience everything that you did.

My Last First Day of School…Ever.

You know what is bizarre?  Being a senior.  Basically everything that I will do this year will be the last time that I do it.  Here is my list that I have already started of “Lasts” so far this year…

  • My Last First Day of School
  • My Last Welcome Week
  • My Last Block Party
  • My Last Time to Move into Alpha Phi

I’m that very nostalgic person that makes comments about each of these “lasts”, which is going to make for a sort of sad senior year.  But since the biggest (and my favorite) one that has happened so far was my Last First Day of School, I’m going to a quick comparison between my first day of school ever, and my last first day ever.

Me, on my first day of school ever...

Please note the awesome Lion King lunchbox, my skirt and shirt combo (that resembles a dress), my Lisa Frank backpack, and the “locket” I had around my neck.  I was also missing teeth, and was loving the blunt bangs.

Me, on my very last first day of school...ever.

It was a hot day and I spent part of the day at work, so the cotton dress was necessary (and somewhat similar to my first first day of school outfit!)  I have now switched to loving Vera Bradley (sorry, Lisa Frank), and I don’t need a lunchbox anymore either.  Otherwise, the photo is rather similar – my bangs are back to being blunt bangs (even if you can’t tell in this photo), and I have a similar necklace on in this one (even though the previous one was made of plastic).

Be sure to stay tuned all year long, to see how crazily nostalgic I get about everything that I do this year.  It’s bound to be entertaining!