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My name is Steph, and I am a senior Marketing major with a Communication Studies minor. Since this is my last year at Butler, my main goal is to enjoy every moment that I have left, while doing as much as humanly possible. I am a marketing analyst at the Butler Business Accelerator, a Speakers Lab tutor, and a Butler blogger (obviously). I also am an Alpha Phi, the President of the Butler University Student Foundation, a member of Alpha Kappa Psi (a professional business fraternity), and a member of the Butler American Marketing Association. In the small amount of free time that I do have, I love crafting, watching large amounts of television, and enjoying my favorite comfort foods, like sweet tea.

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Senior Year Wedding Bells…

Last Sunday, my friend Meghan got married.  It was an absolutely beautiful day, and it was both the beginning and end of so many things.

It was part of the end of us all being together – all the time. I’ve been best friends with Meghan, Lauren, and Liz for the last 3 years… and even when we don’t live together… we are either next door or just down the street.  But now, Meghan lives in Michigan, and soon Lauren will live in Bloomington, and Liz will live in New York.  So this was the first step toward that…and I’m not quite sure if I’m ready to let them all go yet.  Just because I love them so much.

It was the beginning of Meghan and Sean’s life together. They’ve been together forever, and they’re perfect for each other.  It was just so sweet to be able to share their special day with them…because they’ve been together ever since I have been friends with Meghan.  They’re great, and I love them both.

It was the beginning of the time when all of our friends will start getting married.  While we were waiting to walk down the aisle, I looked out into the crowd and saw so many of our friends and people that we know.  This is when I realized that I’m not young anymore…and instead of going to weddings for family and people that we don’t really know, now we will be going to weddings for our friends.  It’s just a strange and sort of surreal feeling….but it’s kind of exciting at the same time.

Being a bridesmaid in a wedding the weekend before finals is the perfect way to procrastinate studying…or doing anything productive at all….while having an absolutely great time.  When we got back to campus after the wedding it was like we had been in entirely different world for a week… which we had.  We got to hang out with great people, be dressed up, and celebrate an awesome day with an amazing couple!  Here are a few more photos…

The Challenge of Moving In

I find it rather humorous that my process moving into my sorority house this year was an extreme challenge…since I even wrote a blog about moving to college.  Basically, I’m not that credible.  Sure, I’ve done it quite a few times (or 4) but it is such a difficult process that I still struggle every time.

This year, my struggle was in the fact that I packed up all of my stuff in Fort Wayne, then moved that to Butler.  I took some things home, and left some here, depending on what it was and if it was truly necessary in my much smaller shared space at Butler.  Then I went home for a few days, looked around my room, and realized that there were quite a few things that I hadn’t taken to Fort Wayne that I needed for the school year.  For instance, I found a printer, bulletin boards, all of my old class files (I keep everything from every class I’ve taken…just in case), and old books (among other things).  Let’s just say that my tiny car was rather jam-packed on the way up here, when I thought at one point that I would only really have laundry in my car.  False.

My car...legitimately packed.

Once I got to school, I started the process of unpacking.  The problem here was that I had things to do basically all day every day preparing for Welcome Week, so actually, I didn’t finish unpacking and getting settled (even putting my clothes in the dresser) until the Tuesday of Welcome Week – exactly one week after I moved in.

Since then, I’ve been spending every free moment trying to get settled…and it is rather rough.  I’ve also been spending that small amount of free time that I have crafting things for our room, getting everything started for my extra curricular activities, and studying. (But really…who even has time to study anymore?)

A tour of my summer home…

This summer I am living in my first actual apartment, and I feel so grown up.  For every other part of my 22 years I have either lived at home, or in a dorm, or in my sorority house with 75 other girls, so this is a big change from any of these.  Mostly, because I don’t have anyone else who helps clean (besides my roommate) or cook (which my roommate does the most of).  But it is so nice to have my own room, and to have the chance to practice doing those domestic duties just for the summer.  In August I will move back into my sorority house, with 75 of my fabulous sorority sisters, our cleaning staff, and our two chefs (I’m kind of looking forward to it).  So for now, I’m enjoying myself…but I can’t help feeling like I’m playing house.

Just to give you a little bit of an idea of what my place looks like…here is part of the tour…

One half of our living room....

On the other side of the living room, you will find our TV and our fireplace...which makes me wish my internship was in the winter instead of the summer...

I love that my roommate and I both utilize the living room…all the time.  Instead of hanging out alone in our rooms, we both watch Bravo together almost every night…while we Facebook and catch up on emails.  It reminds me of what my sister and I do all the time, so it makes me feel so at home!

My room...

The best part of my room is that it is just mine…but I do have twin beds…which isn’t that great.  My roommate pushed hers together in her room to create a “Mega Bed”, but I haven’t done that just yet.  We have twin beds and all of the other beautiful furniture in our apartment because it came fully furnished, which was AMAZING.  The last thing I would have wanted to do during my one free week this summer is find furniture…so it just made my summer that much better.  So, I can handle the twin bed for the next month and a half…it’s not too bad.  But I crafted up my room with pillows (that I made myself), and with some pictures of my friends and family of course.  Another amazing thing about my room – it is big enough for ALL of my stuff!  I’ll show you how amazing it really is another time….because it is truly a miracle.

It’s official…I’m a senior in college.

I finished finals exactly two days ago…and I think I am slowly getting my life back together.  Here is how life has gone for the few days since my last blog

  • Saturday – I got up earlier than I ever want to get up for the rest of my life…at around 4:15 for the Mini Marathon.  I went downtown, filled up around 40,000 cups of water, and gave them to the runners and walkers for almost 5 hours.  Then I packed up my car to take as much of my stuff home as possible…and drove home.  That night was my old Dance Studio’s recital, and since it was the 20th anniversary, old dancers and teachers all came back to celebrate.

Some of the other princesses and I at the Mini Marathon...

  • Sunday - This was Mother’s Day, so after church we had my Grandma and Grandpa over for lunch.  Afterwards, I studied.  And then I studied some more.
  • Monday – I got up early and drove back to Butler, and when I arrived I found an almost empty room, with no carpet, rugs, or a futon.  One of my roommates (Liz) had completely moved out, another (Meghan) was in the process of moving everything out, and only Lauren and I had all of our stuff still there.  I had a few meetings during the afternoon, and I spent the rest of my time studying until I went to an outreach at an elementary school in Brownsburg.  After that, I studied more…and more…and more.  Around 1 a.m. I tried to nap where our futon used to be, but since that meant I was sleeping half on the tile floor and half on a large pillow, that was a failure, so I went to bed a little while later.
  • Tuesday - I got up really early to finish studying, took my Marketing Research final, then almost immediately had to switch gears and take my Corporate Finance final.  The best part was, after that I was done.  I picked up one of my other finals that had just been graded, chatted with some friends at Starbucks…and then started to pack up my life.  It was a great last night at Butler, because after I got to a good stopping point with packing I went to dinner with a friend and then hung out with a bunch of friends…and for the first time in a long time I had no homework hanging over my head…and I was so glad to be done with classes…obviously.
  • Wednesday – I got up, packed my car, and drove home.  Once I got home, I didn’t even take the time to unpack…and I took a nap.  Then….I didn’t wake up for about…13 hours.  I think that I am caught up on sleep now.  Or I hope that I am.

So today I have been trying to motivate myself to unpack and figure everything out.  I started by unpacking the car…which I was almost completely successful with.  I say almost because I got all but a HUGE plastic bin that I can’t lift alone….and most of my stuff didn’t make it past the kitchen or my back porch.  Maybe I’ll get a second wave of energy in a little bit?

Finals: The Aftermath

I have officially been done with finals for five days now.  The good part is that I am a real person again…but last Tuesday-Thursday…my room looked like some random college student hadn’t done anything besides study for the past week….because that is what had happened.  Except, imagine that times four…because that is how many of us lived in my room.  Basically, it was horrible.  Check this out.

All of my cups from the week of finals. Apparently I forgot how to throw things away...and I put them all on the bookshelf so they didn't clutter my workspace.

My area of the room....looking as cluttered as ever...

And unfortunately, finals did not only wreak havoc on my room….but it also took a pretty serious toll on my roommate, Meghan.

She was writing her final paper of the had been a rough couple of days.

But luckily, we all survived, and our room somehow got back to a normal state after it was all over.  It did take a rather long time to get back to this though, because of course I made plans right after finals that didn’t allow me to clean stuff right away…or even the next day.  See, usually I am ready to head out as soon as I am done with finals…but this year I decided to stay in town for an extra day.  My plan was to go out to lunch after my last final, then to babysit, finish Christmas shopping, and then leisurely get packed.  But of course, ten thousand other things came up, and then a massive ice storm hit southern Indiana (where I’m from), so I couldn’t exactly go home the next day.  Then as I started to try to clean up….and it ended up taking me about 4x as long as I originally planned.  So instead of making it home by 2 p.m. on Thursday (my original plan)….I made it home at 8 p.m. on Friday.  Apparently the combination of finals and my life made my room much harder to clean and pack up (we have to pack up basically everything in our rooms for break so we can move rooms when we get back), which is why it took an entire day longer than I had originally planned.  But…I made it through finals…and I made it home….and best of all…I am a real person again.  Sort of.  Now watching TV and relaxing on my couch have taken over my life…and I will just let this happen for the next 3 weeks….I love the life of a college student!