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My name is Steph, and I am a senior Marketing major with a Communication Studies minor. Since this is my last year at Butler, my main goal is to enjoy every moment that I have left, while doing as much as humanly possible. I am a marketing analyst at the Butler Business Accelerator, a Speakers Lab tutor, and a Butler blogger (obviously). I also am an Alpha Phi, the President of the Butler University Student Foundation, a member of Alpha Kappa Psi (a professional business fraternity), and a member of the Butler American Marketing Association. In the small amount of free time that I do have, I love crafting, watching large amounts of television, and enjoying my favorite comfort foods, like sweet tea.

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Dear Freshman Year Steph,

During Welcome Week each year, the freshmen each write a letter to themselves that they get during Senior Week.  Most people forget about this, but I remembered, since I’ve been an Orientation Guide for the last two years.  I got it at our Champagne Toast the other day, and I realized that I was a pro at writing letters to myself back in the day.  I wrote one to myself both junior and senior year in high school, at the beginning of my freshman year, and after I joined Alpha Phi, and they have all been really great letters in different ways.  I had a lot of concerns in my letter to myself from Welcome Week, which is totally understandable for that point in time for a student.  So…I thought I would share a bit about what I was scared of, and how it turned out.  (Freshman Steph will be in bold….just to clarify.)

From the Welcome Week Convocation I learned that I need to get more sleep already… I’m so glad that I was this honest with myself so early, but the sad thing is that I never really took that to heart.  I slept very little over the last four years, and the only thing that it did for me is provided me with a coffee addiction.

My concerns are that I won’t make new friends that will last forever, and that I will fail. Again, I was really straightforward during that week I guess.  In the end, I did make friends that I think will last forever.  Of course, it took some to find them, and it wasn’t always easy.  But, during my college years I found some absolutely amazing people who I love, and I’m positive that Twitter and Facebook will allow us to all stay together even after we leave each other.  As far as the failing thing goes, I didn’t.  I don’t know exactly how to define what “failing” would have been for me….but I guess that since I am graduating tomorrow, and since I truly embraced my years at Butler….I didn’t fail.  Success!

Right now it’s so awkward and I feel so little… Feeling awkward and little is the essence of Welcome Week.  It’s awesome time, but it really kind of sucks as a freshman.  It isn’t until later years when it’s really amazing and just the best week that ever existed. Embrace college…and it’ll be fine.

I am so afraid that this will turn out to not be the right place for me… Well, it was the right place!  I couldn’t imagine spending my college years anywhere else, which is why it is hard to be ready to leave right now.  Butler helped me grow into the person that I am now, and I’m so grateful.

We graduate today….which still feels completely unreal.  Class of 2012….you’re great and it’s been an amazing four years.

The Butler Class of 2012

College – It’s been real.

The other day…I moved out of Alpha Phi for the final time.  It was bittersweet, because I made so many memories there, but I know that it is time for me to move on now.  As I packed up, I kept thinking about how much I have loved my college experience, and how fortunate I have been to have an outrageously positive college experience.  Since I am all about Instagram these days (stephmflint if you would like to follow me), I just kept taking pictures of everything around me…all day long.  They’re things I’m going to miss about Alpha Phi and my college life….or things that I have loved during my time here.

My collection of Starbucks cups. I am a Starbucks queen, basically.  I hung out there almost every day during my final semester here, and I became a pro at getting great beverages at low prices.  One of my tricks – save your plastic cups.  They give refills on tea and coffee for 55 cents, which really comes in handy during weeks when you need Starbucks basically every day.  I had an impressive collection of cups this semester – every variation of tea that I love…so my options were endless!  (Just don’t forget to wash the cups out – ants seem to love to feast on leftover tea.  Gross, I know.)

My view. Each year during room picks, everyone cares about every aspect of each room.  The side of the house that it’s on, what the bathroom looks like, if it is a hot or cold room, the list goes on and on.  The one thing that isn’t mentioned, however, is the view that comes with the room.  When I lived on the 3rd floor, I couldn’t see out my windows.  Last year, I lived on the back side of the house all year, so I saw our backyard.  This year, I hit the jackpot as far as views from a room go.  I saw the street, the gorgeous tree in front of our house, and our front yard.  Not only did it come in handy on rainy days to see if I needed rainboots or an umbrella, but it was also just hands down beautiful.

My room. So much happened here.  So many late nights just hanging out, so much messiness, so much Nickleback and Prince, and just so much fun.  I took this picture as we were moving out and taking down everything…and it just felt wrong.  It felt like we had never been there at all.  But while I was being all nostalgic and sad, I realized….what filth we had been living in.  The general consensus is that if we had been raising children in that room, social services would have taken them away from us.  But, somehow we lived there for 10 months, and survived.  After this experience, I really think that my body can handle anything at all.  So bring it on, world, I survived Room 11.

Being a Phi. I’ve talked a lot about Alpha Phi this semester, and how much I’ve loved it.  But really.  It’s been unreal…and amazing.  I’m so glad that I will still live in Indy post-grad, and that I will be able to run into my girls at Target, or that I can have them over to my new place for dinner.  I love my pledge class, but I’ve spent four years with them, and we’re all kind of ready to move on to our next stage in life.  But for the younger girls, I am going to miss them just as much…and I’m going to be kind of jealous that they get to keep experiencing Butler.  I took this photo right before I left….because it was one of my favorite things at Alpha Phi.  During Polish Week before Recruitment, we all got together and made a ton of crafts to dress up the stairwells at Phi.  It was great sisterhood event, and I just love how it let us leave our mark on this house that we made our home.

Senior Year Wedding Bells…

Last Sunday, my friend Meghan got married.  It was an absolutely beautiful day, and it was both the beginning and end of so many things.

It was part of the end of us all being together – all the time. I’ve been best friends with Meghan, Lauren, and Liz for the last 3 years… and even when we don’t live together… we are either next door or just down the street.  But now, Meghan lives in Michigan, and soon Lauren will live in Bloomington, and Liz will live in New York.  So this was the first step toward that…and I’m not quite sure if I’m ready to let them all go yet.  Just because I love them so much.

It was the beginning of Meghan and Sean’s life together. They’ve been together forever, and they’re perfect for each other.  It was just so sweet to be able to share their special day with them…because they’ve been together ever since I have been friends with Meghan.  They’re great, and I love them both.

It was the beginning of the time when all of our friends will start getting married.  While we were waiting to walk down the aisle, I looked out into the crowd and saw so many of our friends and people that we know.  This is when I realized that I’m not young anymore…and instead of going to weddings for family and people that we don’t really know, now we will be going to weddings for our friends.  It’s just a strange and sort of surreal feeling….but it’s kind of exciting at the same time.

Being a bridesmaid in a wedding the weekend before finals is the perfect way to procrastinate studying…or doing anything productive at all….while having an absolutely great time.  When we got back to campus after the wedding it was like we had been in entirely different world for a week… which we had.  We got to hang out with great people, be dressed up, and celebrate an awesome day with an amazing couple!  Here are a few more photos…

My First REAL Spring Break

This year I have quite a few firsts going into Spring Break…

  • It is my first real Spring Break…in regards to traveling.
  • It is the first time I haven’t been dying to go home for break.
  • And…It’s the first time that I haven’t been dying to escape campus.

I’m usually the person who is completely content spending my one free week of spring semester laying on my couch at home…doing absolutely nothing.  Last year I did a couple of quick trips during break, but at the end of the week I still had about 4 days to myself.  But this time around…I’m going with 3 of my best friends, Meghan, Liz, and Lauren, to Sarasota.  We’re leaving Butler tonight, staying at my house in southern Indiana tonight, and then driving all the way down tomorrow.  I’m pretty darn excited to go, not only because it is my first (and last…) Spring Break…but for a couple other reasons too.

  • My family doesn’t really vacation…so this going on vacation thing is new to me
  • Liz and Meghan are getting married (to other people) in the next few months…and then they’re moving away to New York and Michigan, respectively.
  • I’m excited to just spend a week with my best friends.
  • And strangely…I can’t wait to drive.

I know the last one is weird…and I might be kicking myself for saying this when we are on hour 12 or 13 of a 15 hour drive…but I miss driving so much.  I drove to the other side of campus the other day, and the couple of minutes I spent in my car were just therapeutic.  We were planning on splitting up the driving, but right now I would be fine with doing it all myself.  I kind of want the challenge of seeing really how long I can drive for…and how fast I can get us to Florida.  So bring it on…15.5 hour drive…I’m totally going to conquer you.

The SB2K12 crew...


My Return to the Busy Life…

The last two weeks of my life have been fabulous.  I slept till at least 9 almost every day (usually until 10 or 11…sometimes 12), watched TV for the majority of the day, napped during the day, and feasted on Christmas candy for hours upon hours.  But now, I am preparing to go back to Butler for Greek Recruitment…so my life is slightly different.  Before I go back I have a rather long list of things I wanted to do that looks a bit like this:

  • Craft Christmas gifts for my friends
  • Bake things that I never got around to before Christmas
  • Fix a few of my favorite clothing items
  • Run errands
  • Visit with friends at home
  • Wash clothes
  • Clean my car

I officially have only a day and a half left until I will leave to go back to school, so it looks like in order for me to get all of this done, my calm, relaxing break is over.  Even though it does feel great to be productive again, I already miss being lazy.  Through being lazy over break, I have discovered new TV shows to watch (Private Chefs of Beverly Hills), and rediscovered some of my old favorites that I’ve been neglecting (The Late Show with David Letterman).

My Mom and I before we went to a showing of the Late Show...

Falling back in love with watching TV is something that I always do over break, but I think that it will be harder than usual to go back to my TV-less life at Butler.  I can watch TV at school, but we don’t have a TV with cable in our room, so it is not nearly as convenient, and I just don’t have time at school.  At least I’ve had at least 2 weeks of pure laziness…and I’m as rested as possible for my return to the But.

Killer UNO – a dangerously fun game.

Every time that I come home for a long break, my friends all get together for our favorite game…Killer UNO.  If you have stuck with the normal, boring version of UNO and you haven’t played Killer UNO, I’m sorry.  It makes things so much more exciting…and entertaining of course.  Basically, it takes most of the traditional rules and throws them out the window, so you can play a card pretty much at any time, even if it isn’t your turn.  Combine the more fun rules with some really competitive people…and you get a legit game.

Two of my friends during a Killer UNO game…

A few nights ago we had the first Killer UNO tournament, and for the first time…ever…I won.  Well, I didn’t really win, but instead I was in the top 2 for our group.  There were so many of us that we had two games going at once, and it is really hard to get a final winner overall when you are playing UNO.  So we just considered a few of us winners, since we were as close as you could get without playing for an entire night.

Hanging out with all of my friends from home was so much fun, and I can’t wait to see what other fun things we get to do over break.  More UNO, going out to eat, having intense Just Dance tournaments….the options are basically endless…and the fun is obviously just beginning!  I have exactly two weeks of break left…so I can’t wait!


The Dangers of Going to a Small School

Going to a school like Butler that is rather small has it’s pros and cons (as every school does)….but they are each pros and cons that I love.  So, I thought that I would share some…

At a small school…

  • You will be exposed to more diversity (personalities, values, hobbies, etc.) than you would be anywhere else.  For instance…at big schools, people most likely have a small group of close-knit friends…but at small schools…everyone knows everyone.  So you will be friends with a wider variety of people…which is really a cool thing when you think about it.

My roommates and I....we're all so different...but that is what makes us love each other so much!

  • Your professors always know you.  I personally love this, because I have really great relationships with a lot of my professors (beyond just knowing my name and major), but at the same time….this way they know when you slack off…and when you aren’t in class.
  • There aren’t a ton of food options on campus, etc.  This really stinks sometimes…like when it is snowing out and you don’t want to leave….or when you are lazy and don’t want to leave (this happens to me a lot)…but here…I think it is actually a positive.  If we had more on campus, we would stay here.  We would be comfortable….and nothing would ever force us outside of our Butler Bubble. But really…Indy is an awesome city with so many food, shopping, and entertainment options that I’m glad that I get to venture out a couple times a week at least.

So even though going to a school that is tiny compared to big state schools is kind of tough in the beginning…after awhile you actually start to appreciate those differences, like the things I just mentioned.

The Family Photo Shoot Hour…

Today I was creeping through my own photos…and I found this fabulous little gem…

Oh, friends....

We took this picture on my friend Josh’s last night at Butler before he left to go to Washington D.C. for the semester.  It was during Welcome Week, and it was so strange to be catching up with him at the same time that we were saying goodbye…but we still had a great time…obviously.  Here are some of the other photos that we took that evening…

As you can see….we are a fun-loving bunch….and we also love taking pictures.  We thought that we needed to truly make Josh’s last evening with us for the semester rather epic…and I believe that this photo shoot did the trick.  Here are some tips for creating your own memories like this (or just some amazing photos):

  1. Find a photographer, preferably someone who is patient.
  2. Find a location for your shoot.  For instance, something as simple and classic as a staircase really fits nicely and allows for creativity.
  3. Allow yourself to be inspired by the photo shoot, and move as the spirit guides you.

Before you know it, your Facebook wall will be graced with photos almost as amazing as mine….which really come in handy if you don’t live near the people in them…like Josh and I.  It’s fine, I miss him…but I know that he will be back at Butler for our final semester here!  Yay for senior year!

Crafting: Gifts Edition

This month, or rather, last week, three of my favorite people had birthdays.  Since I love to craft so much, I decided to make them gifts instead of buying them things.  So, I went out to my favorite crafting blogs and sites, like Pinterest, Ucreate crafts, and Dollar Store Crafts, and took all kinds of ideas to create their gifts.  I love doing this because it ends up meaning so much more, and it gives you the chance to really personalize things.  Here is what I came up with…

Since my sister just got married, I wanted to do something special wedding related for her.  So, I took her “symbol” from the invitations, sketched it onto a canvas, went over that with hot glue, and painted it.  Here are the different stages….in photos:

Just the hot glue and the canvas…
After a few coats of spray paint…
The finished product…

It ended up looking really great, but more hot glue-ish than I wanted…so I added in a little bit of taupe paint to jazz it up a bit, and to draw attention away from the hot glue.

I also wanted to make some fun little bracelets from fabric scraps…so here is what I came up with.

Just the fabric…

I found a tutorial to make bracelets out of rosettes, but I liked the idea of using “yo-yo’s“, so that is what I made….

The yo-yos….

Then I hot glued the yo-yo’s to some felt, and stitched on a little chain and lobster clasp to attach them together.  In the end…this is what I had (in 3 different colors, for me, my sister, and my roommate):

The finished bracelet…

I liked the yo-yo’s so much that I also hot glued them onto some bobby pins, to make fun little hair things.  I thought they ended up rather cute…

And attached to bobby pins…

I also made another gift for someone (my best friend from home, Alison), but that craft has been featured on my blog before, and I won’t be able to give it to her for a few weeks.  So, I’m saving it, just in case she reads this blog.

Back in Indy and it feels so good…

After spending the summer in Fort Wayne for my internship at Vera Bradley, I am outrageously excited to be back in Indy.  I really enjoyed Fort Wayne, but there were several reasons why it just made for a busy/rough summer:

  1. I live 4+ hrs away from the Fort…and taking off for home after work got over at 5, then driving for those 4 hours got really old, really fast.
  2. My Butler friends all lived in Indy this summer…together.
  3. All my friends from home were at home.
  4. My sister got married….

Since I love my friends (both from Butler and home), I love my family, and I wanted to help my sister with the wedding plans, I was basically all over the place throughout the summer.  I made one trip to Butler, about 3-4 trips home, and I would stop in Indy for dinner sometimes when I was heading home.  This was fun…but exhausting.  It was like I was splitting all of my time between my 3 homes, which I never want to do…ever again.

At least I got to drive a lot this summer...which I usually enjoy. Especially when the view looks like this...

Now that I am officially back in Indy and at Butler, I am loving that I can make it home in about 2.5 hours, and I don’t have to drive… at all… to visit my friends.  It’s a beautiful thing.  I also have planned to make the most of this year by trying all kinds of new food places and going to different events around Indy, so check back to see what I’m up to, and where I’ve been lately!