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My name is Steph, and I am a senior Marketing major with a Communication Studies minor. Since this is my last year at Butler, my main goal is to enjoy every moment that I have left, while doing as much as humanly possible. I am a marketing analyst at the Butler Business Accelerator, a Speakers Lab tutor, and a Butler blogger (obviously). I also am an Alpha Phi, the President of the Butler University Student Foundation, a member of Alpha Kappa Psi (a professional business fraternity), and a member of the Butler American Marketing Association. In the small amount of free time that I do have, I love crafting, watching large amounts of television, and enjoying my favorite comfort foods, like sweet tea.

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It’s official – I’m done!

Today was the last day of finals, for my last semester in college…a day that I never thought would actually be here.  Granted, I did finish my finals on Friday night, but since then I have been hanging around campus working on other things and still being rather productive.  This is what my final finals week looked like:

  • Monday – I finished classes, went to work, and gathered my thoughts and got my life back together after Meghan’s wedding.  It took awhile to figure out what the rest of my week would need to look like to get everything done.
  • Tuesday – It was our reading day, and I spent it studying for my only test final (in International Marketing) the next day.
  • Wednesday – I studied all morning, took my last test (EVER), and then went to work at my internship.  That night, I worked my tail off on my Personal Marketing Portfolio for my Marketing Management & Strategy class.
  • Thursday – I worked more on my Portfolio, taught myself how to use Illustrator (with the help of my friend Michael) for the design part of my Portfolio, and went to an IndyHub event for the BBA.  Working on my Portfolio was pretty intense…I even used two computers simultaneously, one for writing the content, the other for designing the layout.  Impressive, huh?

    When one computer just doesn't cut it....

  • Friday – I worked at the BBA, and wrote my final paper (EVER).  Of course, I couldn’t decide what to write it on, and I actually started over from scratch after I had written almost half.  It’s a wonder that I got it done on time – but I did….which is all that matters.

Now that finals are over, all that I have left to do is work at the BBA and graduate.  It’s a beautiful thing.  Not having class commitments, or any school commitments – absolutely amazing.  It might be nice if I wasn’t working too, but I really don’t know if I could handle that, or if I would know what to do with myself.  Most likely, I would go stir crazy a day into it.  So, I’m finishing out my college career the way I have spent every other year, by staying busy….and trying to enjoy every minute.  I have a few blogs left before I sign off for good – so be sure to check back to see what I have to say before I officially leave campus.

Senior Year Wedding Bells…

Last Sunday, my friend Meghan got married.  It was an absolutely beautiful day, and it was both the beginning and end of so many things.

It was part of the end of us all being together – all the time. I’ve been best friends with Meghan, Lauren, and Liz for the last 3 years… and even when we don’t live together… we are either next door or just down the street.  But now, Meghan lives in Michigan, and soon Lauren will live in Bloomington, and Liz will live in New York.  So this was the first step toward that…and I’m not quite sure if I’m ready to let them all go yet.  Just because I love them so much.

It was the beginning of Meghan and Sean’s life together. They’ve been together forever, and they’re perfect for each other.  It was just so sweet to be able to share their special day with them…because they’ve been together ever since I have been friends with Meghan.  They’re great, and I love them both.

It was the beginning of the time when all of our friends will start getting married.  While we were waiting to walk down the aisle, I looked out into the crowd and saw so many of our friends and people that we know.  This is when I realized that I’m not young anymore…and instead of going to weddings for family and people that we don’t really know, now we will be going to weddings for our friends.  It’s just a strange and sort of surreal feeling….but it’s kind of exciting at the same time.

Being a bridesmaid in a wedding the weekend before finals is the perfect way to procrastinate studying…or doing anything productive at all….while having an absolutely great time.  When we got back to campus after the wedding it was like we had been in entirely different world for a week… which we had.  We got to hang out with great people, be dressed up, and celebrate an awesome day with an amazing couple!  Here are a few more photos…

Finals… Let’s do this.

All semester, I have felt outrageously confident and relaxed.  I have post-grad plans, I have a relatively simple semester, and I’ve really enjoyed myself for the last few months.  Then this week came.  This is the week before finals…aka my last last week of classes ever…which is traditionally the worst week of the year and this semester is not any different.  I’m prepping for finals…kind of.  I’m working and finishing all of my on-campus jobs.  I’m finishing projects for classes.  I’m writing papers.  And this weekend, my best friend Meghan is getting married.  You know….no big deal.  I was feeling like I could really make all of this happen and live to see graduation, but then I made my to-do list for the next two weeks, and it looks like sleeping will not be high on my priority list for awhile.

  • Figure out family plans for graduation
  • Write paper for my marketing capstone
  • Finish presentation for international marketing
  • Finish marketing capstone project
  • Create design for marketing capstone project
  • Write paper for my leadership class
  • Study for my international marketing final
  • Finish things for Meghan’s wedding

I already pulled my first all-nighter of the end of the semester last night, and I think I can do it again, maybe a couple of times.  I only napped twice today, and I only had one cup of coffee, so I’m pretty much primed and ready to tackle and conquer finals.  Together with my John Mayer, 90s Pop, and Jason Mraz stations on Pandora, the Starbucks gift card my mom gave me last weekend, and the Alpha Phi study room, I will survive the next two weeks.  Better yet, I will beast the next two weeks.  I have a big presentation, a big project, a big paper, and a big test….so my finals are kind of perfect in terms of capping off my college career in a very well-rounded way.  So, last finals week ever…..LET’S GO!

My study station - complete with coffee in a bowl since we were out of cups.


The most unusual finals week of my college career…

Last week was our finals week at Butler…and it was the easiest finals week that I have ever had.  This is mostly because I only had 3 finals, and they were spread out on different days throughout the week, so I never had a day where I was overloaded.  My schedule looked a little bit like this:

  • Monday – Sales Presentation, then I worked at my internship all day
  • Tuesday – Retailing Final
  • Wednesday – I worked at my internship all day
  • Thursday – Worked again…
  • Friday – Health Care Economics Final

Even though it was kind of nice not having entirely too much to do all week, I actually kind of missed having an awful week where I rarely showered or slept.  I learned that I am much more productive when I have an overloaded schedule…because there is just something about feeling gross and knowing that you absolutely HAVE to study for the next 72 straight hours to make it through the week that strangely motivates me.  This year though, I showered every day, I only pulled one all-nighter, and it was outrageously hard to concentrate and buckle down to study.

In fact, I was so off my finals game that I almost slept through my Health Care Econ final.  I studied until 6 a.m., and the final was at 8 a.m., so I thought that I had just enough time to nap for 30 minutes before I cleaned myself up a bit and studied for one hour before the final.  Instead…I slept for 2 hours, woke up at 8:03, and then ran to my final.  Good thing that I had plenty of time to finish all 8 essay questions during the 2 hour final, and that I was officially finished as soon as it was over.  After last week, I’m actually hoping that all 5 of my classes next semester have finals….is that strange?  That I want to be overwhelmed in my last week of college…ever???

My desk area during finals...there is just something that I love about having stuff EVERYWHERE.

Do professors understand what we do with our days??

Sometimes…when we get overwhelmed with school…we have to cut back on other things in order to get everything done.  This could mean not going to a meeting or class…but most of the time…it means that we stop showering.  I know, it’s gross…but it’s how we get by.  A few weeks ago, one of my roommates was having a really busy week, and she didn’t shower….or really change her clothes for a few days.  We all understand, because we’ve been there too…but one of her professors was legitimately concerned about her well-being…since she looked like she hadn’t showered or changed clothes for a few days.

Sometimes hiding under a blanket is almost as helpful as just not showering....

This situation raises the question: Do professors understand what we do with our days??  Do they understand how much work goes into each of the projects they assign, and that other professors are assigning projects at the same time as well??  Well, just as a friendly reminder to all, here is a breakdown of what a normal day looks like in my life (this is a Tuesday schedule):

  • 6:30 a.m. – Get up and get ready for work
  • 8:00 a.m. – Arrive at work
  • 12:00 p.m. – Drive back to school quickly…
  • 12:30 p.m. – Grab a quick lunch, before I walk to class…
  • 1:00 p.m. – Class
  • 2:30 p.m. – Drive back to work
  • 6:00 p.m. – Leave work and drive back to school
  • 6:30 p.m. – Grab a quick dinner…
  • 7:00 p.m. – Meeting time (usually BUSF)
  • 8:00 p.m. – Check my email, send out a ton of emails
  • 9:00 p.m. – Meeting time (usually AKPsi)
  • 10:00 p.m. – Go back to my room and put on sweats, start figuring out what I need to study…and start that.
  • 12:00 a.m. – Keep working…
  • 3:00 a.m. – Maybe….time to go to sleep.

Keep in mind…this isn’t a schedule for test weeks, or weeks when we have papers due, etc.  This is a normal day in a normal week.  Yeah….college sounds great…doesn’t it???  Don’t get me wrong, I do love college…..but I guess the moral of the blog is….don’t judge us when we don’t shower…because sometimes that extra 15 minutes of sleep is totally worth it.

Dear Christmas Break, Please Come Soon!

When you are a student, there are weeks where you just don’t think that either

  1. it will ever end….      or
  2. you will live through the madness.

And sometimes…before Thanksgiving and Christmas…it lasts for two weeks instead of just one.  Right now, it is Wednesday of the last week before finals…and this is Day 11 of my quest to get everything done before finals.  I had a feeling that this was coming up when I got back from Thanksgiving Break…but I really had no idea what was coming.

In the last week and a half I have worked on projects for up to 8 hour stretches…stayed up until 3 or 4 about 8 times (and I have to be at work at 8 a.m. every day)…put together 2 huge final presentations…while living the rest of my life by going to class and work and finishing up things for all of my extra-curricular activities.  Basically…I am ready for break.  I think I have made it through the worst of it, because I only have one class left this semester, and more importantly, I only have 3 finals next week.  It is going to be the easiest finals week that I have ever  had…and it will be beautiful.  I will finish finals on the Friday of finals week at 10 a.m….and the sun will be shining…and life will be great once again.

Success...I can feel it coming!

It’s official…I’m getting old.

Today is my birthday.  My 22nd birthday to be exact, and I feel like I’m starting to get old.  Usually on my birthday I love hanging out with friends, doing as much as possible, and staying up late on the night before and the night of my birthday (to get as much birthday-ness in as possible of course), but this year all I want to do is sleep and be a homebody.  So either I’m starting to get old, or I’m just tired of being busy and outrageously active.  This is because I have basically been a nomad for the last 3 weeks.  With finishing school, traveling home for holidays like Mother’s Day, going to 500 Festival Events, completing my outreaches, and starting my internship for the summer, I have been spending most of the month of May living out of my car and driving all over the state of Indiana.  Luckily, I haven’t been sleeping in my car, thanks to some fabulous friends and family who I have been staying with, but I still have been packing my car basically every day to go to another place.  On the bright side, I have become a packing pro.  But, I still pack an awful lot.  Usually, my car ends up looking a little bit like this…


My backseat....

One of the best birthday gifts I have gotten today isn’t actually a gift….but instead it was just the chance to sleep in the same place for two nights (at home…my favorite place to stay) and to not have to pack anything for once.  This weekend I am heading back to Indianapolis for the Indianapolis 500 and all of the other events that the other Princesses and I will be attending, but luckily I get to stay in the same place twice…again!  Since this weekend is technically my birthday weekend….I’m considering all of the 500 Festival celebrations part of my birthday celebration.  Basically, it will be the biggest birthday weekend ever….and don’t worry…I will blog about it.  So you had better prepare yourself.  And of course….watch the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday May 29th at 12:00 EST!

It’s official…I’m a senior in college.

I finished finals exactly two days ago…and I think I am slowly getting my life back together.  Here is how life has gone for the few days since my last blog

  • Saturday – I got up earlier than I ever want to get up for the rest of my life…at around 4:15 for the Mini Marathon.  I went downtown, filled up around 40,000 cups of water, and gave them to the runners and walkers for almost 5 hours.  Then I packed up my car to take as much of my stuff home as possible…and drove home.  That night was my old Dance Studio’s recital, and since it was the 20th anniversary, old dancers and teachers all came back to celebrate.

Some of the other princesses and I at the Mini Marathon...

  • Sunday - This was Mother’s Day, so after church we had my Grandma and Grandpa over for lunch.  Afterwards, I studied.  And then I studied some more.
  • Monday – I got up early and drove back to Butler, and when I arrived I found an almost empty room, with no carpet, rugs, or a futon.  One of my roommates (Liz) had completely moved out, another (Meghan) was in the process of moving everything out, and only Lauren and I had all of our stuff still there.  I had a few meetings during the afternoon, and I spent the rest of my time studying until I went to an outreach at an elementary school in Brownsburg.  After that, I studied more…and more…and more.  Around 1 a.m. I tried to nap where our futon used to be, but since that meant I was sleeping half on the tile floor and half on a large pillow, that was a failure, so I went to bed a little while later.
  • Tuesday - I got up really early to finish studying, took my Marketing Research final, then almost immediately had to switch gears and take my Corporate Finance final.  The best part was, after that I was done.  I picked up one of my other finals that had just been graded, chatted with some friends at Starbucks…and then started to pack up my life.  It was a great last night at Butler, because after I got to a good stopping point with packing I went to dinner with a friend and then hung out with a bunch of friends…and for the first time in a long time I had no homework hanging over my head…and I was so glad to be done with classes…obviously.
  • Wednesday – I got up, packed my car, and drove home.  Once I got home, I didn’t even take the time to unpack…and I took a nap.  Then….I didn’t wake up for about…13 hours.  I think that I am caught up on sleep now.  Or I hope that I am.

So today I have been trying to motivate myself to unpack and figure everything out.  I started by unpacking the car…which I was almost completely successful with.  I say almost because I got all but a HUGE plastic bin that I can’t lift alone….and most of my stuff didn’t make it past the kitchen or my back porch.  Maybe I’ll get a second wave of energy in a little bit?

It’s finals week…will I make it through??

Right now, I am in the middle of finals week.  It is Friday night…and for the first time this week, I am not staying up until the wee hours of the morning to study or write a paper.  To say it has been a long week would be an understatement…here is how the week has gone so far…

  • Sunday – My sister was here visiting (there will be a blog on that at a later date), and once she left around 6, I continued to edit my Interpersonal Communication paper that I have been working on for some time now, and I completed a Team Reflection Paper for Org Behavior.  I fell asleep on the futon around 2 a.m.  (This is a frequent occurrence when I have a lot to do.)
  • Monday – We still had classes on Monday, so I had my last two classes of my Junior year, had bible study and a few other last meetings, and then worked on my Interpersonal paper for the rest of the night.  I slept for a few hours…in my bed…success!
  • Tuesday – My paper was due at noon, so I made the final changes and proofread it for the final time…and turned it in.  It was 19 pages.  Then I worked out and showered so I could have a quick break from studying and staring at my computer….and then I returned to the never ending study session for Interpersonal Communication, which I had the next day.  I also slept in my bed for a few hours this night….I’m so proud of myself.
  • Wednesday – I studied all morning, and afternoon, and then I took my first final around 4 p.m.  After it was over, I ate dinner and watched part of a TV show to wind down….and then I got started again.  I had exactly 12 hours to focus on finishing a Case Study for Org Behavior and to finish preparing for the exam.  I slept on the futon again….for about 3 hours.
  • Thursday – After deciding to nap for about 20 minutes (at 6 a.m.) before finishing looking over everything for the exam, I woke up to my roommates telling me I should get up for my Org Behavior final…since it was in 20 minutes.  So I quickly got ready to take that final, and after it was over, I showered to attempt to become a real person.  Then I had a meeting, I visited with my roommates, and I got back to business.  I studied all night…..until around 3 ish.
  • Friday – I got up, went over all of the material for my Advertising and Promotion final again, and then went to take it.  Ever since then I have been doing things that I have wanted to do all week, and that have had to wait until now.  This way I get to put off studying for my two exams on Tuesday for a little bit longer.

That is the rundown of my week so far, and I still have a busy weekend (volunteering at the Mini Marathon and going home for Mother’s Day) ahead of me.  Next week I have two more finals on Tuesday, and I will be moving home right after.  So….I should probably go to bed to prep for all of that….since I need to be on site at the Mini in approximately 5.5 hours! Ahh!

Also…because of finals….this is happening again…and I haven’t even left campus.

The aftermath of a weekend at home….

One of my favorite things to do that I don’t get to do enough at college is go home.  Over the last 3 years I have become entirely too busy for my own good…so busy that I rarely have time to go home to visit my friends and family.  But this past weekend was Easter, so I made time to go home to celebrate the holiday and visit.  The only problem with this is that as soon as I got back, I had a paper and a project due on Monday, and then another project due on Tuesday.  And, as if that wasn’t enough….I had meetings each night from the time I was done with class (around 4) until 11 p.m.  So, I didn’t get much sleep over the last few days….and things that could be put off were put off.  One of those things was unpacking from being at home.  This is always my least favorite thing to do when I get back, because I have the stuff that I took home just to use (clothes, toiletries, homework, etc.) and usually I have laundry, since I am too cheap to do most of my laundry at school.

What the big idea of this story is….I got back to school from home on Sunday night….it is now Wednesday night….and I just unpacked my large duffel and my laundry bag.  This is rather pathetic….because over the last few days I have done everything I could to not unpack these bags…including barely getting ready each day so I don’t have to pull out all of my primping supplies….and I even left my laundry in my car until last night, since I didn’t even want to look at it yet.  And, to further explain how sad my life is…I really should have unpacked my laundry as soon as I got back to school….because not all of my laundry was completely dry when I left.  So I was just wishing and hoping that it wouldn’t smell funny when I opened the bag today.  (btw…it didn’t smell…SCORE!)

So to conquer the unproductive side of my life that was keeping me from being a real person….I put everything….everything….that was sitting in the room without a real place to go in the middle of the room.  This is what it looked like…

My mountain of stuff....

Then I started making piles of everything….and I put clothes on hangers…I put binders in their places….and slowly but surely…I regained control of my life.  This is what the area looks like now…


I hope you all have enjoyed this little trip into my disgustingly busy life….because it is a pretty legitimate preview of what finals could/will end up like.  We will see….