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My name is Steph, and I am a senior Marketing major with a Communication Studies minor. Since this is my last year at Butler, my main goal is to enjoy every moment that I have left, while doing as much as humanly possible. I am a marketing analyst at the Butler Business Accelerator, a Speakers Lab tutor, and a Butler blogger (obviously). I also am an Alpha Phi, the President of the Butler University Student Foundation, a member of Alpha Kappa Psi (a professional business fraternity), and a member of the Butler American Marketing Association. In the small amount of free time that I do have, I love crafting, watching large amounts of television, and enjoying my favorite comfort foods, like sweet tea.

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College – It’s been real.

The other day…I moved out of Alpha Phi for the final time.  It was bittersweet, because I made so many memories there, but I know that it is time for me to move on now.  As I packed up, I kept thinking about how much I have loved my college experience, and how fortunate I have been to have an outrageously positive college experience.  Since I am all about Instagram these days (stephmflint if you would like to follow me), I just kept taking pictures of everything around me…all day long.  They’re things I’m going to miss about Alpha Phi and my college life….or things that I have loved during my time here.

My collection of Starbucks cups. I am a Starbucks queen, basically.  I hung out there almost every day during my final semester here, and I became a pro at getting great beverages at low prices.  One of my tricks – save your plastic cups.  They give refills on tea and coffee for 55 cents, which really comes in handy during weeks when you need Starbucks basically every day.  I had an impressive collection of cups this semester – every variation of tea that I love…so my options were endless!  (Just don’t forget to wash the cups out – ants seem to love to feast on leftover tea.  Gross, I know.)

My view. Each year during room picks, everyone cares about every aspect of each room.  The side of the house that it’s on, what the bathroom looks like, if it is a hot or cold room, the list goes on and on.  The one thing that isn’t mentioned, however, is the view that comes with the room.  When I lived on the 3rd floor, I couldn’t see out my windows.  Last year, I lived on the back side of the house all year, so I saw our backyard.  This year, I hit the jackpot as far as views from a room go.  I saw the street, the gorgeous tree in front of our house, and our front yard.  Not only did it come in handy on rainy days to see if I needed rainboots or an umbrella, but it was also just hands down beautiful.

My room. So much happened here.  So many late nights just hanging out, so much messiness, so much Nickleback and Prince, and just so much fun.  I took this picture as we were moving out and taking down everything…and it just felt wrong.  It felt like we had never been there at all.  But while I was being all nostalgic and sad, I realized….what filth we had been living in.  The general consensus is that if we had been raising children in that room, social services would have taken them away from us.  But, somehow we lived there for 10 months, and survived.  After this experience, I really think that my body can handle anything at all.  So bring it on, world, I survived Room 11.

Being a Phi. I’ve talked a lot about Alpha Phi this semester, and how much I’ve loved it.  But really.  It’s been unreal…and amazing.  I’m so glad that I will still live in Indy post-grad, and that I will be able to run into my girls at Target, or that I can have them over to my new place for dinner.  I love my pledge class, but I’ve spent four years with them, and we’re all kind of ready to move on to our next stage in life.  But for the younger girls, I am going to miss them just as much…and I’m going to be kind of jealous that they get to keep experiencing Butler.  I took this photo right before I left….because it was one of my favorite things at Alpha Phi.  During Polish Week before Recruitment, we all got together and made a ton of crafts to dress up the stairwells at Phi.  It was great sisterhood event, and I just love how it let us leave our mark on this house that we made our home.

My last hurrah…. Senior Week.

The time that I’ve been dreading all semester is here….and everyone is moving out.  Tomorrow is the last day of finals, so it feels like there are 5 people on campus, and all of those people are studying, which really stinks for the rest of us.  It just doesn’t feel like Butler anymore, but I am excited for the very last part of my college career…Senior Week.

Senior Week is one of those things that not everyone knows about.  Only the seniors participate, obviously, and then they all graduate so they aren’t around to tell the underclassmen what happens during the week.  There is a senior class council that plans events for the whole week, like going to a Pacers game, having inflatables and other fun things on the mall, and taking trips to Broad Ripple and other places around Indy.  It’s also a great time because it is just what we have always wanted – to be on campus, all together, without school.  Yeah, it only lasts for 3 days…but that’s something, right?

I haven’t been looking forward to this week until now, because I didn’t want all of my underclassmen friends to leave.  But, turns out, they had to.  I couldn’t stop them.  My two junior roommates, Brooke & Katie, moved out over the last few days, along with about 65 other girls in my house.  So now all of Alpha Phi is empty, and I guess that all there is to do is enjoy this next week.  I’m pretty lucky, since I get to spend it with our entire class, and we are a ton of fun as it is.  I just decided that even though I’m super bummed that my time here is almost over, I can’t do anything about it (since I didn’t fail any of my classes…yet), so I might as well just have the best week ever.  Here goes!

The Alpha Phi Senior Pledge Class

Advice from a College Senior

Since it is April, it’s time for high school seniors to be making their final choices about where they want to go to college.  As a college senior who has less than a month of my college left before I graduate, I like to think of myself as somewhat of an expert on college in general.  So, I will take this opportunity to pass along some of my knowledge….about preparing for college, going to college, and everything in between!

Check out Butler’s social media pages…

Butler does a really great job using social media, so use it!  Check out the Class of 2016 Facebook page, the Admissions twitter account – @gobutleru, and the University’s twitter account – @butleru.  Using social media is a great way to connect with people already at Butler, your future classmates, and even different departments or areas of campus.

Learn to study before your sophomore year…

Usually, freshman come to college without ever really learning how to study in high school.  It’s all fine and dandy until your sophomore year – when classes really start to pick up (a lot of freshmen classes are pretty similar to classes from high school).  So take my advice – and learn to study….soon!

Love every moment…

As a senior…I am getting pretty sad that I won’t be a college student anymore…really soon.  I would like to think that I have enjoyed every moment of my 4 years, but as I think back, I just remember hoping that things would be over quickly, like tests, projects, and anything else that took more time than I really wanted to give.  I understand how I was feeling at the time, but it still makes me sad to think that I got tired of stuff a lot during my 4 years…and now I just wish that I could go back a few years and do it all over again.  So – enjoy everything.  The all nighters, the long group meetings, the nights where you have to write a paper when everyone else is celebrating getting into the Elite 8 (yes… I had to do that), and of course, all of the times with your friends.

Lastly – go to Butler.

Seriously,  I would not change anything about the last 4 years of my college career, which is mostly thanks to this amazing school that I go to.  It’s an absolutely beautiful place with people that truly care about others…what more could you ask for??


Just a little photo I snapped the other morning on my way to work…


Thoughts from a Senior….

This is it.  My last semester at Butler.  Even though I’ve been a senior for awhile now…it feels strangely more official now that I’ve really had my last first day of school…ever.  Most of my classes are only senior classes…so each professor is taking this last semester to teach us everything that we might need to know before we venture out into the real world.  I appreciate it, but it just makes our future/the real world that much more real and imminent.

The one not-so-fun thing about being a senior is being asked over and over again… “So are you ready to leave?  Are you sad?  What are you doing after you graduate?”  Fortunately, I have a job for after graduation, so that is a really positive thing to mention, but it is kind of difficult to concisely explain what my post-grad job is.  As for the other questions, I understand why people ask them…all the time…but on this end…it gets old.  So for the record….

Am I ready to leave Butler???  Nope.  I like college a lot.  And Butler has been the perfect place to spend my college years.

Am I sad???  Yes.  Think about it…living in a house with 75 of your closest friends, putting off all real financial responsibility, going to class in your pajamas, living within walking distance of a Starbucks where you will always see at least one person you know, never having to cook for yourself, having social events to attend pretty much whenever you would like….college has been great.  So I am sad.

All ready for formal…one of the many things that I won’t have in my post-college life…

Throughout the semester I’ll share some more of my thoughts as a senior, because I figure that I only get to be a senior once…so I should make the most of it…right?

I am Thankful for … College.

Last week I made a trip with a few of my sorority sisters to DePauw University, a small private school in Greencastle, a town west of Indianapolis.  We went there to hear Bill Clinton speak as a part of the Ubben Lecture Series (more on that in another post), but we learned a lot more about ourselves than we thought that we would during our 3 or 4 hours on campus.  DePauw is a lot like Butler in that it is a small private university, so we kind of felt like we were still at Butler while we were there.  We got lunch from their student union, we visited a few friends in their Greek houses, and we walked around campus.  While we did all of these different things, we never felt out of place or really lost, and it kind of felt familiar in a way.  What we did start to realize, however, is how different we would be even if we went to DePauw…just because no two people have the exact same college experience…anywhere.

Now don’t think that I am putting DePauw down in any way, because it is a beautiful and amazing school.  In fact, I think that if I would have visited it, or included it in my college search process at all…I might not have ended up at Butler…because it is that cool.  It is closer to my home, in a cute small town, and the campus is absolutely beautiful.  But looking back, I know that if I would have ended up going to DePauw, my life would look completely different than it does now, and there are so many things that I would not have had the chance to do.  It would be alright, because other opportunities would have come my way, but it just makes me so thankful that I ended up at Butler, and that my 3.5 years there have been filled to the brim with awesome things and fabulous people.

My Alpha Phi pledge class...40 of my absolute favorite ladies in the world...

So, if you are a senior (or junior, sophomore, or freshman) in high school, and you are looking at colleges, my advice is to not worry about everything I have just talked about yet…because if you do you could just overwhelm yourself.  There is no way for you to know what your college experience will be like and what you will have the opportunity to do simply by visiting a school or reading their brochure.  What you can do, however, is go to college next year (or in a few years), just enjoy college for all that it is, and to let your experience unfold before you.  You’ll thank me when it’s over and you can look back and see how cool your 4 years have been, and how thankful you are that you had the opportunity to experience everything that you did.

The Challenge of Moving In

I find it rather humorous that my process moving into my sorority house this year was an extreme challenge…since I even wrote a blog about moving to college.  Basically, I’m not that credible.  Sure, I’ve done it quite a few times (or 4) but it is such a difficult process that I still struggle every time.

This year, my struggle was in the fact that I packed up all of my stuff in Fort Wayne, then moved that to Butler.  I took some things home, and left some here, depending on what it was and if it was truly necessary in my much smaller shared space at Butler.  Then I went home for a few days, looked around my room, and realized that there were quite a few things that I hadn’t taken to Fort Wayne that I needed for the school year.  For instance, I found a printer, bulletin boards, all of my old class files (I keep everything from every class I’ve taken…just in case), and old books (among other things).  Let’s just say that my tiny car was rather jam-packed on the way up here, when I thought at one point that I would only really have laundry in my car.  False.

My car...legitimately packed.

Once I got to school, I started the process of unpacking.  The problem here was that I had things to do basically all day every day preparing for Welcome Week, so actually, I didn’t finish unpacking and getting settled (even putting my clothes in the dresser) until the Tuesday of Welcome Week – exactly one week after I moved in.

Since then, I’ve been spending every free moment trying to get settled…and it is rather rough.  I’ve also been spending that small amount of free time that I have crafting things for our room, getting everything started for my extra curricular activities, and studying. (But really…who even has time to study anymore?)

College Life vs. Real Life = Totally Different

This summer I realized something pretty big, something Earth-shattering.

Ok, maybe it isn’t that big.  But it still is rather important.

Contrary to popular belief, college life is not real life.

For the last 3 years, I have felt like a grown-up, like a real person with real life problems and situations.  Actually, it’s not real at all.  Most of the problems I see every day not things that happen in every day real life.  For instance, people coming over and drinking all of our slushies (apparently not everyone has a slushie machine in their house), or not being able to put holes in my walls while I’m decorating my room (look out for a blog on my back to school crafting and decorating soon!).  But most importantly, college distorts our perception of time.

Most semesters are about 16 weeks long, so our lives revolve around that singular time period.  We worry about the test that is coming up next week, then once that passes we move onto the midterm the next week, and lastly the final that we cap off the semester with.  Even with projects, everything has to be started, developed, and put into action within that 16 week time period, or else there isn’t a way to get graded for it.  On the flip side, in the real world, 16 weeks is sometimes much less time than is allowed to complete projects (or in some cases…brainstorm them), which is kind of a problem when you have an internship that is only a few months long.

Personally, I can’t wait to get out into the real world to be able to look at life in a more long-term prospective, because right now my version of long-term is Thanksgiving.  Past that, I don’t really think about things much, with the exception of my TBD post-grad plans of course….so on second thought….let’s stick with the college mentality.  I’m totally fine with postponing the inevitable for as long as possible….

Can't I just stay in college forever???

My #1 Tip for New College Students

During SOG training yesterday, we had a discussion about things that we each thought were important to pass along to new students when they first arrive on campus.  There was one thought that came up in our group that I thought was so important and pivotal that I wanted to share it even before all of the new students arrive on campus.  Do you want to know what it is??  Well, you should.  Here it is:

Be Socially Tolerant.

This is such an important aspect of going to college, because as I’m sure you are aware, college is completely different from high school.  Of course it is different because you are moving away from home, taking harder classes, and potentially leaving friends, but all at once you are entering an entirely new social realm.  For instance, in high school people tend to be catty, and they might stereotype people or exclude others because of their “type”, but in college, it is a completely different world.  Now, I’m not saying that things are absolutely perfect in college, and that it is completely free of any high school drama, but it’s kind of as if people here are held to a higher standard of maturity.  At college, people seem to understand that they will not be just like other people, and they appreciate those differences.

So, if you are one of Butler’s incoming freshmen this fall (or a freshman at any other school), take advantage of this unique opportunity you have.  Let others surprise you, because you never know who could end up being a great friend, or even someone that you could learn amazing things from.  When I met my best friend Meghan freshman year, I never thought that we would be inseparable 2 years later, simply because we are such different people.  (i.e. I’m basically a carnivore, and she is an earth-loving vegetarian, among other things.)  Be tolerant, and embrace your differences!

Meghan and I...even though we dress alike, we are still very different!

Decisions… Decisions…

If you are a student anywhere from a senior in high school to a senior in college….right now is probably decision time for you.  Whether you are deciding where you want to go to college, or where you are spending your summer, or what you are going to do now that you aren’t in college anymore, making decisions is hard….really hard.  I speak from experience, because I had exactly one day to make a HUGE decision for this point in my life last week.  So, since thinking about decision making is fresh in my mind, here is some advice for how to make very thorough decisions that you can be proud of…

  • Do your homework. Educate yourself on all of the options, and understand what you would be getting yourself into in each area.  This way, you know what each option entails.
  • Make a pro-con list. Since you just laid out everything about all of the options, now you can gauge what is a pro and what is a con, and possibly even rank them in importance.  You can do this by giving each a score from 1-10 on which is more important, or you can just rank them.
  • Talk to people that you know and whose opinions you respect. This is something that I think is the most helpful, because sometimes others see opportunities that you would never consider.  They can also encourage you to make a choice that will help you grow, especially when you are afraid of making a decision like that.  I love getting the opinion of others, and trust me, it can be VERY helpful.
  • Think about the future. Which option will help you get to where you want to go with your life, or at least closer?  This can sometimes be hard to see, but it is very useful, and something you should keep in mind!
  • Go with your gut. Usually what happens is that you have a gut feeling, then you try to talk yourself out of it.  After this individuals tend to sway back to their gut feeling, or maybe they talk themselves out of the option so effectively that they they end up picking it.
  • Once you make your decision, be proud of it! If you make your decision and then think, I wish I would have gone with the other option…you will drive yourself crazy.  So do yourself a favor, and stick with what you decided, because it is probably what is right for you!

That is all of the tips that I have for right now….and even though I said that I had a big decision to make….I am not sharing the decision until a later date, so check back for an update on my life!

If you are deciding about what school to go never hurts to pick a school that looks like this...

Finals: The Aftermath

I have officially been done with finals for five days now.  The good part is that I am a real person again…but last Tuesday-Thursday…my room looked like some random college student hadn’t done anything besides study for the past week….because that is what had happened.  Except, imagine that times four…because that is how many of us lived in my room.  Basically, it was horrible.  Check this out.

All of my cups from the week of finals. Apparently I forgot how to throw things away...and I put them all on the bookshelf so they didn't clutter my workspace.

My area of the room....looking as cluttered as ever...

And unfortunately, finals did not only wreak havoc on my room….but it also took a pretty serious toll on my roommate, Meghan.

She was writing her final paper of the had been a rough couple of days.

But luckily, we all survived, and our room somehow got back to a normal state after it was all over.  It did take a rather long time to get back to this though, because of course I made plans right after finals that didn’t allow me to clean stuff right away…or even the next day.  See, usually I am ready to head out as soon as I am done with finals…but this year I decided to stay in town for an extra day.  My plan was to go out to lunch after my last final, then to babysit, finish Christmas shopping, and then leisurely get packed.  But of course, ten thousand other things came up, and then a massive ice storm hit southern Indiana (where I’m from), so I couldn’t exactly go home the next day.  Then as I started to try to clean up….and it ended up taking me about 4x as long as I originally planned.  So instead of making it home by 2 p.m. on Thursday (my original plan)….I made it home at 8 p.m. on Friday.  Apparently the combination of finals and my life made my room much harder to clean and pack up (we have to pack up basically everything in our rooms for break so we can move rooms when we get back), which is why it took an entire day longer than I had originally planned.  But…I made it through finals…and I made it home….and best of all…I am a real person again.  Sort of.  Now watching TV and relaxing on my couch have taken over my life…and I will just let this happen for the next 3 weeks….I love the life of a college student!