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My name is Steph, and I am a senior Marketing major with a Communication Studies minor. Since this is my last year at Butler, my main goal is to enjoy every moment that I have left, while doing as much as humanly possible. I am a marketing analyst at the Butler Business Accelerator, a Speakers Lab tutor, and a Butler blogger (obviously). I also am an Alpha Phi, the President of the Butler University Student Foundation, a member of Alpha Kappa Psi (a professional business fraternity), and a member of the Butler American Marketing Association. In the small amount of free time that I do have, I love crafting, watching large amounts of television, and enjoying my favorite comfort foods, like sweet tea.

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My last hurrah…. Senior Week.

The time that I’ve been dreading all semester is here….and everyone is moving out.  Tomorrow is the last day of finals, so it feels like there are 5 people on campus, and all of those people are studying, which really stinks for the rest of us.  It just doesn’t feel like Butler anymore, but I am excited for the very last part of my college career…Senior Week.

Senior Week is one of those things that not everyone knows about.  Only the seniors participate, obviously, and then they all graduate so they aren’t around to tell the underclassmen what happens during the week.  There is a senior class council that plans events for the whole week, like going to a Pacers game, having inflatables and other fun things on the mall, and taking trips to Broad Ripple and other places around Indy.  It’s also a great time because it is just what we have always wanted – to be on campus, all together, without school.  Yeah, it only lasts for 3 days…but that’s something, right?

I haven’t been looking forward to this week until now, because I didn’t want all of my underclassmen friends to leave.  But, turns out, they had to.  I couldn’t stop them.  My two junior roommates, Brooke & Katie, moved out over the last few days, along with about 65 other girls in my house.  So now all of Alpha Phi is empty, and I guess that all there is to do is enjoy this next week.  I’m pretty lucky, since I get to spend it with our entire class, and we are a ton of fun as it is.  I just decided that even though I’m super bummed that my time here is almost over, I can’t do anything about it (since I didn’t fail any of my classes…yet), so I might as well just have the best week ever.  Here goes!

The Alpha Phi Senior Pledge Class

Advice from a College Senior

Since it is April, it’s time for high school seniors to be making their final choices about where they want to go to college.  As a college senior who has less than a month of my college left before I graduate, I like to think of myself as somewhat of an expert on college in general.  So, I will take this opportunity to pass along some of my knowledge….about preparing for college, going to college, and everything in between!

Check out Butler’s social media pages…

Butler does a really great job using social media, so use it!  Check out the Class of 2016 Facebook page, the Admissions twitter account – @gobutleru, and the University’s twitter account – @butleru.  Using social media is a great way to connect with people already at Butler, your future classmates, and even different departments or areas of campus.

Learn to study before your sophomore year…

Usually, freshman come to college without ever really learning how to study in high school.  It’s all fine and dandy until your sophomore year – when classes really start to pick up (a lot of freshmen classes are pretty similar to classes from high school).  So take my advice – and learn to study….soon!

Love every moment…

As a senior…I am getting pretty sad that I won’t be a college student anymore…really soon.  I would like to think that I have enjoyed every moment of my 4 years, but as I think back, I just remember hoping that things would be over quickly, like tests, projects, and anything else that took more time than I really wanted to give.  I understand how I was feeling at the time, but it still makes me sad to think that I got tired of stuff a lot during my 4 years…and now I just wish that I could go back a few years and do it all over again.  So – enjoy everything.  The all nighters, the long group meetings, the nights where you have to write a paper when everyone else is celebrating getting into the Elite 8 (yes… I had to do that), and of course, all of the times with your friends.

Lastly – go to Butler.

Seriously,  I would not change anything about the last 4 years of my college career, which is mostly thanks to this amazing school that I go to.  It’s an absolutely beautiful place with people that truly care about others…what more could you ask for??


Just a little photo I snapped the other morning on my way to work…


THIS is college.

I’ve been meaning to devote a post or two to my room’s set up/decor for awhile…but I thought that before I showed my room in its prime I should show it in the normal state.  It really hasn’t been clean since Recruitment, but for that week and a half it was really, REALLY clean. Of course, it wasn’t naturally clean…simply because we have so much stuff and not enough room for all of it.  To deal with this situation, we created a secret hiding space for all of our stuff…where we would hide everything that didn’t have a home during each day of Recruitment so no one saw it.  This included some food, my roommate Katie’s clothes, some shoes, and other random things that were just laying around…and the place where we would hide it all was our bath tub.  Think about it, if you put things in the bath tub then you can close the curtain, and just like magic…everything is hidden.

Our bath tub...the catch-all.

I know…it’s kind of gross.  But it was clean – and every day we would just empty it before we needed to use the shower….and then fill it again after.

If we could have our room look nice, clean, and orderly all day every day…I would be all for it.  But let’s be serious… we are in college and we are not neat people…at all.  So we just do what we can to make sure that we aren’t living in filth, and put most of our stuff in piles.  This way, it is at least a comfortable space…right?

So…that is our room in its normal state.  Check back next week for our room in its prime…where you can actually notice our style and all of the awesome decorative things we made.  I promise – it is a REALLY awesome room…and I’m only slightly biased.

Laundry – The Bane of my Existence

One thing that I absolutely hate about college is doing my laundry.  I actually like and appreciate the act of doing the laundry, but I do everything I can to save money wherever possible, so I mostly don’t like paying to wash clothes.  Every time that I pay 75 cents to wash and 75 cents to dry a load, it feels like someone is robbing me blind of all of my quarters, which are basically gold to a college student.

Since I really dislike paying out that $5 or so in quarters every time I do laundry, I have learned to hold out on my washing until I go home.  This is nice because I don’t have to worry about leaving my clothes in the washer for too long, or about someone taking any of my stuff….but it is also an absolutely EXHAUSTING process.  When I went home for Fall Break, I documented everything so that I could share it with all of you.

First, I pack up all of my dirty clothes, sheets, and towels at school…drag them to my car…and drive home.  Once I arrive home, I enlist the help of my Mom, Dad, and any other individual that happens to be at my house, and we carry everything from my car to the kitchen/laundry room.  I usually park all of my stuff in the kitchen, because it is the first room that you come to in my house, and there is plenty of space to lay out everything I possibly can.

My Laundry – Stage 1

After I get the laundry upstairs, I have to sort it.  This is usually the most depressing part, because it either smells rather bad, or I realize how much stuff I really have, which is completely unreal.

My Laundry – Stage 2

After I sort the laundry, I tackle the washing and drying process, which is pretty time consuming when you have about 6-7 loads to do.  It was a lot more fun this time around though, because my parents just got a new washer and dryer, which is always exciting.  When my mom was teaching me how to use the new washer for the first time, we legitimately stood by the washer for the first 10 minutes, just watching it fill with water and begin to wash.  (We’re not crazy people…I swear.)

Once it is all dry, I have to sort it by type, and get it all packed up to take back to Butler.  I separate everything into piles of t-shirts, jeans, sweatpants, sweatshirts, tank tops, and nice clothes.  When I’m done…there is usually a mountain of clothing on our loveseat in the living room….

My Laundry – Stage 3

I guess I could completely avoid the sheer size of this project if I did laundry more than once every month/month and a half…but I like leaving it until I absolutely HAVE to wash things…since I dislike it so much.  And, usually, this way I don’t have to pay to complete such an annoying and time-consuming task.  There’s always a bright side….

College Life vs. Real Life = Totally Different

This summer I realized something pretty big, something Earth-shattering.

Ok, maybe it isn’t that big.  But it still is rather important.

Contrary to popular belief, college life is not real life.

For the last 3 years, I have felt like a grown-up, like a real person with real life problems and situations.  Actually, it’s not real at all.  Most of the problems I see every day not things that happen in every day real life.  For instance, people coming over and drinking all of our slushies (apparently not everyone has a slushie machine in their house), or not being able to put holes in my walls while I’m decorating my room (look out for a blog on my back to school crafting and decorating soon!).  But most importantly, college distorts our perception of time.

Most semesters are about 16 weeks long, so our lives revolve around that singular time period.  We worry about the test that is coming up next week, then once that passes we move onto the midterm the next week, and lastly the final that we cap off the semester with.  Even with projects, everything has to be started, developed, and put into action within that 16 week time period, or else there isn’t a way to get graded for it.  On the flip side, in the real world, 16 weeks is sometimes much less time than is allowed to complete projects (or in some cases…brainstorm them), which is kind of a problem when you have an internship that is only a few months long.

Personally, I can’t wait to get out into the real world to be able to look at life in a more long-term prospective, because right now my version of long-term is Thanksgiving.  Past that, I don’t really think about things much, with the exception of my TBD post-grad plans of course….so on second thought….let’s stick with the college mentality.  I’m totally fine with postponing the inevitable for as long as possible….

Can't I just stay in college forever???

How would I describe my time at Butler so far?? Epic.

When I meet prospective or new students who are planning on coming to Butler, we talk about many things … from majors, to residence halls, to campus life … but we rarely talk about something that is really important:  What to expect as a student.  So, since I will be a senior in college in exactly 3 weeks, I am going to tell you just that, broken down into each year.

  • Freshman year – If you ask me, freshmen have it made in the shade at school.  Professors have lower expectations since you are new to college, classes are easier, about probably half of the events on campus are just for you, and basically, life is good.  Whether you choose to go through recruitment for Greek Life or not, check it out and seriously consider if it is for you or not.  That was one of the best parts of my freshman year, going through recruitment and meeting some of my best friends in the entire world through my sorority.

42 of my favorite ladies ever - my pledge class Freshman year....

  • Sophomore year – Sophomore year is like freshman year … but harder.  All of the sudden it’s like you are old news, and not so special.  But, you know more people on campus, so going to events is basically 10x more fun.  Also, classes get exponentially harder, which is not so fun.  But, since you have that already established group of friends from the start, it is like you’re coming home from a long vacation at the beginning of the year, which I absolutely loved.

My build group from Yell Like Hell sophomore year...

  • Junior year - Personally, junior year was my favorite year yet.  Academically, it was wonderful because I was taking a ton of classes in my major for the first time, and I was basically done with all my prerequisites.  Socially, it was amazing because I knew even more people than I did when I was a sophomore, which made for an absolutely amazing Welcome Week.  It was also the year when I started really getting involved in my clubs on campus, and I felt like I as actually making a difference.  All in all…it was fabulous.

All of the Butler 500 Festival these ladies!!

  • Senior year - I have no idea yet!!!  My time at Butler has been more than I could have ever imagined, and I can’t wait to see what this last year is going to be like!  So stay tuned to see what happens!

My post-intern college life…

After working for 8 hours a day…every day…all summer long…I’m not sure how I will take the shock of returning to college life.  There are two different paths I can take:

  • I can retaliate against the level of productivity I have had all summer, and the early hour that I have been waking up at by sleeping in until outrageous hours (11 a.m. – noon ish…or maybe just 9 a.m.).
  • I can continue to get up around 6:30-7 a.m. every morning, and work hard every night to get everything done.

Let’s be serious…the second probably isn’t going to happen unless I get another internship…and somehow find the motivation to keep it going.  What would be perfect though, is despite when I have class, work, or anything else, if I could find the happy medium in between the two.  Too much productivity for me is exhausting…but I do love getting things done.  During the school year, the biggest waste of time for me is Facebook and Twitter, and working every day without checking each site every 5 minutes is seriously revolutionizing the way that I live my life.  Even when I come home now, I spend significantly less time creeping on everyone that I know, and it is a rather beautiful thing (even though I’m not as “in the know” anymore).

Even though I’m not sure how I will handle managing my time when I go back to school…I do know that I am so excited to not have to cook for myself anymore (I won’t have to have grilled cheese every night) and I know that one other aspect of my college life will not change…the state of my room

Stuff in my room tends to multiply...

When can I become a real person again?

Now that I have been a college student for you know…about 2.5 years….I have started this vicious cycle of being a real person….then getting bogged down with stuff….then recuperating from being bogged down….then becoming a real person again….and so on.  Usually my “being bogged down” stage lasts while I’m at school, and then then I go home for a break/weekend where I usually recuperate, and then I become a real person again just in time to go back to school.

So, I was a real person…..about 3 weeks ago.  Then I came back to school, had to move back into my sorority house, then move out of my sorority house to be a recruitment counselor (we live in a hotel during recruitment), then I moved back into my house, and then I started classes.  And now, with no school breaks rapidly approaching….I have no idea how I am going to deal with this situation.  Either I need to be really productive for a week or two to get everything done before a weekend, or I need to figure out a weekend when I can just not do anything….so I can recuperate from the intensity that is my life during the week.  Just to give you an idea of how outrageous my life is at times…check this out.

Here are all of the cups that began to accumulate on my desk during Finals week this past semester. Due to the danger that comes with having cups full of water/liquid near a computer...I just moved them all to the bookshelf. It works, right?

This is slightly outrageous….because Finals week is quite possibly the most intense week of the year….but it does illustrate my point quite well I believe.  When my life gets busy…I respond by trying to save time in any way possible.  This usually ends up being through not showering….or not cleaning up things….or not sleeping.  But….the good thing is that I always get everything done on time, and I always do my best….so I guess it is worth it?  This semester, however, I am going to try my absolute hardest to not get to this point.  So I will return to this “being a real person” topic frequently….since it is something that most Butler students have trouble with.  What can I say?  We just love to be involved:)