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My name is Steph, and I am a senior Marketing major with a Communication Studies minor. Since this is my last year at Butler, my main goal is to enjoy every moment that I have left, while doing as much as humanly possible. I am a marketing analyst at the Butler Business Accelerator, a Speakers Lab tutor, and a Butler blogger (obviously). I also am an Alpha Phi, the President of the Butler University Student Foundation, a member of Alpha Kappa Psi (a professional business fraternity), and a member of the Butler American Marketing Association. In the small amount of free time that I do have, I love crafting, watching large amounts of television, and enjoying my favorite comfort foods, like sweet tea.

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True Life: I am an Indianapolis 500 Festival Princess

This is something I have been absolutely dying to blog about for some time now…but I waited….and now that April is here I think it is finally time.  Every year there are 33 ladies from across Indiana who are selected to represent the Indianapolis 500 and the events that lead up to it, and this year I am fortunate enough to be one!  It all started over Christmas Break, when I sent in my application to be a 500 Princess.  After that, they interviewed all 278 applicants, and narrowed that group down to 66.  Then those 66 went through another interview round, and they selected the final 33 princesses from that group.  So now, we go around the state of Indiana to spread the word about the 500 Festival, the race itself, and everything else that has to do with the celebration throughout the month of May.

We have already had a few events, so I am already behind.  But, today I am going to share some photos with you from our Princess Orientation.  Even though it has been over a month since this event, it was a pretty important one that I want to share.  You will see why here in a few….

All 6 of the Butler Princesses...

This was the day that we got our sashes....

....and our tiaras!

The Butler girls in all of our Princess glory...

Also, just so you all know….the fact that there are 6 Princesses from Butler is a pretty big deal.  Only two schools have more, Ball State and Purdue (7 Princesses each), and when you consider how many more students they have than we do… definitely tells you how awesome Butler students really are.  I am so excited to be able to spend an outrageous amount of time with all 32 of the other girls over the next few months…I am sure that it will just be the time of my life!

Over the next month and a half I will be blogging about all of my 500 Princess experiences, from appearances, service events, and social events that I have the opportunity to take part in.  So, check back frequently, and see what I have been up to!

3 Responses to True Life: I am an Indianapolis 500 Festival Princess

  1. Touring the Indianapolis Motor Speedway…as a 500 Festival Princess. | Steph says:

    […] once again, I am so behind on blogging about my experiences as a 500 Festival Princess, but no worries…I will catch myself up…and soon.  I’m going to start now with a […]

  2. Kristen says:

    What an honor! We are so proud of you.

  3. dr dre headphones says:

    I am in a sorority, a professional business fraternity, Butler University Student Foundation, Lilly Scholars Network, and lots of other organizations on campus. Even though I don’t have much free time, when I do have it I love just hanging out with my sorority sisters and friends, watching large amounts of television (especially The Office), enjoying my favorite comfort foods (sweet tea, anyone?

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