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My name is Olivia and I am a senior at Butler University. I spend most of my time in Lilly Hall as a BFA Dance Performance major. When not in rehearsal or ballet class, I write papers for my English Literature second major. In my super-abundant, never-lacking, this-is-highly-sarcastic spare time, I attempt to cook in my apartment kitchen, watch Youtube videos of ballet, knit sweaters that never seem to come to an end, and read books both silly and serious. If I could take any class at Butler just for kicks, I'd go for DiffyQ.

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Juicers and Jackfruit

To the Asia Mart! This weekend, besides attending many ballet performances/dress rehearsals/tech rehearsals, I found an Asian food store with my boyfriend. We were headed to a Target to stock up on tissues and such, but Asia Mart beckoned instead…

I found the rice! (This is only a small cross-section of the rice available, as you know if you have ever entered an Asian grocery.) While we elected not to buy any rice, we did purchase tea, gummy lychee and kiwi candy, pork buns, and red bean buns. What an excellent, unexpected find! Boyfriend has slowly but surely been shifting my taste palate to the East. Take this summer. We played chess (amidst a backdrop of heartfelt karaoke) and had halo-halo.

That’s milk, shaved ice, ube ice cream, coconut jellies, jackfruit, and various beans. At least as far as I understood it. I still can’t down the iced jelly drinks or the taro-tapioca smoothies, but I will help the process!

Butler has been great about widening my palate: I’ve had various Filipino foods, Latvian foods, beets, etc… Just the other night, my roommate received her long-awaited juicer. Do you know how many things you can juice? We all had an invigorating drink of cucumber-grape-kale-ginger-apple juice.

Living in the on-campus Apartment Village housing had led to loads of cooking adventures.


BSI, Weekend 2

The second weekend of BSI passed me by rather quickly. After my surprisingly negative reaction to the First Friday trip, the Keep Indianapolis Beautiful project was wonderful. A group of the BSI students along with the woman who is in charge of the program, plus another professor, worked with KIB on a community garden south of Indianapolis.

The KIB logo--click through for website

One group went to build a shade shelter. I’m still not entirely clear as to what that is, but I know it involved plywood and concrete, which is fairly intense. I stayed at the first site, with the vegetable garden. We weeded, cut and transported sod (and got very dirty in the process), and built a path (with step-stones and mulch) from a flowers/sitting-bench spot to the vegetable garden.

By the end, we were so grimy from the dirt blowing off the sod we ran into the sprinkler to clean off. Then we ate at a Jewish deli. Then it was home for a shower. I call that morning a success.

Later that night I had a potluck dinner with my roommate and another good friend, and we watched Sex and the City. I had never seen it before. It’s silly, but oh the clothes theclothestheclothes! Dinner was delicious–my friend found the best rosemary crackers. With soy cheese? I ate so many.


Sunday, I biked to church, saw my boyfriend who just arrived for summer classes, went to a ballet rehearsal, and had some truly excellent pizza. Monday it was back to BSI, and I finished skimming/reading Declan Kiberd’s Irish Classics. This is a massive book. I celebrated (preemptively) with ice cream, which was obtained by biking to the Safeway via the canal path.

I have decided I like Butler in the summer.

I’m not so cool

Sometimes, you want to go to Indy’s First Fridays event. Sometimes, open art galleries and talk and free humus and grapes are really cool. Sometimes witty banter, discussions of hipster, and mock battles are really cool as well. Sometimes, strolling down the sidewalks and admiring the architecture, the cupcakes in the bakery windows, and the random scupltures made out of tires is stupendously cool.

And sometimes, at the end of it all, you find yourself down in the dumps instead of uplifted, ready for a shower and sleep instead of a board game night, wanting to write about hybridized nations and postcolonialism rather than relax with friends.

Is this weird? Have I been spending too much time working, that I kind of, in a little way, prefer Anglo-Celtic writings to complimentary crackers, the quiet of an English paper finally unlocking itself beneath my fingers to the raucous wind in my hair, music in my ears, sun in my face? This is definitely not the usual sequencing, and I’m sure this pensive mood will pass.

Tomorrow we are working downtown with the Keep Indianapolis Beautiful project, which I’m looking forward to doing. This is a busy weekend, with several other events in the works. Here’s to a more energetic Saturday!

Off to chill with Jude the Obscure. That’s a good compromise, isn’t it?

Starstruck: the sequel

Last year, I went to the Indianapolis City Ballet‘s Gala performance and saw the likes of Joaquin De Luz, Tiler Peck, Sarah Lane, Alicia Amatriain, Jason Reilly, Gennadi Saveliev, Miquel Quinones, Anastasia and Denis Matvienko, David Hallberg, and Julie Kent. This year, we (with the help of the dance fraternity Sigma Rho Delta) did it again!

The program was impressive, and show even more so, perhaps because I was sitting in the second row, smack-dab in the center of the theater. The one bad part of this year’s gala experience? I could not see any of the dancers’ feet. In a line-up like this, I know the feet would have be gorgeous.

Line-up: Elisa Carrillo Cabrera (fierce), Marcelo Gomes, Mikhail Kaniskin, Julie Kent (no comment), Vitali Krauchenka, Misa Kuranaga, Natalia Osipova (!!! Yah!!! So beautiful), Miguel Quinones, Daniil Simkin, Damian Smith, Yuan Yuan Tan (ethereal), Ivan Vasiliev (extremely energetic, probably eats his meat raw and still attached to living goats), and Veronika Verterich.

Because I couldn’t see the feet, I focused on the face and upper body. Normally, I’m a feet-and-leg person. When a dancer walks onstage, I automatically check out the lower-limb line. This time, however, I was close enough to hear Julie Kent breathing, and I was blown away by the artistry in the smallest of gestures. They were all so personable! When the performers walked downstage for their bows, it seemed like they were looking directly at me.

This was a good thing, since I have officially Fallen In Love. Daniil Simkin has my heart, now and forever. I’m following him on Twitter. When he bowed after his second piece–the charmingly eccentric Les Bourgeious–I should have stood to clap. He would have seen me and fallen instantly in love, and we’d currently be eloping in Argentina. Or in Paris, since that’s where he’s currently performing at the time I’m writing this.

YouTube Preview Image

Alas, I stayed in my seat. Nevertheless, we were close enough to see each little smirk as he danced to (and as) Jacques Brel. I could hear him coughing (it’s part of the choreography). I could see him mouthing the words of the song. It was awesome. His first piece, the pas de deux from Le Corsaire, was breathtaking. Even more impressive than all his jumps–he must have swallowed some helium before his variation or something–and his articulation of porte de bras was his face. Just before he began a turn (or turns, I should say, since he spun like a top), he would let loose this huge grin as he pliéed, as if he were saying, “Look what I can do, haha!”

I’m in love.