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My name is Olivia and I am a senior at Butler University. I spend most of my time in Lilly Hall as a BFA Dance Performance major. When not in rehearsal or ballet class, I write papers for my English Literature second major. In my super-abundant, never-lacking, this-is-highly-sarcastic spare time, I attempt to cook in my apartment kitchen, watch Youtube videos of ballet, knit sweaters that never seem to come to an end, and read books both silly and serious. If I could take any class at Butler just for kicks, I'd go for DiffyQ.

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The Hunger Games, Butler Style

College kids have the most fun. Last night I know people went to see the midnight premiere of The Hunger Games. Loads of dance majors were reading the book before spring break, and I saw several older men on airplanes with a copy as well. I read them myself in about four days, from the hours leading up to midnight on New Year’s Eve to Jan 4. I didn’t get much sleep, since I couldn’t put them down.

Anyway, I have to share the best tribute to the premiere of The Hunger Games movie (if you’ll excuse the pun):

Living in a sorority didn’t seem like the thing for me (see my social apathy), but at times like these, when Delta Gamma hosts its own in-house Hunger Games, I can see the appeal.