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My name is Olivia and I am a senior at Butler University. I spend most of my time in Lilly Hall as a BFA Dance Performance major. When not in rehearsal or ballet class, I write papers for my English Literature second major. In my super-abundant, never-lacking, this-is-highly-sarcastic spare time, I attempt to cook in my apartment kitchen, watch Youtube videos of ballet, knit sweaters that never seem to come to an end, and read books both silly and serious. If I could take any class at Butler just for kicks, I'd go for DiffyQ.

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Nutcracker World, Post-Studio Dress

What happens in Nutcracker world after Studio Dress?

As I talked about this weekend, normally we run both casts during Studio Dress on Saturday. Because the Inauguration occurred that morning, we could only complete one cast. Hence Tuesday… Studio Dress II: The sequel, the Nutcracker returns, oh my goodness, this happens more than once?

So we had two versions of Studio Dress this year. With or without the sequel, the week following Studio Dress, which is the week before Thanksgiving Break, we run the ballet once a day. Act II comes first (since the children in Act I are still in school when we start) followed by Act I with Mother Ginger tacked onto the end of the entire process (ditto the parenthesis). And then we do it all again the next day.

The Monday classes resume after Thanksgiving Break, we go to the theater, and that weekend sees our performances. It’s getting close, y’all.

You can never have too much Nutcracker… So you’d better get your tickets.

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