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My name is Olivia and I am a senior at Butler University. I spend most of my time in Lilly Hall as a BFA Dance Performance major. When not in rehearsal or ballet class, I write papers for my English Literature second major. In my super-abundant, never-lacking, this-is-highly-sarcastic spare time, I attempt to cook in my apartment kitchen, watch Youtube videos of ballet, knit sweaters that never seem to come to an end, and read books both silly and serious. If I could take any class at Butler just for kicks, I'd go for DiffyQ.

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Juicers and Jackfruit

To the Asia Mart! This weekend, besides attending many ballet performances/dress rehearsals/tech rehearsals, I found an Asian food store with my boyfriend. We were headed to a Target to stock up on tissues and such, but Asia Mart beckoned instead…

I found the rice! (This is only a small cross-section of the rice available, as you know if you have ever entered an Asian grocery.) While we elected not to buy any rice, we did purchase tea, gummy lychee and kiwi candy, pork buns, and red bean buns. What an excellent, unexpected find! Boyfriend has slowly but surely been shifting my taste palate to the East. Take this summer. We played chess (amidst a backdrop of heartfelt karaoke) and had halo-halo.

That’s milk, shaved ice, ube ice cream, coconut jellies, jackfruit, and various beans. At least as far as I understood it. I still can’t down the iced jelly drinks or the taro-tapioca smoothies, but I will help the process!

Butler has been great about widening my palate: I’ve had various Filipino foods, Latvian foods, beets, etc… Just the other night, my roommate received her long-awaited juicer. Do you know how many things you can juice? We all had an invigorating drink of cucumber-grape-kale-ginger-apple juice.

Living in the on-campus Apartment Village housing had led to loads of cooking adventures.


6 Responses to Juicers and Jackfruit

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  2. cucumber-grape-kale-ginger-apple juice? :D
    Sounds great… for my acid reflux ;)
    I think I still prefer a vodka-gin-tequila-rum-triplesec juice.
    …just kidding… :)

  3. Harbor Freight says:

    Cool pics! love you!

  4. Kristen Raves says:

    I wasn’t sure what this post was going to be about by reading the title…but glad I got to read it. Thanks for teaching me something new.

  5. Olivia says:

    You know, I’m not sure what kind of juicer it is! Glad to find another juice fan, though.

  6. Robert says:

    And how did that juice taste haha? I’m sure it was great though, I love juicers. Is it a masticating or centrifugal juicer?

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