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My name is Olivia and I am a senior at Butler University. I spend most of my time in Lilly Hall as a BFA Dance Performance major. When not in rehearsal or ballet class, I write papers for my English Literature second major. In my super-abundant, never-lacking, this-is-highly-sarcastic spare time, I attempt to cook in my apartment kitchen, watch Youtube videos of ballet, knit sweaters that never seem to come to an end, and read books both silly and serious. If I could take any class at Butler just for kicks, I'd go for DiffyQ.

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I like listing out my days.

[An aside: I had the hardest time entering the release date for this post, since I wrote it a bit ahead of when it was published. The system kept bouncing me around, doing really odd things. I finally realized that was because there is no February 29th.]

I think I like listing out my days. It makes me feel productive. The Midwinter schedule continues, with a bit into this Assessment Week.

My friend in last year's Midwinter program: Click for photo credit


  • Sleep.
  • Don’t do nearly as much homework as I intended.
  • Have lunch at Taste with my boyfriend.
  • Get groceries.
  • Get completely caught in the traffic from the end Butler’s last home game. (Which I missed. Sorry, guys. I heard you were spectacular.) Go to ResCo to hang out instead, since getting into the Apartment Village would be impossible due to traffic, pedestrians, and police officers forbidding any left turns.
  • Finally make it back to the apartment. Pack my dinner. Pack my bag. Go to Clowes for warm up.
  • Performance at 8 pm!! I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
  • Strike. Take down the floor and drops and lights in Clowes until 11 pm.
  • Celebrate with other dancers. (There might have been a milkshake involved.)


  • Sleep.
  • Gather things for an audition.
  • Have my roommate take a headshot, since apparently I do not have one. Thank you, roommate.
  • Jam my printer. Go to audition without headshot.
  • Take class.
  • Return to campus and go straight to Lilly Hall. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200.
  • Make decorations for faculty appreciation week instead!
  • Return to apartment. Have odd dinner of pasta with butternut squash.
  • Go to church.
  • Return to apartment. Finish ice cream with friend.
  • Homework.
  • Sleep.

Assessment Week and Faculty Appreciation Week follow! I will try to keep you up to date–last week I got a little behind in the whole blogging process.

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