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We are the Multicultural Recruitment Team. Our team is here to familiarize you with the multicultural programs and services available to Butler students and the surrounding community.

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Archive: March 2014

Dear Prospective Student (Part I)

Dear Prospective Student,

Arielle collageMany people will tell you that college is the best time of your life, and for me that was absolutely correct! My experience at Butler University has introduced me to my lifelong best friends, given me new experiences through free on- and off- campus events, and has helped me explore the world by studying abroad. Butler truly molded me into the tenacious leader that I am today.

Butler University completely embodies the phrase “small school with a big school feeling”, meaning that I was able to stand out in class, gain experience in my current field, and improve my networking skills. My professor knew my name and my interests, due to the small class size (20 student average). On Saturdays I would enjoy athletic events, and the glory that is attached with being apart of the Blue and White Bulldog nation. However, I believe that the plethora of school resources that were available to students is Butler’s greatest attribute.

I am currently in graduate school pursuing a doctorate in Epidemiology, and upon graduation, I had many higher education offers. I can honestly contribute my success to passionate professors who wanted me to succeed, who have written numerous recommendation letters, and who introduced me to many of their colleagues. My liberal arts education allowed me to become academically well-rounded and culturally aware, and mock interview and free resume workshops helped prepare me for life after college.

Every collegiate experience is based on an individual’s perspective. My experience was academically challenging and socially fulfilling. Butler University has positively impacted my life and has the potential to impact yours, too!

Best of Luck,

Arielle Arzu ’13
Science, Technology and Society
Concentrated in Math Spanish Minor